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Imaging Equipment And Supplies: Medical, Dental, Veterinary - FSC 6525

Medical X-ray Film; Medical X-ray Film Viewing Equipment; Medical X-ray Film Processing And Finishing Equipment And Supplies; X-ray Tubes; Computerized Tomography (ct) Scanners And Related Equipment; Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine And Related Equipment; Positron Emission Tomography (pet) Scanners And Related Equipment; Computed And/or Direct Digital Radiography Machines And Related Equipment; Ultrasound And Echocardiogram Scanners And Related Equipment; Scintigraphy Equipment; Medical Picture Archiving And Communication Systems (pacs) Equipment; Medical Thermal Imaging Equipment; Optical Coherence Tomography (oct) Spectroscopy Machines And Related Equipment; And Imaging Supplies And Contrast Delivery Systems That Are Not Used By Other Medical Disciplines.
Last Modified: May 23, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Film, Radiographic, Dental EKTASPEED PLUS EB-11P
Film, Radiographic, Dental EKTASPEED PLUS EB-21P
Developer, X-ray Film Processing 190 0943
Film, Radiographic, Dental 166 6122
Tube-transformer Head, Dental X-r 5337241X1341
Processing Machine, Radiographic 14X-3
X-ray Apparatus, Radiographic And 1-1044F
Film, Radiographic, Dental 197 4914
Film, Radiographic, Dental EKTASPEED PLUS EO-41P
Film, Radiographic 571040
Film, Radiographic 571067
Film, Radiographic 571075
Film, Radiographic 571113
Film, Radiographic 57113A
Film, Radiographic 571148
Film, Radiographic 571164
Film, Radiographic 571180
Film, Radiographic 570788
Film, Radiographic 570796
Film, Radiographic 57080A
Film, Radiographic 570818
Film, Radiographic 570826
Film, Radiographic 570834
Tab, Dental Bitewing, X-ray Film 2-215
Film, Radiographic 571202
Cover, Radiographic Film Cassette A8720
Step Wedge And Spin Top, Combinat 293630
Processing Machine, Radiographic DENT-X 9000
Printer, Radiographic Film Identi 390032
Illuminator X-ray E5004AS
Starter Kit Datas H4090A
Illuminator Verti CAT NO 2071 M
Power Supply Quan A8400B
Selector Switch Q A84002BB
Integrator Heat G A8020CA
Detector Ion Cham A8420AC
Interface Kit Rfx B0120GF
Extension Rfx Fla B0123BA
Grounding Kit For B8498GA
Power Assist Comp B0120GA
Hardware Cable Dr B2054EG
Module Universal B5024AC
Alarm Monitor Ele B5024AD
Cassette Receivin B5004CE
Shield Radiation B8498FA
Holder Cassette V B3515A
Bucky Special L-f B3501C
Tube Pick-up Anti C7033BA
Cart Monitor Mobi C7505BC
Cassette Spare Fo C7060AC
Limiter Shutter F C7002BH
Tray Cassette-siz D5303BC
Adapting Kit Gene D5303DD
Collimator Sentry D5313AB
Restraint Set Pat E8002G
Control Standby F E1220DB
Transcucer B-scan H4050A
Transducer B-scan H4050D
Holder, Radiographic Film Cassett 10262
Holder, Radiographic Film Cassett BF04-400
Paddle, Pneumatic Compression 292131
Gel, Transmission, Ultrasound 027851
Grid C2663DG
Grid, Focused C2663EB
Grid, Ultralum C2663DH
Grid C2663D
Step, Patient Gen B8498EH
Film, Radiographic 67690A
Film, Nuclear Medicine 163 5846
Film, Radiographic 582271
Film, Radiographic 040029
Film, Radiographic 040037
Film, Radiographic 040045
Film, Radiographic 039888
Film, Radiographic 039896
Film, Radiographic 67785A
Film, Radiographic 677868
Film, Radiographic 677876
Film, Radiographic 677833
Film, Radiographic 677841
Camera Identifica 826-1703
Film, Radiographic CRONEX 4
Film, Radiographic CRONEX 4
Cassette, Radiographic Film 60042
Illuminator, X-ray Film 402481
Film, Radiographic 615714
Film, Radiographic 681229
Film, Radiographic 615765
Film, Radiographic 681237
Film, Radiographic 615730
Film, Radiographic 615749
Film, Radiographic 681202
Cover, Radiographic Film Cassette 89-0045
Starter, X-ray Film Processing 187-9840
Film, Nuclear Medicine 173014
Film, Nuclear Medicine 173010
Film, Nuclear Medicine 173008
Film, Nuclear Medicine 173108
Film, Radiographic 93001
High Voltage Divider Unit, X-ray S-96310

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