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Miscellaneous Alarm, Signal, And Security Detection Systems - FSC 6350

Anti-intrusion Alarm Systems; Foghorns; Gongs; Chimes; Bells; Burglar Alarm Systems; Fire Alarms; Police Alarm Systems; Sounding Devices; Manual Gas Alarms; Landing Wands; Security Inspection Systems
Last Modified: Sep 29, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Cam Timer Assy 515844-1
Support 409822-1
Baffle Subassembly 421402-1
Baffle Subassembly 421403-1
Bell, Electrical A3-6
Buzzer SC628MP
Buzzer SC110P
Bell, Electrical 2681064
Diaphragm, Horn SC-C-614732
Buzzer 330404
Inertial Assembly 7141309-10
Horn, Firing Alarm WH14516
Siren, Fluid Operated 981574
Horn, Signal 450-012-30 AND WB
Detector, Heat 892541
Bell, Electric FB1-8-120
Detector, Fire CR135MP
Alarm, Dew Point 2294-G501
Alarm, Dew Point B2537
Amplifier, Alarm D1240
Buzzer 10178834-1
Bus Bar, Assembly, Control 89-733113-1
Buzzer 80105-2
Drop, Annunciator H85GN
Annunciator 11T1031LALT12
Alarm-monitor Group SC628H
Buzzer T19A72
Buzzer 15-0-48VDC
Annunciator 5480992G4
Manifold, Air 564-2100-936750
Bell, Electrical 2136821G001
Module, Annunciator 721601-10
Plunger, Chime PP6011
Valve D21909PG
Bell, Electrical 3444WB-24 VOLTS
Seat, Spring T818-3ALT1PC16
Buzzer 100-4
Buzzer 0N026699
Buzzer 200-800001-000
Control, Alarm 333-697
Buzzer 40TYPEBU120V
Bell, Electrical 3246
Horn, Signal 450 PR2, WB AND VOLTAGE
Buzzer D56400A
Horn, Signal 302GCX-120VAC
Bell, Electrical 336-3
Horn, Signal 370-A
Buzzer 1626799G1
Bell, Electrical 340-6G5
Bell, Electrical 1100-4124VAC
Bell, Electrical 341
Bell, Electrical 1021902-1
Retainer, Filter, Floodlight 420546-1
Buzzer 8679-115
Horn, Signal CGAS4501
Bell, Electrical 340-10IN
Buzzer 761
Bell, Electrical 340-220V10IN
Buzzer 15-3G1
Shell, Rotary Seal M3303-79F79-6505
Bell, Electrical S4-48
Bell, Electrical 563-4
Cable Assembly, Bran R3987
Buzzer 2043191
Bell, Electrical S4-2-48
Annunciator 5480992G1
Bell, Electrical US6-613
Radiation Detection ANFJW1
Control, Alarm, Subas 790-05607-01
Plunger, Solen PP23625
Sensor Unit Assy 7445942
Buzzer G643423-2
Diaphragm, Horn 160-10
Valve, Disk 160-12
Buzzer 9H16
Buzzer Assembly 1012138
Buzzer 8140-M-115V
Buzzer 100
Horn, Signal 1HG1
Bell, Electrical 2020-10W
Bell, Electrical 341
Bell, Electrical VATV-6
Buzzer 15-3
Buzzer 341A
Horn, Signal SC628S
Buzzer SMB423442
Bell, Electrical G300090-1
Buzzer 202882-740
Detector, Fire T487A1011
Switch Assy, Rollami 7141334-10
Alarm Set, Anti-intrusion, Restric 4399D50G01
Bell, Electrical 247-3
Buzzer 005093
Buzzer, Fire Detector 27021-1-1-190
Alarm-monitor 571080
Alarm-monitor 2119-40114
Buzzer 340A24AC60HZ
Buzzer 117101008
Horn, Signal R45962
Optical Landing Asy 611599-2

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