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Electric Lamps - FSC 6240

Fluorescent Lamps; Incandescent Lamps, Large And Miniature; Light Emitting Diode Lamps; Mercury Lamps; Sodium Lamps.
Last Modified: Mar 21, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Lamp, Metal Halide CMH70/TD/830/RX7S
Lamp, Cartridge 7018524-001
Cover, Lamp 12729
Lamp, Incandescent 5W-2040
Lamp, Incandescent WI-555SA05GA
Cover, Lamp 676501
Lamp, Halogen 85609
Lamp, Miniature 7E2486
Lamp Assembly 5-45-6171
Lamp Assembly 6C9121
Lamp, Incandescent GE 780
Lamp, Incandescent 28-5364
Lamp, Incandescent 28-5364-2
Lamp Assembly W153185T1
Lamp Assembly W153185T3
Lamp, Glow 421484
Lamp, Incandescent CC-3061-EPC
Lamp, Incandescent 65094-S4 ITEM 91
Lamp, Fluorescent 15411
Lamp, Fluorescent 15415
Lamp, Fluorescent 15418
Lamp, Fluorescent 372169
Lamp, Incandescent H-81
Lamp, Incandescent A-A-50588
Lamp, Incandescent 072010-0-01
Lamp, Metal Halide DKL-40VA-MH
Lamp, Sodium C250/ALTO
Lamp, Incandescent BA9-130V-24W
Lamp, Incandescent BA9-120V-2.4W
Lamp, Incandescent 1111
Lamp, Incandescent 581-F3
Lamp, Incandescent 35W CUSTOM TO SPEC
Lamp, Incandescent 50 W CUSTOM TO SPEC
Lamp, Incandescent 75W CUSTOM TO SPEC
Lamp, Incandescent 100W CUSTOM TO SPEC
Lamp, Metal Halide MHR-100D
Lamp, Incandescent 93004-1
Lamp 93004-101
Lamp, Mercury Vapor H4005
Lamp, Incandescent 04139
Lamp, Incandescent 04141
Lamp, Glow 550AIC
Lamp, Incandescent P40533
Lamp, Incandescent 15103
Holder, Lamp 397983
Lamp Assembly 200663
Lamp, Fluorescent 100407
Light, Navigational 723-1110-003
Lamp, Incandescent 31116-7
Lamp, Fluorescent 19544
Lamp, Fluorescent F40/AGRO
Sign, Exit CE13.100XS-SW R
Sign, Exit CE13.100XS-SC R
Sign, Exit CE13.100XS-D R
Sign, Exit CE14.100XS-SWW
Sign, Exit CE14.100XS-SWBA
Sign, Exit CE15.100XS-SW R
Sign, Exit CE15.100XS-SC R
Sign, Exit CE15.00XS-D R
Sign, Exit CE16.100XS-SWW
Sign, Exit CE16.100XS-SWB
Sign, Exit CE16.100XS-SWBA
Sign, Exit CE16.100XS-SCW
Sign, Exit CE16.100XS-SCBA
Sign, Exit CE2001XS-SW
Sign, Exit CE2001XS-SC
Sign, Exit CE2001XS-D
Sign, Exit CE2002XS-SW R
Sign, Exit CE2002XS-D R
Sign, Exit CE14.100XS-SWB
Lamp, Cartridge 556-3205-304
Sign, Exit CE16.100XS-SCB
Sign, Exit CE2002XS-SC R
Sign, Exit CE2002XS-SW G
Sign, Exit CE2002XS-SC G
Sign, Exit CE2002XS-D G
Sign, Exit CE15.100XS-SW G
Sign, Exit CE15.100XS-SC G
Sign, Exit CE15.100XS-D G
Sign, Exit CE13.100XS-SW G
Sign, Exit CE13.100XS-SC G
Sign, Exit CE13.100XS-D G
Lamp, Incandescent 4070
Lamp, Glow 67-98
Lamp, Fluorescent 273284
Lamp, Fluorescent 266403
Lamp, Glow 10-7123.2025
Lamp, Incandescent C107-0000
Lamp, Incandescent 139305015-001
Lamp, Fluorescent FEA382/D827/B
Lamp, Cartridge
Lamp, Cartridge HSI-5374 ITEM 13
Lamp Assembly 45-0253-27
Lamp Assembly 7260-3810-09
Lamp, Incandescent FIG 6.17 ITEM 10
Lamp, Cartridge 1276-13012
Collar 40175
Fairing Assembly 234S3902-40
Lamp, Fluorescent ECURO2350
Alogen Lamp ECU515

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