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Generators And Generator Sets, Electrical - FSC 6115

Engine, Turbine, Wind, And Hand Driven Generator Sets And Auxiliary Aircraft Generators.
Last Modified: Dec 17, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Stator, Generator 3300A77A0393
Generator, Direct Current WW5999053PC1
Generator, Alternating Current 2CM355C1
Generator, Alternating Current AGH207-9
Generator Set, Diesel Engine MSPHF15
Rotor, Generator H60-104
Brake Assembly, Park 235-1173
Brake Assembly, Park 235-1173-1
Winding, Generator Field 6104-3126408PC74
Generator, Alternating Current 2CM353C1F
Strap Assembly, Tank 231-0105
Pan Assembly, Front 235-1109
Armature, Generator 166A391G1
Brush Head, Electrical 19495-3
End Bell, Electrical Rotating Equ 24227
Stator, Generator 24244
Retainer, Generator 24289
End Bell, Electrical Rotating Equ 27297
Bushing, Ball Bearing 94552
Modification Kit, Electric Power 3H2700-1-18
Deflector, Oil 5843102G2
Rewind Kit, Stator S1633128
End Bell, Electrical Rotating Equ 23064-1272
Armature, Generator 30071-1040
Generator Set, Diesel Engine PU669AG
Locking Clip 161A681P1
Spring Assy, Generat 166A360G1
Cover, Electrical Generator B1899
Sleeve, Compensator A2332
Wiring Harness 120749
Stove Head, Engine H 121651
Back Plate, Dampener 30059-1472
Panel, Louver 523X022
Brace, Generator 523X058-3
Door Assembly D15582
Brush Assy 53150-1
Tag, Special N152903-2
Yoke Assembly N207512
Stator, Generator N196260
Die Frame Assembly N196280
Clamp Plate N196287
Drive Gear Assy N196314
Rotor, Generator N200680
Magnet Assy, Rotor N196273
Connector Assembly N196859
Terminal Block N196266
Exhaust, Lagging Ass N199553
Adapter, Air Duct 1118814
Cover Output Leads 1546695-1
Clamp-bracket Assy 1532872-1
Stator Exiter 1532863-1
Housing And Stator 1546738-1
Mounting Device Ass 1544887-1
Indicator Board Ass ST114
Door Assembly, Contr 04060-0287
Shield Assembly, Overspeed 04150-0350
Plate, Wiring Diagram 139166
Cover A52-555
Door, Outlet Termina M1731
Door Stop Assembly M17500
Door Assembly, Radiator M17525
Pad, Fuel Tank 52457
Support, Panel, Engine 523X051
Shield, Rain, Junctio 04070-0175
Cover Assembly, Gene 04060-0265
Door Assembly, Acces 04060-0269
Door Assembly, Panel 04060-0284
Cover Assembly, Engi 666-4060-258
Shroud, Oil Pan 04060-0328
Plate, Name, Fuel Val 04060-0470
Panel Assembly, Generator 04115-0132
Plate, Name, Stop C45050-6
Stop, Generator Set W9125-001
Connection, Generato V-12936-2
Baffle, Oil 105833
Block, Pivot 105948
Stop, Generator Set 94640-12
Baffle, Oil 105871
Baffle, Oil LA-105544-37PC20.10
Rotor, Turbine 105548
Plate, Orifice 97177-5-29-31
Plate, Orifice LA-89903-3-29-17
Trip, Paddle 91221
Sleeve, Bearing Hous 1539415
Cover 52503
Winding, Generator Field 3088330-513
Plate, Generator 2L2556
Spring Assembly, Doo 64D41150-14
Tool Box, Generator JD1125
Lock, Door JC1182
Shaft-drive Assembl 1546724-1
Plate, Adapter 1546702-1
Retaining Clip 1546703-1
Shroud, Winterizatio S22502
Grille Assembly M15569
Ring, End, Generator 960C075-1
Winding, Generator Field 8245941
Winding, Generator Field 8245940
Winding, Generator Field 8245826
Winding, Generator Field 8245827

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