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Medical And Surgical Instruments, Equipment, And Supplies - FSC 6515

Anesthesia Apparatus; Blood Transfusion Apparatus; Oxygen Therapy Apparatus; Respirators; Orthopedic Supplies; Arch Supports; Clinical Thermometers; Sutures; Hearing Aids; Veterinary Equipment; Endoscopes, Fiber Optic.
Last Modified: Feb 16, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Rongeur 53-1423
Rongeur 53-1242
Mallet, Bone Surgery 02-0229
Retractor, Laminectomy 02-0227
Needle, Biopsy WFN-2015
Forceps, Tissue CH1570
Forceps, Cardiovascular, Multi-pur 02-0345
Forceps, Aortic Aneurysm 02-0348
Scissors, Thoracic CH5735
Scissors, Cardiovascular 02-0346
Forceps, Thoracic 02-0351
Forceps, Thoracic 02-0349
Forceps, Thoracic 02-0352
Forceps, Tissue 02-0356
Forceps, Thoracic 02-0355
Forceps, Thoracic 02-0357
Forceps, Thoracic 02-0354
Handle, Hemostat, Gyn 33133
Punch, Suction, Endoscopic 02-0310
Implant, Mesh, Surgical PMII
Centralizer, Distal, Hip Implant 7131-3208
Centralizer, Distal, Hip Implant 7131-3210
Centralizer, Distal, Hip Implant 7131-3211
Hip Stem, Orthopedic Implant 7131-2101
Retractor, Goiter SU3151
Retractor, Goiter SU3150
Forceps, Auricular Appendage CH6422
Needle Holder, Castroviejo Style 02-0362
Forceps, Thoracic 02-0358
Scissors, Tenotomy CH5677
Infusion Set, High Flow, Blood-flu BLOOD/FLUID WARMING SYSTEM
Footswitch, Biodirectional 2296-008
Console, Command Ii 2296-001
Drill, Microelectric 50k 2296-010
Cord, Handpiece 296-004
Canister, Suction SUCTION CANISTER
Forceps, Tissue 32-3401
Saw System, Bone, Electric 02-0402
Retractor, Eyelid 6515NCM991172
Scissors, General Surgical 6515NCM991184
Retractor, General Purpose 6515NCM991177
Retractor, General Purpose 26-4000
Rongeur 53-1045
Spatula, Dissecting 02-0315
Forceps, Grasping, Laparoscopic 33333D
Forceps, Grasping, Laparoscopic 6545NCM020263
Forceps, Dissecting, Grasping, Lapa 33333UL
Forceps, Dissecting, Laparoscopic 33325R
Forceps, Grasping, Laparoscopic 33333G
Scissors, Laparoscopic, Surgical 02-0321
Handle, Laparoscopic 33131
Sleeve, Reduction, Laparoscope 02-0324
Battery Pack, Infusion Pump Auto 02-0520
Cannula, Endoscope 6515NCM020221
Cannula, Endoscope 6515NCM020220
Forceps, Claw, Laparoscopic 02-0313
Forceps, Grasping, Babcock 33333A
Forceps, Grasping, Laparoscopic 6515NCM020224
Handle, Endoscopic, Bipolar 6515NCM020222
Reducer, Endoscopic, Flipstyle 6515NCM020217
Needle, Endoscopic, Veress 6515NCM020219
Cord, Bipolar High Frequency 26176LA
Insert, Endoscopic, Grasping 6515NCM020226
Insert, Endoscopic, Grasping 26176HE
Forceps, Dissecting, Grasping, Lapa 33325MD
Forceps, Dissecting, Grasping, Lapa 33325ML
Scissors, Laparoscopic, Surgical 02-0329
Cable, Instrument 6515NCM010496
Blade, Bone Saw, Power 2108-305000
Blade, Bone Saw, Power 2108-185000
Blade, Bone Saw, Power 2108-151000
Blade, Bone Saw, Power 277-96-300000
Blade, Bone Saw, Power 2108-383000
Blade, Bone Saw, Power 2108-155000
Blade, Bone Saw, Power 2108-109000
Handle With Trumpet Valve 02-0333
Forceps, Spoon 02-0331
Tube, Suction And Irrigator, Surgi 26173BN
Scissors, Laparoscopic, Surgical 02-0330
Blade, Arthroscopic, Surgical 02-0338
Instrument Fixation Set, Modular, 145.710
Instrument Fixation Set, Modular, 6515NCM991173
Plate, Skull, Surgical 02-0416
Instrument Fixation Set, Modular, 145.405
Implant, Mesh, Surgical 02-0411
Plate, Orbital, Mesh 02-0415
Plate, Orbital, Mesh 02-0414
Implant, Mesh, Surgical 02-0412
Implant, Mesh, Surgical 02-0413
Implant Set, Craniofacial 6515NCM991174
Implant Set, Mandibular 145.425
Plate Set, Locking 145.401
Locking Plate System, Mandibular 02-0418
Bur, Surgical, Cross Cut Fissure 2296-100-421
Blade, Oscillating And Sagittal S 02-0400
Blade, Oscillating And Sagittal S 02-0399
Bur, Bone Surgery 6515NCM990522
Drill, Twist, Bone 1608-2-49
Blade, Bone Saw, Power 2296-3-104
Forceps, Hypogastric Clamp 02-0350

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