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Surgical Dressing Materials - FSC 6510

Bandages, Compresses, Dressings, Gauze, Pads, Sponges, And Impregnated Surgical Dressing Materials.
Last Modified: Jun 19, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Bandage, Cast, Impregnated 6715
Bandage, Cast, Impregnated 6714
Bandage, Cast, Impregnated 6713
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 085-416000
Pad, Sodium Chloride Impregnated 285280
Dressing, Hydrocolloid A6209
Dressing, Hydrocolloid A6211
Towelette, Benzalkonium Chloride 19081438
Bandage, Elastic 480630
Bandage, Adhesive BATMAN BANDAID
Adhesive Pad, Colostomy-ileostomy 125259
Bandage, Gauze 01-0472
Adhesive Pad, Colostomy-ileostomy 401902
Adhesive Pad, Colostomy-ileostomy 125261
Adhesive Pad, Colostomy-ileostomy 401545
Adhesive Pad, Colostomy-ileostomy 401512
Adhesive Pad, Colostomy-ileostomy 401513
Adhesive Pad, Colostomy-ileostomy 401514
Bandage Kit, Elastic FCP-02
Sponge, Surgical 400424
Sponge, Surgical 400427
Sheet, Gel, Post-operative Burn 15-32520
Pad, Sanitary 19586-85
Tape, Cast, Polyurethane Resin 6824A
Tape, Cast, Polyurethane Resin 02-0250
Tape, Cast, Polyurethane Resin 02-0254
Tape, Cast, Polyurethane Resin 02-0255
Tape, Cast, Splinting, Polyurethane 02-0253
Tape, Cast, Splinting, Polyurethane 02-0252
Applicator, Povidone-iodine Impre 4725S41350
Bandage, Elastic 3596REB2026
Pad, Isopropyl Alcohol Impregnate 6510NCM020375
Pad, Povidone-iodine Impregnated 6510NCM020376
Sponge, Surgical 3583001806
Bandage, Gauze 3583006715
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 02-0649
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 4509015271
Bandage, Gauze 6510NCM020184
Sponge, Surgical 3583002913
Pad, Protective Barrier Film, Impr 2041
Bandage, Plastic Film, With Handle FLEXI-WRAP
Dressing, Surgical 6515NCM020462
Bandage, Gauze, Impregnated 6515NCM020464
Adhesive Pad, Colostomy-ileostomy SUR-FIT NATURE STOMAHESIVE
Kit, Blister 02-0774
Sponge, Laparotomy 6522
Dressing, First Aid, Compression BLOODSTOPPER
Surgical Dressing Set 2615
Wound Pack, Hemostatic Treatment 0005
Towel Pack, Surgical 706-B
Bandage, Gauze 02-1530
Towelette, Chlorhexidine Gluonate 58717
Cotton Balls, Single Strung 30-127
Dressing, Burn, First Aid 6515NCM021015
Gauze, Petrolatum UPN H10937283
Applicator, Benzoin Tincture Impr 6515NCM020999
Tampon, Sanitary 08123124
Cotton, Purified, Usp 257201
Pad, Skin Protective Gel Impregna NDC 8333-3589-01
Pad, Skin Protective Gel Impregna 3584
Sponge, Surgical Q770405
Sponge, Surgical 58 10 89
Bandage, Hemorrhage Control 02-2560
Wick, Ear 400141
Sponge, Surgical 480532
Sponge, Surgical 400422
Bandage, Elastic 6510015032109
Bandage, Gauze 30-0003
Bandage, Adhesive 3583003065
Bandage, Hemorrhage Control 202
Bandage, Hemorrhage Control 03-0034
Sponge, Surgical 400410
Sponge, Surgical 400411
Gauze, Packing 15-17000
Skin Closure, Adhesive, Surgical 14-17000
Wick, Ear 10-26001
Adhesive Tape, Surgical MICROPORE TAPE
Dressing, Occlusive, Adhesive 1630
Dressing, Occlusive, Adhesive 1635
Bandage, Adhesive 3593
Bandage, Adhesive 3582
Dressing, Pressure Pad 05152
Dressing, Wound Contact WCD-1012
Dressing, Surgical, Silver 03-1515
Dressing, Burn, Wrap, Silver 03-1513
Bandage, Hemorrhage Control 03-1610
Pad, Petrolatum And Bismuth Tribr 03-2288
Bandage, Adhesive 3634
Bandage, Gauze, Impregnated UNNA'S BOOT DRESSING
Bandage Kit 03-2532
Pad, Cotton 843
Sponge, Surgical 500-01
Ball, Absorbent 841
Gelatin Sponge, Absorbable, Usp NDC0009-0396-4
Wick, Ear 400146
Sponge, Surgical 440412

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