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Imaging Equipment And Supplies: Medical, Dental, Veterinary - FSC 6525

Medical X-ray Film; Medical X-ray Film Viewing Equipment; Medical X-ray Film Processing And Finishing Equipment And Supplies; X-ray Tubes; Computerized Tomography (ct) Scanners And Related Equipment; Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine And Related Equipment; Positron Emission Tomography (pet) Scanners And Related Equipment; Computed And/or Direct Digital Radiography Machines And Related Equipment; Ultrasound And Echocardiogram Scanners And Related Equipment; Scintigraphy Equipment; Medical Picture Archiving And Communication Systems (pacs) Equipment; Medical Thermal Imaging Equipment; Optical Coherence Tomography (oct) Spectroscopy Machines And Related Equipment; And Imaging Supplies And Contrast Delivery Systems That Are Not Used By Other Medical Disciplines.
Last Modified: Sep 21, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Roller Assembly, Processing Unit, 470467
Roller Assembly, Processing Unit, 5B6076
Strap, X-ray Tube Stand T91-18
Valve, Metering 470115
Radiographic Paper And Developer TLX
Radiographic Paper And Developer 3000X
Tube Insert, Medical X-ray Appara S63UAB
Developer, X-ray Film Processing K0DAKMEDICALX0MATDEVEL0PERREPLE-
Cabinet, Cassette Transfer 61110
Film, Radiographic RPX0MATMEDICAL
Film, Radiographic CR0NEX2DC
Film, Radiographic CR0NEX2DC
Fixer, X-ray Film Processing 493722-54
Filter, Developer PIXAMATICII
Cable Assembly, High Tension, X-ra 2416-268
Developer, X-ray Film Processing 133 2642
Calibration Standard, Transmissio 29002672
Stem, Valve 459992
Test Pattern And Penetrometer As 07-706
Bracket, Guide Plate, Radiographic 462887
Guide Plate, Processing Machine, R 458954
Guide Plate, Processing Machine, R 458953
Guide Plate, Processing Machine, R 458178
Film, Radiographic 582352
Tube, Air Delivery, Radiographic F 468274
Bearing Block, Processing Machine 458910
Film, Radiographic GAFX
Film, Radiographic GAFX
Developer And Fixer Set, X-ray Fi REDI-CHEM A & B
Developer, X-ray Film Processing 27272
Illuminator, X-ray Film MILI36013
Fixer, X-ray Film Processing LIQUIFIX
Replenisher, X-ray Film Processin LIQUAD0L
X-ray Apparatus, Dental 2411
Cassette, Radiographic Film
Cassette, Radiographic Film
Cassette, Radiographic Film 2907TM5
Developer, X-ray Film Processing LIQUAMAT90
Roller Assembly, Processing Unit, 076-000007
Drain Valve, Processing Machine, R 458980
Guide Support, Processing Machine 463092
Link, Processing Machine, Radiogra 454260
Tinsel Assembly, Pro 452117
Envelope, Radiographic Film Casse 700-190
Film, Radiographic Duplicating LFL6D000
Developer, X-ray Film Processing CRONEX XMS
Film, Photofluorographic RPX0MATFLUR0SP0T
Tank, Master, X-ray Film Processin 2E
Developer, X-ray Film Processing AUTEX DEVELOPER
Developer, X-ray Film Processing XRAYDEVEL0PER
Film, Photofluorographic PFG470
Developer, X-ray Film Processing 0D266
Replenisher, X-ray Film Processin
Fixer, X-ray Film Processing 0F400CANCELED
Cooler, X-ray Film Processing Uni
Holder, Radiographic Film Cassett 130A
Safelight, Darkroom, Photographic GGS86
Tape, X-ray Film, Mar 138
Film, Radiographic RPX0MAT
Film, Radiographic LF310
Clip, Film 21608
Band, Compression 1002446P1
Cable Assembly, Power, Electrical B18211
Cable Assembly, Power, Electrical 18785
Developer, X-ray Film Processing MX810
Film, Radiographic CR0NEX2DC
Processing Machine, Radiographic PR0C0MAT
Film, Radiographic RPX0MATRP14
Bleeder, High Voltage, X-ray Gener C1515A W/PROVISIONING
Processing Machine, Radiographic M6AN
Film, Radiographic Duplicating 860476
Film, Radiographic, Dental DF40TYPE2
Block, Vertical Worm 76-700
Viewer, Dental Radiographic Film DE 100 GRAY
Roller Assembly, Processing Unit, 454433
Roller Assembly, Processing Unit, 468875
Roller Assembly, Processing Unit, 462075
Roller Assembly, Processing Unit, 467016
Roller Assembly, Processing Unit, 458423
Roller Assembly, Processing Unitr 458167
Roller Assembly, Processing Unit, 286949
Roller Assembly, Processing Unit, 467017
Roller Assembly, Processing Unit, 470086
Roller Assembly, Processing Unit, 467015
Roller Assembly, Processing Unit, 474599
Roller Assembly, Processing Unit, 467562
Roller Assembly, Processing Unit, 452901
Roller Assembly, Processing Unit, 470087
Roller Assembly, Processing Unit, 470815
Roller Assembly, Processing Unit, 489696
Roller Assembly, Processing Unit, 492104
Film, Radiographic RP14
Film, Radiographic RP14
Film, Radiographic RP14
Processing Machine, Radiographic PAK0R0LXU
Fixer, X-ray Film Processing 27274
Processing Machine, Radiographic
Film, Radiographic CR0NEX4

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