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Surgical Dressing Materials - FSC 6510

Bandages, Compresses, Dressings, Gauze, Pads, Sponges, And Impregnated Surgical Dressing Materials.
Last Modified: May 20, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Pad, Cotton DDDD666TYPEI
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 5050
Adhesive Tape, Surgical WA5
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 5041
Plaster, Orthopedic And Dental X694ATYPE1
Plaster, Orthopedic And Dental X694ATYPE1
Pad, Abdominal NON21452
Pad, Abdominal A-A-30152
Bandage, Cast, Impregnated GGB101TYPE1CLASSA
Bandage, Cast, Impregnated 7373
Bandage, Gauze X779
Bandage, Gauze X779
Bandage, Cast, Impregnated 7394
Plaster, Orthopedic And Dental SSP446TYPE1
Bandage, Elastic ELAST0PLAST
Bandage, Elastic 1313
Bandage, Elastic 7009
Bandage, Elastic 1311
Bandage, Elastic 85H5899C
Bandage, Elastic JJB102TYPE1CLASSASIZE3
Bandage, Elastic JJB102TYPE1CLASSASIZE1
Sponge, Surgical
Sponge, Surgical DDD-P-54TYPE3CLASSB
Sponge, Surgical CURITY
Sponge, Surgical DDD-S-001298
Sponge, Surgical 2913
Sponge, Surgical 8513
Bandage, Elastic 204-045-40
Bandage, Elastic 13-224
Bandage, Elastic TENSOR
Pad, Abdominal
Bandage, Gauze 6923
Bandage, Gauze 6924
Bandage, Gauze DERMACEA
Adhesive Tape, Surgical X-1310
Bandage, Gauze FA2869
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 5176
Pad, Sanitary 42413
Compress And Bandage 121A
Sponge, Surgical
Remover, Surgical Adhesive Tape WHISK
Cotton, Absorbent DENT0F0RM
Bandage, Adhesive 231
Gauze, Petrolatum 11-0270
Adhesive Tape, Surgical DERMICLEAR
Pad, Abdominal A-A-30151
Bandage, Felt, Orthopedic DDDB70
Remover, Surgical Adhesive Tape HRI 8026-4026-00
Gauze, Absorbent, Nitrofurazone Im 70471
Sponge, Surgical 2556-PKG
Sponge, Surgical 2835
Sponge, Surgical KC2252
Bandage, Elastic 412H
Sponge, Neuro R04
Pad, Isopropyl Alcohol Impregnate 6818
Bandage, Gauze S223
Pad, Abdominal 2148
Bandage, Gauze, Self-adherent GAUZTEX31
Pad, Abdominal NON21450
Bandage, Gauze 1892
Bandage, Felt, Orthopedic 9036
Bandage, Felt, Orthopedic 9033
Bandage, Felt, Orthopedic JJ9034
Pad, Sanitary K0TEX
Adhesive Liquid, Surgical 262
Sponge, Surgical 6493
Adhesive Liquid, Surgical 14374
Plaster, Orthopedic And Dental SSP466
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 1916
Bandage, Gauze
Wadding, Cotton, Surgical BELLEVIEW
Wadding, Cotton, Surgical BELLEVIEW
Ball, Absorbent 6365
Sponge, Surgical 6449
Bandage, Gauze 6496
Sponge, Surgical 102330
Sponge, Surgical 30-792-102
Bandage, Gauze
Sponge, Surgical 6120
Sponge, Surgical
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 30-214-1
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 30-216-1
Adhesive Tape, Surgical WET-PRUF
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 30-220-1
Sponge, Surgical 7606
Sponge, Surgical 7127
Bandage, Muslin
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 1530-0
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 3M1530-3
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 3M1530-2
Adhesive Tape, Surgical 7020054404
Cellulose, Oxidized SURGICEL 2 IN. BY 3 IN.
Gauze, Oil Emulsion Impregnated MILG36285
Gauze, Oil Emulsion Impregnated ADAPTIC
Gauze, Oil Emulsion Impregnated NON250381Z
Wadding, Cotton, Surgical
Pad, Petrolatum And Bismuth Tribr 5-4316
Sponge, Surgical 7604
Protective Coating, Surface Lesio 5005
Surgical Dressing Set 4610

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