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Medical And Surgical Instruments, Equipment, And Supplies - FSC 6515

Anesthesia Apparatus; Blood Transfusion Apparatus; Oxygen Therapy Apparatus; Respirators; Orthopedic Supplies; Arch Supports; Clinical Thermometers; Sutures; Hearing Aids; Veterinary Equipment; Endoscopes, Fiber Optic.
Last Modified: Feb 16, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Bone Plate 01-7079
Glove, Patient Examining 41493
Glove, Patient Examining 41494
Glove, Patient Examining 9211E
Glove, Patient Examining 9212E
Bag, Urine Collection 161617
Canister Assembly, Suction, Surgic 99-0158
Canister Assembly, Suction, Surgic 524410
Suture, Absorbable, Surgical Y427H
Tube, Tracheal 86269
Tube, Tracheal 86271
Retainer, Tube, Tracheal TR1013
Tube Assembly, Gas Anesthesia App 6381
Circuit, Ventilator, Medical 780-32
Cardiac Perfusion Set, Surgical 9755-1
Filter, Intravenous Injection Set S75333
Cuff, Sphygmomanometer 5109
Cuff, Sphygmomanometer 5108
Cord, Hearing Aid CROS CORD TYPE B
Cord, Hearing Aid 145-135-135 20 16
Stockings, Anti-embolism 2040-033
Cannula, Nasal, Oxygen 1810
Balloon, Ocular Pressure Reducer 1026
Electrode Gel, Electromedical LECTRON II GEL
Administration Set, Infusion Pump 11587-12
Administration Set, Infusion Pump SPO200-98-D-8001
Dialyzer, Hemodialysis Apparatus FILTRAL 12
Freezing System, Cryosurgery HISTOFREEZER
Tube, Stomach, Surgical 8888-266247
Electrode, Electrocardiograph 2238-3
Catheter, Tracheal 115-70
Airway, Pharyngeal 635209
Catheter, Tracheal 9012316
Catheter, Tracheal 9012216
Airway, Pharyngeal 635309
Catheter, Tracheal 9012218
Catheter, Tracheal 9012314
Catheterization Kit, Cardiovascul 94-4-1-38 DE
Introducer Kit, Catheter, Percutan CL-07824
Cannula, Venous 95036
Cannula, Arthroscopic AR-1802D
Tube, Extension, Injection Set 472070
Blade, Surgical Knife, Detachable 808-0167
Bit, Drill, Endoscopic AR-1217L
Support, Knee 034406
Support, Knee 034405
Support, Knee 034403
Screw, Bone 205.050
Guide Wire, Bone Screw 94-4-1-66 DE
Bit, Drill, Endoscopic 94-4-1-65 DE
Screw, Bone 205.046
Trocar 93-12-2-162
Screw, Bone 205.048
Screw, Bone 205.044
Screw, Bone 205.040
Screw, Bone 205.038
Screw, Bone 205.034
Screw, Bone 205.032
Screw, Bone 205.030
Forceps, Hemostatic Clip 176657
Tube, Tracheal 94-4-12-45 AH
Hose Assembly, Air Powered Surgic 519.80S
Tube, Suction, Surgical 509737
Screw, Bone 205.042
Screw, Bone 205.036
Screw, Bone 205.010
Screw, Bone 205.014
Screw, Bone 205.012
Emergency Set, Small L94-5253
Speculum, Ear 94-3-11-95-LT
Cover, Electronic Thermometer Pro 94-3-11-98-LT
Blade, Arthroscopic, Surgical C9111
Defibrillator/monitor-recorder S 9-0426
Stethoscope 2111
Introducer Kit, Catheter, Percutan 94-3-11-90 CC
Bag, Ostomy 94-4-12-17 FS
Splint, Leg ES-11
Splint, Arm ES-10
Suture, Absorbable, Surgical CL-914
Support, Lumbar MOTHER-TO-BE
Suture, Absorbable, Surgical CL924
Tracheostomy Care Kit 870
Lancet Set, Finger Bleeding NDC53885-0356-01
Splint, Wrist And Thumb A615-7
Mask-shield, Surgical 47080-075
Mask, Surgical 113-3214
Nail, Bone 274.24S
Bag, Urine Collection D15406
Splint, Wrist And Thumb A615-6
Splint, Wrist And Thumb 94-4-15-26 AH
Splint, Wrist And Thumb A615-4
Mattress Set, Full Body EM-30
Splint Set System, Vacuum Pump, Im CES 11449
Splint, Child Leg L94-5248
Bag, Carrying, Splint EM-21
Splint, Full Body L945249
Retractor Set, Laminectomy RETRACTOR W/HANDLE AND 6 BLADES
Splint, Neck L94-5246
Tube Assembly, Gas Anesthesia App 28-8103-B-T

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