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Electric Portable And Hand Lighting Equipment - FSC 6230

Floodlights; Searchlights; Extension Lights.
Last Modified: Aug 18, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Light, Extension A-A-60006
Light, Inspection MVXF
Cushion, Retainer 422222-1
Retainer Assembly 516563-1
Filter, Fl00dlight 422213-1
Filter, Floodlight 422213-2
Filter, Floodlight 422248-1
Lens, Light 422248-2
Portable Lighting 515420-1
Light, Desk 9S5092LALT6TYPEK8B
Light, Desk 9S5613LALT2
Light, Desk M16377/15-148.2
Ball Screw Assembly 7049207
Clamp, Handle KL1141
Lantern, Electric L295S
Guard, Lamp M16377/39-002
Light Assembly, Streamer M16377/39-001
Lens, Light SCD15289PT4
Flashlight MX212/U
Light, Extension WL661
Flashlight 1359
Flashlight 71-3187
Light, Extension W-L-661
Light, Extension A-A-60006
Light, Extension W-L-661
Floodlight, Electric C525G012
Flashlight 2251
Light, Extension WL661
Light, Desk WP75-46
Lamp And Container SCD646812
Guard, Lamp SCD14284
Light, Marker, Distress A-A-50444
Light, Marker, Distress MILL573
Light, Marker, Distress A-A-50444
Light Assy, Water Ac 20B19171-80
Holder, Reflector SCC86549
Searchlight 93113S6600-461019
Holder, Light N2562-43211
Light, Desk 8019920-1
Light, Extension G1915
Light, Extension 5025-SR
Floodlight Telesco 0G4-2TMA
Control, Searchlight 52D245-2
Floodlight Set, Electric B129D1043
Floodlight, Electric C500G001
Case, Searchlight SC-C-647179
Light, Extension M534C14-5
Control, Searchlight SCD647251-1
Lens, Light 530
Lens 506201
Light, Extension CD522
Lantern, Electric 165-2M
Shade, Lamp 6061-117
Searchlight RECITE-E2
Hood, Blackout, Light 1450-07
Reflector, Light 3706431G2
Floodlight, Electric MA20042
Light, Desk MX1541GPN
Light, Desk 66VCX701
Guard, Lamp MS17783PC3
Searchlight MILS2649
Flashlight PL-2
Blade, Shutter N869728P224
Blade, Shutter N869728P225
Door, Searchlight 5329518G1
Shutter, Searchlight WW5937947PC13
Shutter, Searchlight 8259228P8
Lever, Brush Holder 461517
Support, Searchlight 6970908
Rod, Searchlight 8276626G1
Shutter Assembly, Si N869775P230
Searchlight Group SCD613825-2
Plenum Assy 1100436
Plate, Illuminator 1100457
Flashlight 10063755-101
Light, Desk L-2AX
Light, Desk WL311TYPE2CLASS2
Stand, Light 614580-1
Light, Desk FTC121-15006
Light, Extension 15002
Guard, Lamp 8162
Support, Floodlight ML180
Plate, Bottom Hoist, Floodlight B3-25122
Housing, Illuminator 1100420
Holder, Anode 1100429
Housing, Anode 1100459
Power Supply, Ignite 1100426
Spyder Assy 1100418
Test Gap Assy 1100467
Panel, Illuminator 1100472
Plate, Indexing, Illu 1213-3010
Control Assy B121D11006
Control, Illuminator 1100394
Mirror, Illuminator 1100402
Lens, Light M16377/62-003
Guard, Lamp 9S5389LALT2PC2
Rod, Joint 67C35446
Light, Extension 6209297
Lockbar, Door, Floodlight 67C35456-7
Floodlight, Electric 4065C

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