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Electrical Insulators And Insulating Materials - FSC 5970

Tube, Knob, Cleat, Strain, And Standoff Insulators; Feed Thru Insulators; Bead Insulators; Varnish Cambric Tape; Friction Tape.
Last Modified: Oct 31, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Insulator, Bushing 042-782-011-009
Insulator, Bushing 108703
Insulator, Plate 108198
Insulator, Plate 135034-1
Insulator, Washer SM-B-414017
Insulator, Washer 2821-1
Insulator, Disk 779-2470-001
Insulator, Bushing AD421-0172-0040
Insulator, Plate 3282425
Insulator, Washer 1985710-1
Insulator, Washer MW323-63
Insulator, Plate 32-0534-1
Insulator, Standoff 69002-5311
Insulator, Washer A421-18
Insulator, Bushing 4691
Insulator, Washer 2406.109.001
Insulating Compound Kit, Electric 236-2LB
Insulating Compound Kit, Electric 236-1LB
Insulator, Bushing 294895
Insulation Sleeving, Electrical SM-A-680085-35
Insulator, Disk 1968901
Insulator, Plate 9S2301
Insulator, Washer H400-1
Insulator, Bushing 10031068-102
Insulator, Plate 666C0601-85
Insulator, Standoff 2608
Insulator, Plate 11654172
Insulator, Disk 1853786
Insulator, Plate 336190
Insulator, Special 128PP60707-13
Insulator, Plate 100243-007
Insulator, Plate 85910-1
Insulator, Standoff 9770SS1032-7
Insulator, Plate SMB587269
Insulator, Plate SM-B-344979A
Insulator, Bushing 993306-62
Insulator, Plate 935460-1
Insulator, Washer HL8267-1
Insulator, Disk 943701-1
Insulator, Disk 10030491-101
Insulator, Bushing 421456-01
Insulator, Spacer 158317
Insulator, Disk 334569
Ring, Insulation 562761
Insulator TMNY-001NA
Insulator, Washer 7090799P002
Insulator, Plate 7244097P001
Insulator, Washer 905240-5
Insulator, Plate 7244096P001
Insulator, Bushing 2415525-2
Insulator, Bushing 935430-3
Insulator, Bushing 935430-6
Insulator, Bushing 935430-7
Insulator, Bushing 935430
Insulator, Bushing 935430-9
Insulator, Bushing 935430-010
Insulator, Plate 11784858-1
Insulation Sleeving, Electrical S6132-61003-9
Insulator, Wedge NHT-30-10-14
Insulator, Wedge WEGENHT144-30
Insulator NHT117-30
Insulator, Wedge NHT99-30
Insulator, Wedge NHT86-30
Insulator NHT-70-30
Insulator, Wedge ANHT-30-16-11
Insulator, Wedge NHT 30-23-16
Insulator, Plate 7242871G001
Insulator, Disk 935461-1
Insulator, Washer SCB647365-1
Insulator, Bushing SCB614269-3
Insulator, Bushing 165091P3
Insulator, Washer 1815765
Insulator, Plate 3110379-1
Insulator, Plate 3110379-2
Insulator, Washer NAS549GL516
Insulator, Standoff 352-4620-01-071
Insulator, Washer 5462297P001
Insulator, Bushing 57A5A906-9
Insulator, Bushing 61A5A904-5
Insulator, Washer 62A5A904-9
Insulator, Bushing 352-9855
Insulation Sleeving, Electrical 401-0765
Insulation Sleeving, Electrical 7445343-279
Insulating Compound, Electrical PC28STD
Insulator, Bead 1298-4670
Insulator, Washer 30-763-402
Insulator, Disk 501-2-06443
Insulator, Washer 3833-3333-001
Insulator, Disk 3831-9160-001
Insulation Sleeving, Electrical, S 9018983
Insulator, Washer 306-012-4001
Insulator, Plate T066-ST66
Insulation Sleeving, Electrical MIL-DTL-23053/12
Insulator, Plate 197016
Insulator, Washer 1000-1299-0001
Insulation Sleeving, Electrical CRN-3/32-0-4FT
Insulator, Washer NAS1515
Insulator, Disk 3040476-018-1
Insulator, Plate 505-2415-001
Insulator, Cap 0340-0474

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