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Dental Instruments, Equipment, And Supplies - FSC 6520

Dental Engines; Dental Laboratory Equipment; Operating Chairs; Orthodontic Appliances; Teeth; Dental Metals; Dental Abrasives; Dental Laboratory Furniture.
Last Modified: Oct 01, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Bur, Dental, Excavating 14790
Excavator, Dental 22053
Light Set, Dental Operating, Field HB7-019585
Impression Material, Dental SUPERGEL
Applicator Set, Pin Retention, Den
Drill, Pin Hole, Dental K-93
Mirror, Mouth Examining MILM36727
Contra Angle Head Assembly, Latch A62
Mirror, Mouth Examining 1118-676
Impression Material, Dental 0921850
Mirror-light, Mouth Examining MIRROR SET W/FLSHLIGHT #5
Bur, Dental, Excavating GGB00821
Bath, Water, Dental Impression Mat 5001/2078
Strip, Abrasive, Dental 2540
Impression Tray, Dental GGT00626
Impression Tray, Dental GGT00626
Crown Set, Dental, Temporary MC-128
Crown Set, Dental, Temporary 777-1920
Crown Set, Dental, Temporary C-180
Stool, Dental Operating Chair
Impression Material, Dental MILI36878
Impression Material, Dental UNILASTIC
Pattern, Dental Casting 40
Frame, Dental Laboratory Saw 45001
Blade, Dental Laboratory Saw 45008
Band, Copper, Dental 40858
Band, Copper, Dental 40859
Band, Copper, Dental 40862
Band, Copper, Dental 40861
Band, Copper, Dental RRB0096
Band, Copper, Dental 40864
Band, Copper, Dental 40867
Band, Copper, Dental 40868
Band, Copper, Dental 40869
Band, Copper, Dental 40870
Pattern, Dental Casting 4030
Pattern, Dental Casting 4030P2
Impression Material, Dental 17-2880
Abrasive, Dental 651
Wax, Dental 157
Mandrel, Dental Handpiece 643
Wax, Dental 351-1262
Pulp Protector, Dental CAVITEC
Mouthpiece, Saliva Ejector, Dental 31500
Bur, Denture Trimming MILB36179
Pliers, Dental 100-9700
Saliva Ejector, Dental 2768 (X5)
Explorer, Dental 2170
Plugger, Pulp Canal RCP1/3
Plugger, Pulp Canal RCP5/7
Plugger, Pulp Canal RCP9/11
Disk, Abrasive 07-519-6290
Disk, Abrasive GGD00419
Disk, Abrasive 07-519-6175
Disk, Abrasive 07-519-4733
Disk, Abrasive 07-519-4790
Disk, Abrasive 07-519-4709
Disk, Abrasive GGD00419
Disk, Abrasive 07-519-4824
Disk, Abrasive GGD00419
Disk, Abrasive GGD00419
Disk, Abrasive 07-519-2760
Disk, Abrasive W/P,FINE,5/8 IN.
Wax, Dental 1027-336
Preventive Dentistry Kit, Patient 70469
Floss, Unwaxed, Dental 9215
Mirror, Mouth Examining C0NES0CKETN04
Cover, Dental Bracket Table UUC611
Handpiece, Dental 53874
Impression Material, Dental 09239
Chair, Dental Operating 3706-096
Wheel, Buffing 1125A
Plugger, Plastic Filling, Dental 2419
Stone, Artificial, Dental QUICKSTONE BUFF
Resin, Acrylic, Dental 684303
Cement, Temporary Filling TEMPB0ND00370
Impression Material, Dental OMNIFLEX
Scissors, Collar And Crown 783-2
Paste, Preventive Dentistry MILP36671
Nozzle, Dental Operating Unit Syr E7343
Parts Kit, Foot E7258
Cuspidor, Vacuum E529
Water Valve, Vacu E7794
Stool, Dental, Assistant 3554-160 DEN-TAL-EZ
Stool, Dental, Operator 3554-182
Denture Base Forming Kit MILD36776
Lid Assembly, Water E7908
Poppet Disk, Quick E1527
Cabinet, Dental Instrument And Su 34D423
Cabinet, Dental Instrument And Su 34D424
Cabinet, Dental Instrument And Su 34D425
Cabinet, Dental Instrument And Su 34D764
Cabinet, Dental Instrument And Su 34D767
Cabinet, Dental Instrument And Su 34D774
Wheel, Abrasive 14P
Wheel, Abrasive 38P
Wheel, Abrasive 42P
Wheel, Abrasive 46P
Wheel, Abrasive 80P
Wheel, Abrasive 34P

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