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Medical And Surgical Instruments, Equipment, And Supplies - FSC 6515

Anesthesia Apparatus; Blood Transfusion Apparatus; Oxygen Therapy Apparatus; Respirators; Orthopedic Supplies; Arch Supports; Clinical Thermometers; Sutures; Hearing Aids; Veterinary Equipment; Endoscopes, Fiber Optic.
Last Modified: Feb 21, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Adapter, Injection-aspiration Sit MX491B
Stockings, Anti-embolism 114-207
Stockings, Anti-embolism 114-217
Glove, Patient Examining PFV-100-M
Glove, Patient Examining PFV-100-L
Extension Set, Intravenous Admini 472022
Stockings, Anti-embolism 114-227
Stockings, Anti-embolism 114-203
Stockings, Anti-embolism 114-209
Stockings, Anti-embolism 114-233
Stockings, Anti-embolism 114-221
Stockings, Anti-embolism 114-215
Stockings, Anti-embolism 114-253
Stockings, Anti-embolism 114-247
Stockings, Anti-embolism 114-259
Stockings, Anti-embolism 114-265
Stockings, Anti-embolism 114-271
Stockings, Anti-embolism 114-255
Stockings, Anti-embolism 114-249
Stockings, Anti-embolism 114-243
Bag, Tube Feeding S9916-10
Blood Collecting-dispensing Bag V2220
Tube, Extension, Injection Set V5400
Intravenous Injection Set V2905
Irrigation Set, Urological, Tur V4508-20
Blood Recipient Set, Indirect Tra V2400
Blood Recipient Set, Indirect Tra V2410
Blood Recipient Set, Indirect Tra V2460
Intravenous Injection Set V1431
Intravenous Injection Set V1420
Intravenous Injection Set V1424
Lead, Electrode, Electronic Nerve 70-2005-2098-2
Lead, Electrode, Electronic Nerve 70-2005-2097-4
Forceps, Ring, Thoracoscopy 84-1031(2S)
Cannula, Eye 58-5021
Forceps, Ring, Thoracoscopy 84-1030(1S)
Splint, Leg 79-80030
Oximeter, Pulse 8500
Forceps, Biopsy, Thoracoscopy 84-1100
Forceps, Ring, Thoracoscopy 84-1033(3S)
Electrode, Electrosurgical Appara EPS03
Forceps, Ring, Thoracoscopy 84-1032(4S)
Forceps, Ring, Thoracoscopy 84-1050(1AG)
Forceps, Biopsy, Thoracoscopy 84-1101
Forceps, Ring, Thoracoscopy 84-1051(5AG)
Forceps, Ring, Thoracoscopy 84-1012
Forceps, Ring, Thoracoscopy 84-1012
Forceps, Ring, Thoracoscopy 84-1052(2AG)
Forceps, Ring, Thoracoscopy 84-1010 (IL)
Forceps, Ring, Thoracoscopy 84-1013(5L)
Speculum, Vaginal 006531-901
Cannula, Arterial Perfusion 75320
Plug, Ear 168
Knife, Brain 728
Tracheostomy Care Kit 920C
Cardiac Perfusion Set, Surgical C3890X1K
Needle, Monitoring Temperature Pr 2124
Filter-mouthpiece Kit, Breathing N203055
Guide, Biopsy Needle, Prostate 100-12238-00
Cannula, Arterial Perfusion 75318
Electrode, Electrocardiograph 2330
Suture, Nonabsorbable, Surgical 9556H
Electrode, Electrocardiograph CLEARTRACE
Forceps, Surgical Tubing V97-584
Tube, Extension, Injection Set L2002
Oxygenator, Blood 9443
Spatula, Thoracoscopy 84-1300
Cannula, Suction, Thoracoscopy 84-1351
Hook, Thoracoscopy 84-1400
Pump, Intravenous Infusion 1310-1038-10
Suture Kit, Surgical 10-1257.3
Nebulizer, Medicinal 5034
Blade, Arthroscopic, Surgical DISPOSABLE INCISOR
Tube, Extension, Injection Set 2C1096
Needle, Hypodermic 405079
Pad, Protective, Heel PEDI-PAD
Bag, Ostomy 227-58
Sensor, Door, Intravenous Infusion 1320-1104-1
Remover, Surgical Staple, Skin 716
Support, Arch 05-504
Sock, Stump, Prosthetic A-A-30018
Sock, Stump, Prosthetic W-6-0-14-AC
Sock, Stump, Prosthetic W-6-0-16-AC
Sock, Stump, Prosthetic W-6-0-20-AC
Sock, Stump, Prosthetic W-6-0-24-AC
Sock, Stump, Prosthetic W-6-1-10-AC
Sock, Stump, Prosthetic W-6-1-12-AC
Sock, Stump, Prosthetic W-6-1-14-AC
Sock, Stump, Prosthetic W-6-1-16-AC
Sock, Stump, Prosthetic W-6-1-18-AC
Sock, Stump, Prosthetic W-6-1-20-AC
Sock, Stump, Prosthetic W-6-1-22-AC
Sock, Stump, Prosthetic W-6-1-24-AC
Sock, Stump, Prosthetic W-6-2-14-AC
Sock, Stump, Prosthetic W-6-2-16-AC
Sock, Stump, Prosthetic W-6-2-18-AC
Suture, Absorbable, Surgical MAXON
Sock, Stump, Prosthetic W-6-2-20-AC
Sock, Stump, Prosthetic W-6-2-22-AC
Sock, Stump, Prosthetic W-6-2-24-AC

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