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Electric Portable And Hand Lighting Equipment - FSC 6230

Floodlights; Searchlights; Extension Lights.
Last Modified: Aug 25, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Stop, Shutter 1751-3APC2
Shutter Assembly, Searchlight 8475599G1
Maintenance Kit, Sea 8259273LIST4
Floodlight, Electric G6000-5
Guide 72666
Channel, Searchlight 41018
Coil And Stud, Searc 6976659G58
Cup, Searchlight 704STYLEA
Glass, Searchlight 1163599P1
Handle And Clamp, Se H6230-323-8644
Indicator Bearing, S MARK10
Mirror, Searchlight 1810365P2
Spring, Searchlight 2415239
Spring, Searchlight S1220094
Spring, Searchlight S1371775
Worm With Pin, Searc 6976659G70
Case, Light Set D2994-1THRU3
Filter, Searchlight 7NH35C
Arc Ballast Resisto 93005
Brush Assy, Searchli N869788P549
Brush Assy, Searchli N869788P55
Cap Assy, Searchligh N869788P548
Hood Assembly, Searchlight NH41ANM
Head Assy, Searchlig N869788P570
Head Assy, Searchlig N869788P600
Roller, Searchlight N869758P567
Shutter, Searchlight S1568934
Shaft Assy, Searchli N869763P720
Shaft Assy, Searchli N869763P725
Yoke, Searchlight 0740348
Starter Assy, Search 41440
Reflector, Light 1303
Gooseneck Subassemb CE14743
Light, Desk CE14731
Glass Cover, Searchl G1-23
Lens, Light N869727P345
Obturator, Searchlig N869788P550
Maintenance Kit, Sea W8475036PC102-14A17-S-10630-0000
Thermostat Assy, Sea N869790P650
Wrench, Searchlight N869771P524
Stand, Light MILF16377-16-00 1
Filter Housing 20-354
Lens, Light N869727P565
Lamp Socket Assy, Se S1568932
Floodlight, Electric 56
Shade, Lamp MEL8300
Light, Desk 1075
Pole Assy GH129-207
Cover Assy, Brush GH129-209
Support Assy GH129-214
Housing, Clutch GH129-562
Facing, Brake GH129-563
Screwjack, Light Actuator GH175-005
Actuator Subassembly GH282-005
Cover Assy, Aft Actu GH282-503
Sleeve, Actuator GH282-507
Cover Assy, Drive GH282-512
Insert, Housing GH129-225
Yoke, Motor And Clut GH129-227
Insert, Bearing GH129-239
Housing, Clutch GH129-244
Shaft Assy GH129-554
Housing, Motor Barre GH129-555
Housing, Clutch, Moto GH129-560
Clevis, Actuator, Lig GH175-006
Clevis, Actuator, Lig GH175-007
Housing Assy GH282-002
Lens, Light 71-3187
Lever Bolt Assembly 14936
Chest, Floodlight, Electric D11604SH1T07
Lens, Light 1008
Clamp HL6061
Floodlight Assembly 216-00859-1
Clamp, Floodlight, Electric KL122
Lens, Light HL9153
Lens, Light HL9151
Light, Extension 7000MSRG
Light Set, Chart, Field 13217E5620
Lantern, Electric 915
Light, Extension M308B
Reflector, Buoy 9400-935273ALT1PCM3
Light, Extension DL-38A
Housing, Light 105344PC245
Shield, Light 710126
Floodlight Set, Electric NH5W1
Mount, Flange, Edge-threshold Ligh 0571D2-029
Light Set, General Illumination 6650-01050
Mounting, Searchligh 320X24
Roller, Searchlight 5356942
Handle, Searchlight N869719PC118
Filter, Flashlight 1009
Reflector KL3569
Ring, Flashlight Han SCB21807
Light, Table W-L-314
Head, Searchlight 5999927G1
Regulator, Searchlig 5999931G1
Head, Searchlight 5999932G1
Gear Assy, Searchlig 5999933G1
Lens Assy, Searchlig 6976657G2
Reamer, Searchlight 8004931G1

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