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Generators And Generator Sets, Electrical - FSC 6115

Engine, Turbine, Wind, And Hand Driven Generator Sets And Auxiliary Aircraft Generators.
Last Modified: Sep 22, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Armature, Generator 357224
Armature, Generator 5532
Armature, Generator 646021
Armature, Generator 5397753
Armature, Generator 8494991
Armature, Generator G300-277
Armature, Generator 847958
Winding, Generator Field F2145
Armature, Generator S15977
Impeller, Fan, Axial 125C812G1
Armature, Generator S1411580
Winding, Rotor S1750237
Winding, Rotor S1750238
Winding, Generator Field 7235PT4
Armature, Generator S1633111
Rotor, Generator 4612-2DATA601455
Winding, Generator Field 8727218G1
Generator Set, Gasoline Engine MILG10286AAMEND2TYPE2CLASSA
Armature, Generator 7012F61PC22
Armature, Generator 8767019G1
Hanger And Piston, Hydraulic Moto 68985
Stop, Piston, Hydraulic Motor 5375901
Quill, Cooling, Hydraulic Motor 53762
Plate, Port, Hydraulic Motor 68874
Plunger, Hydraulic Motor 53753
Quill, Hydraulic Motor 53756
Rotor, Generator CC6717
Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, E MH800E1900
Coupling, Plate 5B1738-5
Component Board Ass JHP111-99
Rotor, Generator 13213E4076
Generator, Direct Current W5050258REV7
Plate, Rachet 02261-0316-17
Fan And Coupling Hu 02261-0158-102
Damper Assembly, Gen G128-69
Generator, Pulse BR60434
Generator Set, Diesel Engine 4180
Cover, End Bell 5358413
Support, Brush Holde 8409749
Band, End Bracket Cover 232B774
Armature, Generator 6751194G7
Seal Oil 16046
Alternator, Special A0013002AE
Adapter, Front Brake 231-0153
Latch Assembly, Gene 235-0069
Pinion And Gear Ass 235-1100-2
Panel, Instrument 2588A
Wiring Harness, Engi 2615A
Wiring Harness, Inst 2648A
Wiring Harness, Gene 2649A
Axle Assembly, Gener 235-1071-1
Strap Assy 293-0603
Harness Assembly, Ch 66D42131
Harness Assembly, Ch 66D41266
Harness Assembly, Ch 66E41183
Harness Assembly, Co 66D41221
Harness Assembly, Co 66E41146
Disc, Dampener Friction G300-368
Wheel Spring Adjust 1325209
Wheel, Spring Adjust 1325213
Cord, Hood Lacing 4480054
Shaft Assembly, Swit S6889
Armature, Generator 5867715G1
Rotor, Generator M5866497ABG1
Armature, Generator DL5894545G2
Armature, Generator 5896101G1
Rotor, Generator 5896947G1
Rotor, Generator 5866497ACG1
Armature, Generator 8409387G1
Armature, Generator K662207G1
Armature, Generator 8679223-2T15
Rotor, Generator 5894814G1
Armature, Generator 4748904G1
Armature, Generator 8764785G1
Rotor, Generator 8784673AF1
Armature, Generator 8767022G1
Armature, Generator 125C680G1
Armature, Generator 326X29
Seal Assembly 8B5580ITEM3X4
Seal Assy S1405180
Seal Assy 34J883PC36-37
Seal Assy S1406958
Seal Assy 24J137ITEM10
Cover, Bearing End 1JH1850PC42
Winding, Generator Field D792
Generator, Alternating Current B21M60194
Rotor, Generator L7229
Winding, Generator Field N06931-18-76
Flange Assembly, Mou 884880
Collar-shaft Mtg St E21020-1
Insulator, Front Whe 235-0093-2
Insulator, Front Whe 235-0093-4
Door Assembly, Batte 293-0100-623
Inlet, Air, Generator G45-180
Actuator Assembly 22080
Tube Assembly, Batte 235-1098
Tube Assembly, Batte 235-1099
Boot Assembly, Hoist 7236269-10
Plate, Inner Race Lo 5392359
Control, Bimetal A2325

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