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Converters, Electrical, Rotating - FSC 6125

Complete Battery Charging Equipment, Rotating; Dynamotors; Motor-converters; Motor-generator Sets; Phase Converters; Rotating Equipment; Synchronous Converters.
Last Modified: Sep 28, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Dynamotor Assy 47615
Case Assembly, Upper 2177K89G701
Plate, Support Assem 5711K77G700
Case Assembly, Bottom 2177K85G705
Motor-generator MC1A1
Inverter 2026274
Strip, Seal 5478278P0001
Inverter J1050CP
Parts Kit, Motor-gen 1104033-3
Motor-generator MGE23-400
Cap, Bearing, Drive A13261
Countershaft, Genera B8567
Armature-rotor, Motor-generator A20648
Motor-generator 611240
Motor-generator 611256
Winding, Motor-generator Field A21533
Motor-generator 03-0013
Cover 30090-38
Cover, Motor-generator B5211
Contact Plate Assembly SA7430
Rod Contact Assembly SA7441
Bracket Asy SA7977
Gasket Asy 10-57008
Armature, Motor-generator 701912
Armature-rotor, Motor-generator A16863
Plate, Moveable Cont 50MS696
Flyweight Assembly, Speed Governo F16-95
Bracket, Speed Contr F16-98
Service Kit, Motor F45-483
Drive Assembly C13634
Base, Dynamotor 24554-1
Housing, Dynamotor B MSA4720
Housing, Blower Dyna 44691
Plate And Core Assembly SA7436
Coupling, Disc 480802PC24
Flange Assembly Set UKM79-01IT27
Motor-generator MS17406-1
Motor-generator MS21983-1
Contactor, Time Tact 1292484
Inverter 300-0013
Circuit Board 1547102
Winding, Field 1544685
Dynamotor Assembly 249M
Armature, Motor-generator SB6501
Stator, Motor-generator G5452
Motor-generator PU543A
Motor-generator, Electric, Mobile 08664
End Bell, Electrical Rotating Equ RD1776-1
Motor-generator LD255027
Motor-generator N64760
Motor-generator PU655UYK5
Piloted Bearing Pus QB80009-2
Motor-generator D15657
Parts Kit, Generator 1118068
Motor-generator L72172
Motor-generator 51-003-302
Housing G5453
Cover, Motor-generator C4578
Connector Unit P10128
Connector And Filter P10131
Clamp A10260
Armature, Motor-generator 1543854
Armature Assembly 8BW729
Converter DI511A
Adapter Motor Gener CSV1093-1
Motor-generator 099-00003
Motor-generator 099-00002
Motor-generator H08606
Motor-generator 301-1
Motor-generator 3U40203-01
Motor-generator 51-003-226
Motor-generator H112
Motor-generator H115
Motor-generator ANPU251U
Motor-generator 5B284B53
Power Supply DY73AQS4
Strap 504-9806-002
Dynamotor DY12ART13
Motor-generator E707247
Armature, Motor-generator A18367
Winding, Motor-generator Field A18369
Winding, Motor-generator Field A18370
Handle, Chest GMM1631
Sensing Assy, Voltag C12821
Sensing Assy, Freque C12826
Drive Assembly C12824
Integrator Assembly C12822
Dynamotor Asy 551720
Motor-generator 32B27-10B
Support, Coil C80516-1
Support Assy, Bearin 401325
End Bell, Electrical Rotating Equ 501315
End Bell G5731
Repair Kit, Generato P10006
Stator, Motor-generator 12451
Repair Kit, Motor-ge K24419
Motor-generator 6433
Armature, Dynamotor 5-1046A
Cover, Receptacle 1533297-1
Kit, Motor-generator 1549005

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