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Surgical Dressing Materials - FSC 6510

Bandages, Compresses, Dressings, Gauze, Pads, Sponges, And Impregnated Surgical Dressing Materials.
Last Modified: May 20, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Applicator, Glycerin-lemon Oil Im MDS090600Z
Applicator, Glycerin-lemon Oil Im MDS090600
Sponge, Surgical 23275-470
Remover, Surgical Adhesive Tape 4031-00
Dressing, Occlusive, Adhesive 46-302
Dressing, Occlusive, Adhesive 46-303
Pad, Nonadherent 5955602
Sponge, Laparotomy MDS 23-1118R
Bandage, Gauze 6964
Towelette, Benzalkonium Chloride 504
Bandage, Gauze KERLIX
Bandage, Cast, Impregnated ORTHOPLAST II
Adhesive Pad, Drainage Tube Reten 9782
Adhesive Tape, Surgical NON250102Z
Bandage, Elastic MDS046006Z
Pad, Isopropyl Alcohol Impregnate 55843-10003
Sponge, Surgical 2326
Bandage, Adhesive 3270
Sponge, Surgical 638
Dressing, Chest Seal Wound AE-1700
Dressing, Hydrocolloid 00600
Dressing Wound, Burn 95-0039
Dressing Burn, Tube 95-0042
Dressing Wound, Burn 95-0040
Dressing Wound, Burn 95-0041
Dressing Wound, Arm 95-0045
Dressing Wound, Scalp 5999LPS
Dressing Wound, Foot 5999FDL
Dressing Wound, Leg 95-0054
Dressing Wound, Hand 95-0047
Dressing Wound, Hand 95-0048
Dressing Burn, Torso 95-0049
Dressing Burn, Torso 95-0050
Dressing Wound, Arm And Shoulder 95-0046
Ball, Absorbent
Towel Pack, Surgical 7552
Surgical Dressing Set 3181B
Bandage, Adhesive 7893
Dressing, Occlusive, Adhesive IV 3000
Ball, Absorbent 420500
Applicator, Povidone-iodine Impre 8631
Blanket, Burn 18820241
Bandage, Elastic MDS046004Z
Towel Pack, Surgical MQ1026-00
Surgical Dressing Set TAPON NASAL 8CM CON CORDON
Bandage, Gauze, Self-adherent COVADERM
Bandage, Gauze, Self-adherent COVADERM
Bandage, Elastic 66000016
Pad, Isopropyl Alcohol Impregnate MDS090730
Dressing, Hydrocolloid 3110
Dressing, Hydrocolloid COMFEEL
Dressing, Hydrocolloid COMFEEL
Dressing, Occlusive, Adhesive OPSITE
Pad, Isopropyl Alcohol Impregnate WEBCOL
Surgical Dressing Set 22882
Bandage, Gauze, Impregnated PB7
Towel Pack, Surgical 0246
Surgical Dressing Set DYNJ04046
Lambs Wool, Purified 876375
Bandage, Gauze, Self-adherent 46-005
Towel Pack, Surgical 02-0426
Bandage, Adhesive 85200
Bandage, Adhesive 9000
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 2963
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 2962
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 1914
Dressing, Occlusive, Adhesive OPSITE IV 3000 DRESSING
Skin Closure, Adhesive, Surgical NON250414
Blanket, Burn 96-0626
Dressing, Burn, Facial Mask 96-0625
Bandage, Gauze 0372
Bandage, Adhesive 47-152
Sponge, Surgical 7317
Pad, Nonadherent 46-102
Dressing, Hydrocolloid 9940
Dressing, Hydrocolloid RESTORE CALCICARE
Adhesive Tape, Surgical PINK TAPE
Adhesive Pad, Colostomy-ileostomy 7701
Surgical Dressing Set 47-003
Bandage, Elastic MDS 05-5003
Bandage, Elastic MDS055006
Bandage, Elastic MDS055004
Bandage, Elastic 680820
Dressing, Burn, First Aid 97-0430
Bandage, Gauze 1824
Bandage, Gauze 1522
Sponge, Surgical 97-0487
Surgical Dressing Set 26-24-08
Bandage, Elastic MDS055002
Pad, Sanitary 535118
Tampon, Sanitary 535125
Collagen, Hemostatic 9106-00
Collagen, Hemostatic 9102-00
Bandage, Cast, Impregnated 82005Y
Bandage, Cast, Impregnated 82004Y
Salicylic Acid Plaster NDC00482-0203-02
Salicylic Acid Plaster TRANSVERSAL
Salicylic Acid Plaster TRANSVERSAL
Salicylic Acid Plaster NDC00482-0202-06

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