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Surgical Dressing Materials - FSC 6510

Bandages, Compresses, Dressings, Gauze, Pads, Sponges, And Impregnated Surgical Dressing Materials.
Last Modified: May 25, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Roll, Absorbent
Roll, Absorbent GGR563
Pad, Povidone-iodine Impregnated 34-2120-12
Adhesive Tape, Surgical UP401
Gauze, Absorbent CCC-G-101
Pad, Isopropyl Alcohol Impregnate
Gauze, Absorbent, Iodoform Impregn 7831
Sponge, Surgical 2346
Gauze, Absorbent DDDG00148
Adhesive Tape, Surgical TRANSPORE
Gauze, Absorbent DDDG120
Towel Pack, Surgical A7550
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 1527
Adhesive Tape, Surgical JJ5134
Gauze, Absorbent NON255015
Gauze, Absorbent NU GAUZE
Adhesive Tape, Surgical HR4
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 5804
Cotton, Purified, Usp 1010
Gauze, Absorbent 8751
Sponge, Laparotomy 6822
Bandage, Gauze, Impregnated 2012400
Bandage, Cast, Impregnated 7378
Bandage, Cast, Impregnated 7375
Bandage, Elastic 403H
Bandage, Elastic 404H
Bandage, Elastic 2593
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 5104
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 5103
Gauze, Absorbent, Iodoform Impregn 7832
Gauze, Absorbent, Iodoform Impregn 8758
Gauze, Absorbent, Iodoform Impregn 7833
Pad, Cotton 6510-000-0156
Sponge, Surgical 6132
Sponge, Surgical 8519
Sponge, Surgical DDDP0054
Pad, Abdominal
Cellulose, Oxidized 30-5846-1
Pad, Post Surgical Obstetrical MIL-P-36863
Bandage, Stockinet, Hand Burn
Bandage, Felt, Orthopedic 601
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 3M1527-2
Adhesive Ties, Surgical
Sponge, Surgical CUR1TYTELFA
Gauze, Absorbent CCCG101
Sponge, Surgical DDD-S-001298
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 5802
Bandage, Cast, Impregnated 7372
Wadding, Cotton, Surgical
Bandage, Adhesive
Bandage, Adhesive DDDB0035
Bandage, Gauze 6715
Bandage, Gauze NON25497H
Pad, Abdominal
Pad, Abdominal
Pad, Abdominal DDDP0053
Bandage, Cast, Impregnated GGB101
Bandage, Cast, Impregnated GGB101
Bandage, Cast, Impregnated 7369
Bandage, Cast, Impregnated GGB101
Bandage, Cast, Impregnated GGB101
Bandage, Cast, Impregnated GGB101
Sponge, Surgical
Sponge, Surgical
Bandage, Adhesive BANDAIDSP0T
Bandage, Cast, Impregnated 7374
Bandage, Adhesive DDDB0035
Bandage, Adhesive FC-3/4
Pad, Isopropyl Alcohol Impregnate
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 30-24-1
Adhesive Tape, Surgical RA2
Adhesive Tape, Surgical RA7
Gauze, Absorbent SG1
Sponge, Surgical 800-1405
Pad, Sanitary DDDP0066
Pad, Sanitary DDD-P-66
Sponge, Surgical
Pad, Absorbent, Nursi CURITYPADSNURSIN
Sponge, Surgical 23275-630
Sponge, Surgical JJJB84SIZE1
Sponge, Surgical 74413
Gelatin Sponge, Absorbable, Usp NDC00009-0349-01
Roll, Cotton Tape 200210
Compress And Bandage
Bandage, Gauze DDD-B-61
Bandage, Gauze GB 60
Adhesive Tape, Surgical RA5
Pad, Sanitary A-A-30095
Compress And Bandage GGK391
Bandage, Adhesive
Gauze, Absorbent CCCG101
Gauze, Absorbent CCCG101CTYPE111CLASSI
Pad, Witch Hazel Impregnated TUCKS
Pad, Isopropyl Alcohol Impregnate 2038635
Surgical Dressing Set 818-1
Surgical Dressing Set 3913
Bandage, Gauze 8072
Bandage, Gauze 6922
Bandage, Gauze, Self-adherent 6923
Bandage, Gauze 6924

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