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Medical And Surgical Instruments, Equipment, And Supplies - FSC 6515

Anesthesia Apparatus; Blood Transfusion Apparatus; Oxygen Therapy Apparatus; Respirators; Orthopedic Supplies; Arch Supports; Clinical Thermometers; Sutures; Hearing Aids; Veterinary Equipment; Endoscopes, Fiber Optic.
Last Modified: Jul 21, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Sealant Kit, Hemostatic Matrix, Fl 6515NCM021018
Case, Bone Chisels 02-0496
Probe, Multi-site 001924
Pad, Electrode, Defibrillator 001781
Tube, Tracheal 3280510318
Hose, 5 Foot 9780003
Rubber Seat 9780008
Engraving Pin 9780011
Rubber Sleeve 9780013
Discofix 3cest Vent 4095111
Electrode, Coagulation 6515NCM021067
Cable, Fiber Optic 495NA
Cord, High Frequency 02-1734
Resectoscope 02-1733
Sheath, Urethrotome 6515NCM021063
Set, Cystoscope 02-1760
Cord, High Frequency 6515NCM021056
Telescope, Cystoscopic 02-1761
Telescope, Cystoscopic 27005AA
Sheath And Obturator, Cystourethr 02-1735
Adapter, Catheter, Cystoscope 02-1737
Bridge, Endoscopic Instrument, Uro 02-1757
Bridge, Endoscopic Instrument, Uro 02-1758
Titanium Cable, With Crimp 6515NCM021168
Titanium Cable, With Crimp 02-1830
Finder, Lamina 388.521
Transconnector, Measuring Templat 02-1831
Ureteroscope, Semi-rigid 6515NCM021061
Obturator, Deflecting 02-1765
Guide Wire, Bone Screw 292.68
End Cap, Bone 474.920
Nail, Bone 02-1772
Nail, Bone 6515NCM021216
Nail, Bone 02-1856
Nail, Bone 02-1861
Nail, Bone 6515NCM021219
Nail, Bone 6515NCM021232
Nail, Bone 6515NCM021125
Nail, Bone 02-1827
Nail, Bone 02-1783
Nail, Bone 485.042S
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021233
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021171
Screw, Bone 02-1859
Bone Plate 02-1853
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021224
Bone Plate 241.87
Screw, Lag, Orthopedic 280.00
Tap, Bone Screw 6515NCM021237
Tap, Bone Screw 02-1781
Tap, Bone Screw 02-1850
Screw, Bone 02-1784
Screw, Bone 403.314.99
Screw, Bone 403.318.99
Screw, Bone 02-1774
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021238
Screw, Bone 02-1860
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021227
Screw, Bone 02-1849
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021123
Screw, Bone 02-1836
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021120
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021221
Bone Plate 02-1852
Bone Plate 6515NCM021225
Bone Plate 6515NCM021118
Bone Plate 02-1864
Bone Plate 6515NCM021165
Bone Plate 6515NCM021217
Bone Plate 02-1848
Bone Plate 6515NCM021116
Bone Plate 6515NCM021218
Bone Plate 6515NCM021176
Bone Plate 02-1828
Bone Plate 02-1863
Bone Plate 6515NCM021166
Bone Plate 6515NCM021121
Screw, Bone 02-1832
Screw, Bone 207.614
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021119
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021213
Screw, Bone 02-1858
Screw, Bone 02-1851
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021226
Screw, Bone 02-1788
Bolt, Tibial, Orthopedic 6515NCM021169
Bolt, Tibial, Orthopedic 02-1775
Bolt, Tibial, Orthopedic 02-1825
Bolt, Tibial, Orthopedic 6515NCM021174
Bolt, Tibial, Orthopedic 02-1829
Bolt, Tibial, Orthopedic 02-1838
Bolt, Tibial, Orthopedic 02-1862
Bolt, Tibial, Orthopedic 6515NCM021230
Transconnector, Low Profile 497.797
Transconnector, Low Profile 497.799
Nail, Femoral 474.436S
Nail, Femoral 6515NCM021117
Transconnector, Low Profile 02-1833
Transconnector 02-1834

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