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Medical And Surgical Instruments, Equipment, And Supplies - FSC 6515

Anesthesia Apparatus; Blood Transfusion Apparatus; Oxygen Therapy Apparatus; Respirators; Orthopedic Supplies; Arch Supports; Clinical Thermometers; Sutures; Hearing Aids; Veterinary Equipment; Endoscopes, Fiber Optic.
Last Modified: Feb 16, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Screw, Bone 403.312.99
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021596
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021601
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021602
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021603
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021607
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021612
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021614
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021615
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021616
Bone Plate 241.62
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021617
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021618
Bone Plate 241.88
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021619
Bone Plate 02-2186
Bone Plate 6515NCM021540
Dome Kit, Transducer, Physiologica 03-0755
Bone Plate 02-2185
Bone Plate 6515NCM021542
Bone Plate 6515NCM021537
Bone Plate 240.58
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021621
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021622
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021628
Hook, Fixation, Spinal 02-2203
Screw, Bone 6515NCM021630
Screw, Bone 216.110
Screw, Bone 6515NCM030346
Nail, Femoral 6515NCM021629
Screw, Bone 6515NCM030347
Nail, Femoral 450.792S
Nail, Femoral 450.791S
Nail, Femoral 450.790S
Nail, Femoral 450.789S
Nail, Femoral 450.788S
Nail, Femoral 03-0440
Nail, Femoral 6515NCM030385
Nail, Femoral 6515NCM030384
Nail, Femoral 6515NCM030383
Nail, Femoral 6515NCM030382
Nail, Femoral 6515NCM030381
Nail, Femoral 6515NCM030381
Nail, Femoral 450.853S
Hook, Bone 02-2205
Nail, Femoral 450.852S
Nail, Femoral 450.851S
Nail, Femoral 6515NCM030375
Nail, Femoral 6515NCM030373
Nail, Femoral 6515NCM030372
Nail, Femoral 6515NCM030371
Nail, Femoral 6515NCM030370
Hook, Bone 02-2209
Nail, Femoral 6515NCM030369
Nail, Femoral 6515NCM030368
Hook, Bone 02-2190
Hook, Bone 02-2177
Hook, Bone 499.282
Hook, Bone 6515NCM021528
Catheter, Tracheal 108-70
Catheter, Tracheal 108-90
Catheter, Tracheal 108-80
Screw, Bone 6515NCM030348
Screw, Bone 6515NCM030349
Screw, Bone 6515NCM030353
Adapter, Socket 6515NCM021543
Probe, General Operating 388.545
Screw, Bone 6515NCM030354
Screw, Bone 6515NCM030356
Screw, Bone 6515NCM030357
Wrench, Socket, Bone Fixation 02-2187
Screw, Bone 214.910
Sleeve, Locking, Titanium 474.912
End Cap, Locking Sleeve 6515NCM021538
Screw, Bone 214.905
Screw, Bone 214.895
Screw, Bone 6515NCM030361
Screw, Bone 6515NCM030362
Screw, Bone 6515NCM030363
Screw, Bone 6515NCM030364
Screw, Bone 6515NCM030365
Nail, Femoral 02-2154
Nail, Femoral 02-2198
Nail, Femoral 02-2149
Nail, Femoral 02-2193
Nail, Femoral 6515NCM021533
Bolt, Tibial, Orthopedic 02-2189
Bolt, Tibial, Orthopedic 459.28
Bolt, Tibial, Orthopedic 02-2188
Screw, Bone 6515NCM030277
Screw, Bone 6515NCM030278
Screw, Bone 6515NCM030279
Blade, Arthroscopic, Surgical C9264
Blade, Arthroscopic, Surgical C9245
Staple 8688
Implant, Meniscal, Fi V8210
Implant, Meniscal, Fi V8213
Implant, Meniscal, Fi V8216
Screw, Bone 6515NCM030280

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