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Medical And Surgical Instruments, Equipment, And Supplies - FSC 6515

Anesthesia Apparatus; Blood Transfusion Apparatus; Oxygen Therapy Apparatus; Respirators; Orthopedic Supplies; Arch Supports; Clinical Thermometers; Sutures; Hearing Aids; Veterinary Equipment; Endoscopes, Fiber Optic.
Last Modified: Jul 22, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Cable, Training, Electrode, Defibri 3004474-01
Test Set, Adapter, Defibrillator 3005302-00
Needle, Intra-osseou C-DIN-14-3.0-T45
Kit, Monitor Station 109-A1048-3
Test Set, Patient, Defibrillator LIFEPAK 12
Laparoscopic System 98-2112
Needle, Biopsy A149
Adapter, Suction And Irrigation A 8320249C
Suction And Irrigation Assembly, 98-2116
Cap, Sealing, Laparoscope Channel 98-2117
Ring, Sealing, Defibrillator 98-2118
Cannula, Suction, Surgical 83A5822
Trocar 83A5823
Cannula, Suction, Surgical 83A5815
Tube, Naso-gastric Feeding 97-0201
Cannula, Suction, Surgical 83A5821
Cannula, Suction Needle 98-2125
Scissors, Laparoscopic, Surgical 98-2126
Scissors, Laparoscopic, Surgical 83A6723
Scissors, Laparoscopic, Surgical 83A5650
Forceps, Claw, Laparoscopic 83A5465
Forceps, Spoon, Laparoscopic 83A5655
Forceps, Grasping, Laparoscopic 83A6123
Brace, Knee 11-0460-3-02060
Battery, Rechargeabl KOWA SL REPL
Module, Control, Defibrillator HEARTSTART
Defibrillator, External, Automatic 3005400-300
Carrying Case, Defib 3005343-000
Bracket, Wall Mount, Defibrillator 6515NCM031006
Battery Pack, Defibrillator 3005379-000
Battery Pacl, Defibr 3005380-000
Defibrillator, External, Automatic FIRSTSAVE
Excisor, Biopsy, Cone, Multi Size S 900-156
Piston, Nonmetallic, Otological 14-0457
Sheath, Endoscrub 18-50175
Support, Knee 0814 2661
Support, Knee 0814 2662
Support, Knee 0814 2663
Cannula, Brain 98-2107
Support, Knee 0814 2666
Support, Knee 0814 2665
Support, Knee 0814 2660
Support, Knee 0814 2667
Support, Knee 0814 2668
Support, Knee 0814 2669
Support, Knee 0814 2664
Defibrillator, External, Automatic FIRSTSAVE
Defibrillator, External, Automatic FIRSTSAVE
Electrode, Electrocardiograph HEARSTART
Trainer, Defibrillator, External, A 3005578-00
Screw, Bone 98-1925
Needle, Intra-osseou C-DIN-18-3.0-T45-DKM
Screw, Bone 98-1926
Forceps, Dissecting-grasping, Lapa 98-2153
Electrode, Electrosurgical, Laparo 83A56321
Tamp, Bone 5236020
Adapter, Laparoscopic 83A0100
Probe, Exploration, Laparoscopic 98-2157
Cable, Fiberoptic Light Guide, Lap 83A3092
Telescope, Laparoscopic 98-2160
Balloon Catheter, Opthalmic LDC 315
Infusor, Intravenious 2C1080
Crimp Tool 6704-9-100
Introducer, Grip 6704-9-200
Cutter, Cable, Medical 6704-9-450
Tensioner, Cable 6704-9-300
Handle Assy, Cable Passer 6210-0-000
Bone Plate M/ORTO0095
Implant, Prosthesis, Patellofemora 1278-49
Catheter Set, Central Venous HASDC-701-LSC-MPIS
Bone Plate 3704-3-110
Cable Passer, Femoral 6704-9-610
Inflator, Balloon Ca 004748
Speculum, Vaginal 98-1915
Holder, Suture Needle 98-1156
Forceps, Bone Holding 6704-9-500
Tympanometer 1738-9718
Audiometer 1761-9780
Dilator Set, Uterine 98-1905
Dilator Set, Uterine 98-1906
Analyzer, Intravenous Infusion Pu 98-2600
Telescope, Laparoscopic 98-2161
Telescope, Laparoscopic 98-2162
Tube, Tracheal 12-11610039
Tube, Reduction, Laparoscopic 83A5610
Eyepiece Coupler, Su 8320155
Forceps, Hemostatic 98-1152
Card, Electrocardiograph Recordin FORE-RUNNER
Card, Electrocardiograph Recordin FORE-RUNNER
Forceps, Hemostatic 98-1151
Forceps, Chalazion E2630
Card, Electrocardiograph Recordin FORE-RUNNER
Card, Setup, Defibrillator FORE-RUNNER
Card, Training, Defibrillator FORE-RUNNER
Holder, Suture Needle 98-1157
Video Camera Processor System 98-2167
Cart, Laparoscopic System 8313126B
Holder, Cart, Laparoscopic System 8356426
Bnc Cable Assembly 98-2171
Punch, Membrane, Eye E2798

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