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Medical And Surgical Instruments, Equipment, And Supplies - FSC 6515

Anesthesia Apparatus; Blood Transfusion Apparatus; Oxygen Therapy Apparatus; Respirators; Orthopedic Supplies; Arch Supports; Clinical Thermometers; Sutures; Hearing Aids; Veterinary Equipment; Endoscopes, Fiber Optic.
Last Modified: Jul 22, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Intravenous Injection Set 4721
Suture, Absorbable, Surgical GGS00812
Suture, Nonabsorbable, Surgical DS 35
Intravenous Injection Set R41
Crutch 400
Lumbar Puncture Kit 4304B
Anesthesia Set, Spinal 4764
Catheter And Needle Unit, Intrave 196018
Ureteral Drainage Set-measuring 6500
Suture, Absorbable, Surgical U202H
Condom 5803
Gage, Ear Plug Sizing 85068
Intravenous Injection Set 1881
Suction Apparatus, Surgical 45-900-81
Catheterization Kit, Urethral 1530
Intravenous Injection Set 1883-68
Stockings, Anti-embolism 7604
Stockings, Anti-embolism 7802
Suture, Nonabsorbable, Surgical DS-34
Needle, Hypodermic X-1049
Scissors, General Surgical GG-I-526
Evacuator, Surgical Wound 2500
Evacuator, Surgical Wound 2599
Glove, Patient Examining 8811
Bag, Ostomy 7175
Needle, Suture EM2
Suture, Absorbable, Surgical 983H
Catheter, Intravenous
Suture, Absorbable, Surgical 852H
Blood Recipient Set, Indirect Tra 8954
Bag, Ostomy 7223
Catheter And Needle Unit, Intrave 2N1113
Catheter And Needle Unit, Intrave 2N1112
Tube, Extension, Injection Set 2C-0066
Paper, Electroencephalograph Reco 18006218
Disk, Colostomy Ileostomy 12-107
Infusor, Pressure, Blood-intraveno 4081
Pump, Injection CC20AS346
Syringe, Hypodermic 14-823-10B
Syringe, Hypodermic 14-823-10A
Syringe, Hypodermic 14-823-10C
Paper, Electroencephalograph Reco 18006106
Holder, Suture Needle 36-2017
Drain, Surgical MILD36847
Drain, Surgical MILD36847
Lumbar Puncture Kit 2D2311
Hood, Oxygen Tent S2Z
Catheter, Intravenous 1610
Catheter, Intravenous 1611
Catheter, Intravenous 1612
Catheterization Set, Urethral CP500
Colposcope 04258001
Inhaler, Medicament NDC00585-1011-01
Suture, Nonabsorbable, Surgical 5613
Applicator, Disposable GGA616
Catheter, Umbilical 8888-160226
Spirometer S5310A
Cannula, Bronchial MAR2520-12
Cannula, Laryngeal K80
Suspensory, Scrotal 5554
Plug, Ear E-A-R
Cyrosurgical System CE-8 W/P/N 505
Electrosurgical Apparatus E6008
Catheter And Needle Unit, Intrave 120-014
Catheter And Needle Unit, Intrave 120-017
Catheter And Needle Unit, Intrave 210-014
Screwdriver, Bone Screw 890-04
Mirror, Diagnostic Headlight N1007
Clip, Hemostatic 523-170
Bag, Blood Warming 25480
Belt, Ostomy 7299
Depressor, Tongue 2410-9200
Thermometer, Clinical, Human 3355
Suture, Absorbable, Surgical 8886714271
Suture, Absorbable, Surgical CL829
Suture, Absorbable, Surgical 7268-31
Suture, Absorbable, Surgical 88867006-31
Suture, Absorbable, Surgical 88867722-21
Suture, Absorbable, Surgical 7006-51
Suture, Absorbable, Surgical 7282-41
Light Stand, Surgical, Fiber Optic 12-1033-30
Intravenous Injection Set 2C-54-02
Cannula, Laryngeal 3490
Needle, Hypodermic M0N0JECT400
Tube, Drainage, Surgical 57159
Tube, Drainage, Surgical 88885710567324
Protector, Orthopedic Cast 4400L
Protector, Orthopedic Cast 4410L
Punch, Cutaneous Biopsy 5867064144
Punch, Cutaneous Biopsy 5867064146
Catheter, Urethral SH108
Intrauterine Device, Contraceptiv LIPPESL00P
Suture, Nonabsorbable, Surgical A186H
Hypodermoclysis Injection Set 2C0103
Oxygen Unit, Emergency 400
Applicator, Disposable WECK-CEL SURGICAL SPEARS
Padding, Cast-splint, Orthopedic 1987
Suture, Nonabsorbable, Surgical 734G
Tubing Assembly, Hemodialysis 10-260

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