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Electric Portable And Hand Lighting Equipment - FSC 6230

Floodlights; Searchlights; Extension Lights.
Last Modified: Aug 25, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Hinge Assembly HLP-1033A
Guard, Muffler And P HLP-1044A
Saddle Assembly HLP-1042A
Cradle Assembly HLP-1032A
Beam, Outrigger HLP-1040A
Clamp, Lens, Light 084093-001
Spotlight 6312600
Panel CH4-D(D)
Searchlight 7032
Spotlight 0N242344
Adapter S-F-4
Searchlight SL-1-MPLUS
Light, Extension R-52
Reflector, Light MXM151PC99
Lantern, Electric 1148T1
Base Assembly, Search 46-0851-9
Shaft And Block Ass 46-0968-5
Searchlight 70553-01007-103
Handle Lock SC-B-614135
Dome Assy, Searchlig 1145198-1
Floodlight, Electric EXT-S5SB-X136-MP103
Lens, Light SL1085
Trunnion Assembly 82609
Flashlight ECF35
Case FL7074A
Frame, Door KL525
Floodlight, Electric 1004514-02
Support, Receptacle 5146AH
Panel Assy 67E35458-1
Reflector, Light 083059-1
Floodlight Assembly 610694
Flashlight PD-1
Bracket, Desk Light MLRA/D0EM
Light, Extension 2465401P2
Searchlight 40105-1
Spotlight PSH36
Control, Searchlight 1231074-1
Glass, Front MEC90-0003
Flashlight 2217
Floodlight, Electric 012475-24
Searchlight 13226E0293
Reflector, Light 632-502-9001
Light, Extension 2127-803
Light, Desk 10182008
Spotlight Assembly CC-2-BH-SRS-CP-M
Searchlight 14SL817OVE2
Light Assembly, Emer SM-D-930775
Light, Table W-L-314
Light, Bed MIL-L-28583
Light, Floor W-L-314
Light, Floor 16-378
Light, Table W-L-314
Light, Table 16-377
Light, Floor W-L-314
Light, Table W-L-314 TYXX
Light, Table W-L-314
Light, Table W-L-314 TYXXSTC
Penlight 29-10780-00
Light, Extension 1211-2
Light, Desk 7236LV28
Fixture Assembly HLP-1000A
Light, Table W-L-314 109
Light, Table W-L-314 111
Light, Table W-L-314 114
Floodlight Assembly NP4223
Lantern, Electric 95-0011-01
Spotlight Assembly SM4Q
Lantern, Electric 95-0044-06
Lantern, Electric 1N2675C
Light, Desk 703-27
Floodlight, Electric TFL 150S TB
Floodlight, Electric SFC-471LS-4MT
Floodlight, Electric SM-064LS-4MT
Handle, Floodlight 59085184-004
Light, Marker, Distress UL1196 PARA 3.1
Tower Assembly, Pne 013284-1
Floodlight Assembly 1398AS100-1
Stabilizer, Floodlight SA-84
Light, Extension D23491G
Light Assembly, Streamer M16377/39-307
Floodlight Assembly 1577A
Light, Extension 58313-41761-10
Lens, Light 8086 0009
Holder, Light SB709
Flashlight ML-5000-3
Floodlight, Electric MFS-1000-C-480
Floodlight, Electric 364
Holder, Reflector 012064
Reflector, Light 012843
Reflector, Light 012844
Floodlight, Electric 979380-1
Reflector, Light 013535-1
Base Weldment 013294-1
Floodlight Assembly MPL0500QT2S00E0
Beam, Outrigger 013878-1
Slide, Tower Tube 010080
Cylinder Section, Tower Assy 013293-1
Collar, Tower Assembly 013279-1
Cylinder Section, Weldment 8143284-30
Cylinder Section, Weldment 013325-3

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