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Medical And Surgical Instruments, Equipment, And Supplies - FSC 6515

Anesthesia Apparatus; Blood Transfusion Apparatus; Oxygen Therapy Apparatus; Respirators; Orthopedic Supplies; Arch Supports; Clinical Thermometers; Sutures; Hearing Aids; Veterinary Equipment; Endoscopes, Fiber Optic.
Last Modified: Jul 22, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Airway, Pharyngeal 122770
Relay, Patient, Defibrillator-moni 43100-82820
Paddle, Adapter, Defibrillator-mon 43100-60400
Paddle Assembly, Sternum 43131-60401
Needle, Infusion, Intraosseous C-DIN-18-4.0-T45-M
Splint, Bunion 2524-01
Splint, Bunion 2523-03
Cholangiography Preparation Kit CV8000
Tubing Assembly, Hemodialysis 5M4062
Cannula Set, Arteriovenous, Hemodi 5M0573
Bag, Tube Feeding 71
Paper, Electrocardiograph Recordi 40479A
Intravenous Injection Set 2C7431
Glove, Patient Examining 8861A
Administration Set, Infusion Pump SP0200-98-D-8002
Blood Recipient Set, Indirect Tra V2560-39
Liner, Surgical Suction Canister MA-377-89
Liner, Surgical Suction Canister 43044-05
Pad, Cardiac Tissue Insulation CIP-A
Tube Assembly, Gas Anesthesia App 5030-GA
Stockings, Anti-embolism 611
Stockings, Anti-embolism 641
Blood Recipient Set, Indirect Tra 820-27
Stockings, Anti-embolism 111-573
Lesion Indicator, Breast SBS-10
Glove, Patient Examining 987-2074
Catheterization Kit, Pneumothorax TPT-100
Airway, Pharyngeal 122760A
Splint, Hand 3751-20
Nebulizer, Medicinal 45034
Intravenous Injection Set V1495
Suture, Nonabsorbable, Surgical 1203-13
Suture, Nonabsorbable, Surgical 8521H
Suture, Nonabsorbable, Surgical R633H
Suture, Absorbable, Surgical 684-33
Suture, Absorbable, Surgical J945H
Suture, Absorbable, Surgical J589H
Suture, Absorbable, Surgical J790G
Catheter, Urethral 0167L26
Catheter, Cholangiography 20018-010
Suture Kit, Surgical 25004-040
Introducer Kit, Catheter, Percutan AK9810S
Cable Assembly, Defibrillator-mon 43201-61610
Connector, Tubing, Branched MX453
Support, Cervical AE-831
Sphygmomanometer AD-200C-CHILD
Intravenous Injection Set 02-1635
Oxygen Reservoir Assembly, Resusc 55-19-00
Catheter And Needle Unit, Intrave AS-6120
Paper, Electroencephalograph Reco 18 345C-H
Stimulator, Electro-oscillating, N NEUROPROBE V/W PROVISIONING
Splint, Ankle 79-81315
Filter, Syringe, Hypodermic MILLEX-PF
Suture, Nonabsorbable, Surgical 3412-13
Suture, Absorbable, Surgical 580-21
Catheter, Cardiovascular 41217-01
Mouthpiece, Spirometer 627100-031025
Intravenous Injection Set V1400-20
Manometer Kit, Respiratory 55-4800
Syringe, Oral 7873
Syringe, Oral 7871
Intravenous Injection Set 7014
Suture, Nonabsorbable, Surgical 1690-41
Suture, Absorbable, Surgical Z466H
Endoscopic Instrument, Colonoscop MODEL FC-38LH W/PROVISION
Rebreathing Bag, Oxygen Apparatus 5061
Valve, Inspiratory, Mask And Rebre 85-12-00
Blade, Surgical Knife, Detachable 6700
Heel Cup, Orthopedic 10020
Mask, Oronasal 5231
Cell, Oxygen Monitor 5567
Thermometer, Clinical, Human 5192
Cane, Walking CABLE CANE 48 IN
Cane, Walking 6515-IB-791-1619
Suture, Nonabsorbable, Surgical 1807-13
Surgery Kit, Blood Recovery-deliv BP722
Jar Assembly, Collection, Suction 703-0305-11
Pump, Motor, Suction, Apparatus, Oro 041-0006-00
Physiological Monitoring Kit, Art MX9004
Lid, Suction Apparatus, Surgical 54912
Cylinder, Jar, Suction Apparatus, O 016-0305-31
Headset Transducer Assembly 103-0001-01
Probe, Laparoscope 8384.76
Cannula, Laparoscopy 8383.65
Infection Control Kit, Percutaneo VC-8
Infection Control Kit, Percutaneo VC-7
Infection Control Kit, Percutaneo VC-12
Inhaler, Valved Hold 013535
Filter Implant Set, Vena Cava JS-2846
Intravenous Injection Set 45-300 OMNI FLOW DIV. ABBOTT LAB
Cassette-intravenous Injection S 40350-01
Catheter, Intravenous IV-01100
Infusion Set EI-04060
Connector, Tubing, Branched 0219-4532-100
Hood, Oxygen, Pediatrics 0305
Curette, Ear 4888
Splint, Bunion 2524-02
Splint, Bunion 2523-02
Blood Recipient Set, Indirect Tra V7300
Bottle, Specimen Collecting SMT910

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