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Electric Portable And Hand Lighting Equipment - FSC 6230

Floodlights; Searchlights; Extension Lights.
Last Modified: Aug 12, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Cylinder Section, Weldment 013324-1
Collar, Tower 013279-4
Spotlight 610689
Lantern, Electric 1501C
Collar 013279-2
Collar 013279-3
Tri-stand, Leg, Brace 010081-1
Leg, Trs 010082-1
T-bar Weldment 014026-1
Lantern, Electric K130
Light, Extension 13205E3768-2
Spring And Cup Assembly 58754-4
Slip Ring Assembly 56268-43-BK-31
Floodlight Repair Kit 015016-2
Floodlight Repair Kit 015016-1
Floodlight Repair Kit 015016-3
Floodlight Repair Kit 015016-4
Housing, Lantern, Electric 11-1160-5
Light, Extension 77C715536P001
Spot Light Assy 43630-0130
Plate, Mounting, Sear 7-311B12037
Floodlight, Electric 15-0490-1
Mounting Rack, Lantern, Electric 11-2468-13
Mounting Rack, Lantern, Electric 11-2468-15
Light, Table WP-2510
Tail Light Assembly 013794-1
Stage Light, Special 312500
Floodlight, Electric LE434-0042-0001
Floodlight, Electric 15-0367-1
Guard, Lamp 8349K11
Flashlight CODE FOUR D-5
Lens, Light SP-22
Light, Desk 6490
Floodlight Set, Electric 015818-1
Light, Extension 56268-44
Light, Extension 03807-271USD163
Light, Desk 1104-A
Light, Extension 120-25
Light, Extension 16610011-001
Light, Extension 950G
Service Light Assembly 10-2138
Floodlight, Electric G-EFWB-30
Flashlight IV2DM
Light, Extension LS8-014-LG1-050
Searchlight 97233
Handle, Searchlight FE25-1
Filter, Searchlight 3207R
Filter, Searchlight 3207Y
Filter, Searchlight 3207G
Light Set, General Illumination BR2006
Reflector, Light 31-1604-23
Reflector, Light 31-1604-25
Lens, Light FL617
Flashlight G57
Floodlight, Electric 11-1825-C/ PKG B
Light Unit, Emergency ME25-74170-5002
Floodlight, Electric 3200348-1
Shade, Lamp SM-B-603739
Light, Extension BR8023-602
Cover, Switch 2127-23
Sleeve, Cord 2127-17
Lantern, Marine FA-249
Light, Desk AVL09-3H-BEIGE
Ring Retainer Asse 46-0972-1
Lantern, Electric B-16
Light, Power Tool 100450
Control, Electric Light 7909946-00
Light, Desk AVL09-3H-AMPBLUE
Floodlight Assembly AA-1
Shelf, Mounting 1639K21
Dust Cover 11-3640-1
Adapter, Searchlight 8671
Arm, Searchlight KEF231S
Focus Assembly, Searchlight PL7261-RF
Baffle Assembly, Searchlight 9444X
Searchlight 5114A
Searchlight XE9666-RF-H
Base Assembly, Searc 7370
Trunnion, Searchlight 9463 PIECE 5
Drum Assembly, Searc PL7371-HRF
Clamp, Searchlight 3072 PIECE 19
Focus Control, Searc 9865X
Rack, Assembly 4332X
Floodlight, Electric 95013
Support, Searchlight 9461
Drum Assembly, Searchlight 7371 PIECE 1
Drum, Blank 9460
Light, Table 4677328-0729
Base, Upper, Searchlight 8445S
Cap, Searchlight 8447P
Keeper, Searchlight 9554
Searchlight RATE-E2
Light, Extension EP215-50
Filter, Flashlight 4228B
Flashlight 405
Reflector, Light 9719X
Shaft Assembly, Searchlight 7370 PIECE 2
Block, Searchlight 7371 PIECE 6
Base, Lower, Searchlight 8444C
Plate, Splice 9463X PIECE 1

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