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Fiber Optic Accessories And Supplies - FSC 6070

Last Modified: Sep 21, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Jig, Light Pipe Alignment 2095D14G01
Jig, Light Pipe Handling 2095D15G01
Fibre, Optic, Block 620-419842-000
Test Set, Fiber Optic 707293-801
Vacuum Chuck, Fiber Optic VC-1
Power Meter Head, Fiber Optic AQ-1906
Multiplexer, Fiber Optic 39301A
Light Source, Fiber Optic 8XE-1300B
Fiber Optics Block 620-419874-000
Refill, Splice Kit, Fiber Optics 296-40-02-125
Reel, Cable, Fiber Optic 348494-1
Electrode, Fiber Optic G822420
Extender Card Assembly 021-414
Block, Fiber Optic 620-420622-000
Fiber Optic Splice BR-428
Fiber Optics Assembly 5170400-001
Fiber Optic Detecto FO-02-400
Adapter Plate, Fiber Optic AP-1000
Index Matching Gel 402 689 302
Fiber Optic Probe 2532-101-A
Multimode Module FM8513
Singlemode Module FS1300
Alignment Fixture, Fiber Optic Co A3102680
Alignment Fixture, Fiber Optic Co A3102642
Film, Polishing, Fibe 78-8073-7526-2
Jig, Polishing, Fiber 80-8073-7527-0
Pad, Polishing, Fiber 78-8073-7525-4
Cartridge, Splice, Fiber Optic CDISEA010-001
Cartridge, Splice, Fiber Optic 900-0065
Curing Oven, Fiber O 0701-4050
Adapter, Curing, Fibe 107 118 549
Alignment Fixture, Fiber Optic Ca 0701-4020
Alignment Fixture, Fiber Optic Co 31-22-85
Alignment Fixture, Fiber Optic Ca 0701-4030
Alignment Fixture, Fiber Optic Ca 502023-1
Cartridge, Splice, Fiber Optic F35-2520-RG
Alignment Fixture, Fiber Optic Co CF-25-FFS
Mask, Optical Instrument RM-500
Plate, Recote RMP-500
Fiber Optic Loopbac 22-437-01
Jig Polishing Fiber 78-8073-7527-0
Cable And Buffer Ho 492703-1
Cable, Printer, Data 99531
Cooling Stand 78-8073-9040-2
Cable Assembly, Buffer Holder 1278023-1