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Medical And Surgical Instruments, Equipment, And Supplies - FSC 6515

Anesthesia Apparatus; Blood Transfusion Apparatus; Oxygen Therapy Apparatus; Respirators; Orthopedic Supplies; Arch Supports; Clinical Thermometers; Sutures; Hearing Aids; Veterinary Equipment; Endoscopes, Fiber Optic.
Last Modified: Feb 16, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Tube, Suction, Surgical CS70-1148
Chisel, Bone 44-324
Chisel, Bone 044-327
Mask, Surgical 3101
Tube, Suction, Surgical NL3785-180
Tube, Suction, Surgical NL3785-181
Tube, Suction, Surgical NL3785-182
Intravenous Injection Kit P4540A
Bone Plate 241.13
Bone Plate 241.14
Bone Plate 240.23
Bone Plate 240.24
Bone Plate 240.14
Bone Plate 240.16
Bone Plate 240.18
Bone Plate 222.04
Bone Plate 222.05
Hook, Vitreoretinal Surgery 22-3351
Screw, Cranial, Oral-maxillofacial 20-8830
Bone Plate 222.06
Bone Plate 222.07
Clamp, Double, Oral-maxillofacial 01-0042
Screw Block, Cranial, Oral-maxillo 20-8836
Needle, Filter 6515-01-C70-0359
Bone Plate 226.07
Bone Plate 226.08
Bone Plate 226.10
Retractor, Nerve Root 50-1331
Bone Plate 241.02
Speculum Set, Ear N-0220
Rongeur N3106
Rongeur 53-1236
Cannula, Brain 36772-012
Cannula, Brain NL2100
Cannula, Eye E4901 30
Forceps, Bone Holding F0183R
Holder, Suture Needle 20-2910
Airway, Pharyngeal 330006
Forceps, Hysterectomy SK90-2580
Clamp, Bronchus 19-8167
Director And Tongue Tie SK30-1060
Forceps, Hemostatic Clip LC-700
Needle, Ventricular, Cone NL2110
Hook, Vitreoretinal Surgery 22-3352
Retractor, Nerve Root TM-FTM-F703
Brace, Knee 202657
Airway, Pharyngeal 330010
Electrode Creme, Electrocardiogra 651-1021-5OZ
Tip Lock, Intestinal Anastomosis 18-5406
Support, Tracheal Tube 30595
Tunneler, Graft 35-5497
Implant, Mesh, Surgical RM-53
Connector, Cannula, Hemodialysis C 11150-001
Elevator, Spinal 00-2894-002-00
Curette, Ear 13-0106
Clamp, Intestinal Anastomosis 18-5404
Forceps, Applying, Aneurysm Clip TM-FE582K
Handle And Electrode, Electrosurg 755VL, OLSON ELECTROSURGICAL INS
Bone Plate 240.34
Cannula, Hemodialysis 11303-001
Scissors, General Surgical MO1603
Forceps, Bronchoscopic 50-5056
Forceps, Eye, Utility 66-6166
Guide Wire, Cardiovascular Cathet AW-04235
Catheter, Cardiovascular P5.0B-35-100-ST-NS-HN1
Catheter, Cardiovascular P6.0-38-90-M-8S-PIG
Knife, Ear N1691 62
Knife, Ear N1691 61
Case, Sterilization And Storage, P 00042409000
Gouge, Spinal 00-2891-002-00
Gouge, Spinal 00-2891-004-00
Catheter, Cholangiography CV4985
Speculum, Ear N0221 7
Speculum, Ear N-221-4
Speculum, Ear N-0221-6
Bone Plate 241.03
Bone Plate 241.04
Bone Plate 241.06
Bone Plate 241.07
Adapter, Infusion, Cannula 1986
Needle, Heparin Flushing 45-8002
Cannula, Heart CH8060
Bone Plate 241.08
Case, Saw And Handpiece Instrumen SE003-409
Loop, Vascular, Surgical 1001-78
Tray, Hemodialysis Procedure 500301
Probe, Cryosurgical 126
Forceps, Arthroscopic 8403.10
Probe, Arthroscopic 0-8399.95
Retractor Set, General Operating SU3054
Connector, Tracheal Tube 00-438-6
Rongeur 53-1235
Blade, Surgical Knife, Detachable 6480
Blade, Surgical Knife, Detachable 376780
Syringe, Hypodermic 8881535762
Forceps, Bone Holding 398.82
Forceps, Hysterectomy SK90-2480A
Clamp, Artery 52-1531
Bougie, Urethral GU4005-010

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