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Electric Portable And Hand Lighting Equipment - FSC 6230

Floodlights; Searchlights; Extension Lights.
Last Modified: Aug 10, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Gear Assy, Searchlig 8259240G1
Door 8678591G2
Armature, Searchligh 5091529G1
Baffle, Searchlight 5329525P5
Guide, Searchlight 5993106G1
Plate, Searchlight 5999932P4
Handle, Searchlight 6976657G93
Contact Finger And Shunt Assembl 6976659G59
Cover, Searchlight 8676051GA
Lens, Light 9000S6405-74222REV0PC53
Lens, Light 9000S6405-74222REV0PC57
Reflector, Light 9S5452LALT6
Reflector, Light 9S5293LALT11PC50
Reflector, Light 9S4943LALT5PC9
Flashlight 2605087
Guard, Flash 30132C100
Light, Extension 3003A
Light, Extension 106SIB163
Light, Marker, Distress SDU30E
Holder, Light 671391-104
Stand, Light 613915-1
Light, Desk 274-30003-2
Lens, Light 3282
Light, Bed 9000S6401-74070SYB5-1
Light, Bed 9000S6401-74070 SYM8.1
Searchlight MILS19551
Light, Extension 405D888
Reflector, Light KL1420
Plate, Top, Hoist 67D35427-1
Light, Desk 5979
Housing, Illuminator 1100405
Body Assy, Upper E2-25070
Reel Assembly 52827
Lens, Light 01385
Stop, Plunger 1213-2006
Lighting Assembly, Portable, Plug- X8490
Contact, Searchlight 6976657G7
Cap And Screw, Searc 6976665G63
Blade With Gear, Sea 5329523G2
Blade With Gear, Sea 6976657G39
Gear, Searchlight 6976657G40
Ring And Gear, Searc 5329519P4-24-33
Roller, Searchlight 6976657G83
Roller, Searchlight 6976657G84
Guard, Lamp 16-0182-1
Level 200166
Box 643651
Roller Assembly 801636
Baffle And Cover, Searchlight 5999932G2
Joint Ay 105142
Handle 112480
Roller 121208
Cushion 121955
Cushion 127585
Base 141293
Glass 157771
Plate 163433
Base 163728
Bracket 167732
Extension 167734
Glass 189917
Lens 63926
Housing 87852
Light, Desk 3603-3CGRAY
Clamp HL3068
Sight 189780
Retainer 202798
Control, Searchlight SCD647101-1
Arm 4746446G2
Arm 4746446G3
Sector, Glass, Front 4964060P2
Spring 6730212G1
Shade, Lamp 1254-1
Thermostat 72456
Light, Desk 18-204189-01
Light, Desk 51856
Light, Extension F60600
Spider, Lamp Focusing 1100482-3
Breaker Assy 1140591-1
Lead, Ignitor 1130628-1
Gear Box, Azimuth 1213-0500
Bracket, Ignitor 1100537-1
Bracket, Tap 1110593-1
Block, Bearing 1213-3007
Lock, Caging 1213-0201-1
Load Strip 1100589-3
Striker, Stop Assy 1213-0303
Light, Desk R-263-K
Mtg Plate, Floodligh S1614-256
Support, Ballast 7049443
Shield, Light, Marker A1-18-0366
Mast Mount A1-18-0367
Globe, Electric Light M16377-49-001
Board Assembly, Power Distributio 1125091-1
Control Panel, Air L 1123958-1
Reflector, Light BUWEPSDWG64A16D131
Lens, Light 8579669
Bracket Assembly, Floodlight 6157-62083-7
Lantern, Electric 1021
Lens, Light V-2015F

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