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Headsets, Handsets, Microphones And Speakers - FSC 5965

Last Modified: Sep 27, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Cushion, Ear 136D300-1
Cushion, Headband 136D303-1
Microphone Element M-95B/UR
Handset SM-D-751185
Headset, Electrical 0N145447
Shell, Earphone 38490
Loudspeaker, Permanent Magnet 1885440
Loudspeaker, Permanent Magnet 35A05Z16
Microphone Element A3-06-0104A
Cushion, Ear 533-030-002
Headset-microphone 2049HC
Loudspeaker, Permanent Magnet 6011DISSUE2
Microphone, Dynamic M-94B/A
Headset-microphone 106080
Headset, Electrical 60141-00REVB
Cap, Receiver 2025828-0001
Loudspeaker, Permanent Magnet 0651583-0701
Microphone Element 2028391-0701
Mouthpiece, Microphone 602
Headsets 3775
Yoke Assembly 136C101-1
Cushion, Ear 62B21705
Loudspeaker, Permanent Magnet 587805-1
Handset 1014B
Microphone Element D38379A
Microphone, Dynamic MIL-M-26542/6
Handset 747-00418-01
Loudspeaker, Permanent Magnet 44F909
Microphone, Carbon 10048
Boom, Handset, Headse B14723
Cover, Headband B14753
Cover, Housing, Recei D14704
Headband And Yoke A B14742
Handset MT3203B1A
Cushion, Ear MC162A
Microphone, Dynamic SR90D
Shield, Microphone D166113-502
Headset-microphone 53JRW
Headset-microphone HM1320S
Headset, Electrical H251U
Microphone, Dynamic M135U
Handset H-250/U
Microphone, Dynamic 664
Headset, Electrical 50-14-2M
Loudspeaker, Permanent Magnet MUSICASTER 100
Headset, Acoustical HSC61C
Stay, Cord SC-A-7730DET2
Microphone Element 65MK008
Handset 128C514H01
Microphone, Dynamic 251M0DEL
Loudspeaker 5803096
Microphone, Dynamic 647AXLR3-12C
Loudspeaker, Permanent Magnet 8C5PAX
Loudspeaker, Permanent Magnet 2510CMS
Loudspeaker, Permanent Magnet 8C6PAOT
Holder, Headset SS7010-1
Headset-microphone 3004
Microphone Element 14070-2
Headset, Electrical SG9142
Handset SC-C-729969
Microphone Element 230100001-653
Cover, Microphone 21906
Microphone Guide 21969
Headband, Headset 10890B
Shell, Microphone 242186
Loudspeaker, Permanent Magnet 522-1166-000
Bracket, Microphone 16526-694
Driver, Loudspeaker ID-75-16
Earphone D51022A
Earphone Element MILE18239C
Bracket, Microphone 59C12796
Cover, Loudspeaker 84053
Loudspeaker, Permanent Magnet P5X
Holder, Hand Set SM-C-422484
Loudspeaker N28532
Cushion, Ear 815-1853010PC17
Handset 65025-015
Cushion, Ear 41900
Loudspeaker, Permanent Magnet KS16107L2
Cushion, Ear 41910
Microphone, Magnetic 246969
Bracket, Microphone 7141414G2
Microphone, Carbon 205-809
Headset, Electrical H-154A/AIC
Headset-microphone 111500
Headset-microphone H182PT
Handset 690
Loudspeaker, Permanent Magnet C6FC
Microphone, Dynamic 330868
Handset MS100HBR
Handset G5GR3
Handset L9053DA
Microphone, Dynamic SMC436310
Driver, Loudspeaker MI6309C
Loudspeaker 270247
Handset H235ATC1
Headset, Electrical 1M002
Holder, Microphone MIL23813ASHIPSMT3400
Loudspeaker, Permanent Magnet 5C3Z8

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