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Surgical Dressing Materials - FSC 6510

Bandages, Compresses, Dressings, Gauze, Pads, Sponges, And Impregnated Surgical Dressing Materials.
Last Modified: May 25, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Bandage, Cast, Impregnated 30-1014-12
Bandage, Cast, Impregnated GGB101
Bandage, Cast, Impregnated
Cellulose, Absorbent, Surgical
Compress And Bandage MILC16893SIZE1
Cotton, Purified, Usp 6510-00-201-3000
Cotton, Purified, Usp ET6026
Ball, Absorbent MDS21460
Ball, Absorbent 57-9152
Dressing, First Aid, Field CAMOUFLAGED,11-3/4 IN. SQUARE
Dressing, First Aid, Field MILD15141SIZE2
Dressing, First Aid, Field
Dressing, First Aid, Field MILD15141SIZE3
Compress And Skullcap, Head Dress MILC982
Gauze, Petrolatum DDDG00138
Gauze, Petrolatum 2048
Gauze, Absorbent CCCG101TYPE7CLASS1
Gauze, Absorbent CCCG101TYPE7CLASS1
Gauze, Absorbent CCCG101
Gauze, Absorbent 41218
Sponge, Laparotomy
Sponge, Laparotomy 6855
Sponge, Laparotomy 6834
Pad, Copper Sulfate Impregnated DDDP52
Pad, Abdominal DDDP0053
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 30-16-1
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 200
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 041-120-050-012
Plaster, Orthopedic And Dental
Sponge, Surgical DDD-S-001298
Sponge, Surgical DDD-S-001298
Sponge, Surgical DDD-S-001298
Sponge, Surgical DDD-S-001298
Wadding, Cotton, Surgical CCCW0051
Sponge, Surgical 2949
Sponge, Surgical CCCG101
Pad, Abdominal A-A-30108
Sponge, Surgical DDD-S-001298
Adhesive Liquid, Surgical 4000
Adhesive Tape, Surgical U-P-401
Sponge, Surgical 9417
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 5143
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 1527
Bandage, Cast, Impregnated 7337
Adhesive Tape, Surgical J-J 5146
Sponge, Surgical 80-1400
Remover, Surgical Adhesive Tape 4020
Sponge, Surgical 10-504
Cellulose, Oxidized 21-922-1
Pad, Sanitary A-A-30095
Sponge, Surgical 3085
Cellulose, Oxidized 30-920-1
Bandage, Gauze DDDB55
Pad, Cotton DDDP50
Towel Pack, Surgical 154
Adhesive Liquid, Surgical
Gauze, Petrolatum 23220-005
Applicator, Povidone-iodine Impre 26-02-90
Bandage, Cast, Impregnated GGB00101
Pad, Povidone-iodine Impregnated 60-80405
Bandage, Cast, Impregnated GGB00101
Pad, Surgical Adhesive Tape Remov A-A-30010
Sponge, Surgical 8512
Sponge, Surgical 8515
Sponge, Surgical 8518
Gauze, Absorbent 6702
Sponge, Surgical AC1002
Bandage, Felt, Orthopedic 9043
Bandage, Felt, Orthopedic 9044
Bandage, Felt, Orthopedic 9046
Pad, Witch Hazel Impregnated 141-1011-03
Towel Pack, Surgical 672-174
Bandage, Gauze 7103
Gauze, Oil Emulsion Impregnated 2012
Sponge, Surgical 7602
Sponge, Surgical 8514
Pad, Cotton 8771
Surgical Dressing Set 23070-025
Bandage, Gauze, Impregnated 261101
Ball, Absorbent 6101
Gauze, Absorbent 6726
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 1527
Remover, Surgical Adhesive Tape 7731
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 1525
Adhesive Ties, Surgical DERMICEL
Surgical Dressing Set 4682A
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 7041
Packing Strip, Medical NUGAUZE
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 5127
Bandage, Elastic 1586
Sponge, Surgical 688
Sponge, Surgical 1728
Surgical Dressing Set K0MPAK
Towel Pack, Surgical 0245
Surgical Dressing Set 61210
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 4207
Bandage, Adhesive DDD-B-0035
Bandage, Adhesive 60057
Pellet, Absorbent 754-9069
Roll, Absorbent 08199

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