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Medical And Surgical Instruments, Equipment, And Supplies - FSC 6515

Anesthesia Apparatus; Blood Transfusion Apparatus; Oxygen Therapy Apparatus; Respirators; Orthopedic Supplies; Arch Supports; Clinical Thermometers; Sutures; Hearing Aids; Veterinary Equipment; Endoscopes, Fiber Optic.
Last Modified: Jul 22, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Speaker, Tourniquet 62-0333-001
Valve, Manifold Set 60-7000-10
Regulator, Tournique 62-3302-001
Keypad, Analyzer, Oxy 00-0262
Cannula, Nasal, Oxygen 001327
Thermometer, Self-indicating MODEL MARK X
Probe, Thermometer 99-0584
Handle, Probe, Thermo 99-0585
Bottle Suction 99-0358
Case, Drug, Main, Supp 44000
Remover, Adhesive 8610
Implant Set, Dhs, Uni 105.35
Thermometer, Clinical, Human 01679-200
Sleeve, Wrap-around, Pneumatic FG200
Nail, Femoral 450.832
Nail, Femoral 450.709
Nail, Femoral 450.846
Tip, Extension Handpiece, Irrigati 20130M
Monitor, Heat Stress HS-3700-2-WA
Monitor, Oxygen, Resp MODEL 5250
Monitor, Volume MODEL 5420
Mounting Kit, Aba, In 1005-8034-000
Electrosurgical Apparatus 568686
Shorts, Compression 46203
Needle, Eye, Electrosurgical DP8330
Catheter, Ureteral 230-101
Sheath, Tunneler, Graft 25CAVG-404
Valve, Heart 25AJ-501
Valve, Heart 27AJ-501
Sheath, Tunneler, Graft 27CAVG-404
Sheath, Tunneler, Graft 29CAVG-404
Valve, Heart 31AJ-501
Valve, Heart 19AJ-501
Valve, Heart 21AJ-501
Valve, Heart 21MJ-501
Valve, Heart 27MJ-501
Valve, Heart 23MJ-501
Valve, Heart 29MJ-501
Valve, Heart 25MJ-501
Valve, Heart 31MJ-501
Valve, Heart 33MJ-501
Valve, Heart 23AJ-501
Template Set, Psychodiagnostic Te 24083CBC
Catheter, Ureteral 230-100
Valve, Heart 29AJ-501
Electrophoresis System 170-3727
Documentation System 170-8101
Protector, Wire ELITE 480
Dilation Catheter CGDC-10-7-5
Stent Retriever SSR-10
Papillotome HPC-3
Blade, Electrode, Electrosurgical E1551-G
Gloves, Surgeons' 2D7257I
Blade, Arthroscopic, Surgical C9942
Blade, Arthroscopic, Surgical C9911
Blade, Arthroscopic, Surgical MC9245
Blade, Arthroscopic, Surgical M9263A
Blade, Arthroscopic, Surgical MC9254
Blade, Arthroscopic, Surgical MC9258
Blade, Arthroscopic, Surgical MC9255
Brace, Knee 11-0453-2-06060
Eartip, Fitting 10-15030
Disposable Surgical 16050
Disposable Surgical 16160
Cannula, Suction Needle FC4-7/7MM
Cannula, Suction Needle FC8-12/8MM
Monitor, Patient Vital Signs 8500C
Suture Aid Booties 05-1-015
Guide Wire, Cardiovascular Cathet TSFB-35-145
Control Box, Patient 3292270
Monitor, Patient Vital Signs 3292274
Oto Immunite Immuno 800-5125
Belt, Ostomy 1755-07
Shorts, Compression 46213
Tail, Ostomy Bag 1756-52
Monitor Rgm Screen 6051-0000-126
Support, Knee 41713 LARGE
Support, Knee 41712 MEDIUM
Co2 Sensor And Airway Set, Patien WELCH ALLYN
Needle, Injection BN10120
Needle, Injection BN10140
Needle, Bullet BN1016D
Cannula, Collector R CRC326HLLT
Case, Vaccine, Carryi 00-0408
Circuit, Ventilator, Medical 14660
Catheter, Central Venous GS222-20-70
Catheter, Ureteral T7.0-38-100-P-NS-VAD4.5
Heat And Coolant Exchanger, Cardi 4416
Implant, Adhesion Prevention, Pelv 4558-03
Forceps, Tonsil Seizing M01710
Scanner, Ultrasound, H43022LG
Probe, Electronic H46022CB
Probe, Electronic H46022MT
Blade, Dermatome P-4596
Knife, Microsurgical P-4597
Analyzer, Defibrillator-electroca M1723B
Cuff, Sphygmomanometer 424M
Gloves, Contaminated Fluid Protec HC148
Gloves, Contaminated Fluid Protec 2Y1607
Support, Cervical 081-9759

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