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Hospital Furniture, Equipment, Utensils, And Supplies - FSC 6530

Orthopedic Equipment; Operating Lights; Physiotherapy Equipment; Sterilizers; Wheelchairs; Litters; Hospital Beds; Restraint Equipment.
Last Modified: Oct 31, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Heater, Fueled 93-8401.00
Regulator, Oxygen MR-870-15FG
Cartridge, Ink 2-63572
Heater Unit, Patient Holding And 93-8400.00
Urinal, Incontinent A-1500
Stopper, Bottle 12793
Swab, Oral 13286412
Cushion, Wheel Chair Seat WC1822
Hose And Pipe Assembly, Whirlpool 078-2220-00
Cord Assembly, Electrical, Whirlpo 911-5609-00
Spring Assembly, Centrifugal, Whir 093-0406-00
Thermostat Assembly, Whirlpool Ba 093-8756-00
Nozzle, Hose, Whirlpool Bath 093-5856-00
Stop-check Diaphragm Set 911-6467-00
Rod Assembly, Whirlpool Bath 093-9556-00
Shaft And Coupling, Drain Valve 966-3797-00
Rod Assembly, Water Control 093-9576-00
Fabric, Support, Body Hammock 093-1277-00
Cable, Tension Release 093-5097-00
Heater, Sitz Bath 968-5613-00
Brush-sponge, Surgical Scrub 4500
Fan, Evaporation, Cryotome 1500MC-3-7D
Frame Assembly, Face Support, Orth 124-11-1
Wheel, Frame Rotation, Orthopedic 460-1-27
Guard, Wheel, Orthopedic Bed 460-1-51
Wrapper, Sterilization 7048
Wrapper, Sterilization 7072
Filter, Heat Dissipating, Surgical 61853
Brush-sponge, Surgical Scrub 42-600
Tubing, Sterilization MULTI-POUCH ROLLOS
Wrapper, Sterilization NF 706
Wheel, Frame Rotation, Orthopedic 460-1-25
Sling, Shoulder, Arm And Wrist 1640-13
Disposal Container, Hypodermic Ne SHARPS-A-GATOR
Urinal, Incontinent A-1100
Urinal, Incontinent A-507
Bed, Surgical 966
Adapter, Swivel B4-030-46
Swivel, Light-head B4-030-45
Pedal, Foot, Hydraulic Jack 390-3-184
Holder, Stand, Intravenous-irrigat 393-3-68
Surgical Pack, Disposable OR35
Cover, Surgical Instrument Stand A8337T
Surgical Pack, Disposable 3400
Vacuum Breaker, Whirlpool 911292600
Check Stop, Whirlpool 911646600
Fork Assembly, Swivel Caster, Stre 390-97
Cap, Protective, Stretcher 37-11
Tray, Instrument 84220C
Envelope, Sterilization DUALPEEL
Guide, Ring, Turning Frame 124-1-64
Collar-traction Assembly, Turning 124-1-44
Collar Assembly, Turning Frame 124-1-113
Pin And Chain Assembly, Hospital 390-3-50
Lock, Wheel, Directional 915-1-156
Strap, Restraint, Hospital Stretch 390-19
Holder Assembly, Tray, Patient 124-1-117
Stop, Turning Ring Assembly 124-1-71
Envelope, Sterilization 024012
Sling, Shoulder, Arm And Wrist 1978-01
Bonnet-o-ring Service Assembly, S 308-836
Filter, Light, Diffuser Assembly B1-040-35
Exerciser, Lung, Inhalation Therap DHD 22-1580
Brush-sponge, Surgical Scrub 1175
Pad, Cold Treatment 97011
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap D2250
Vacuum Breaker Kit, Whirlpool 911646600
Urinal, Incontinent A-1400M
Cover, Handle, Surgical Operating 3612
Brush-sponge, Surgical Scrub 040-51
Container, Specimen 15706-608
Restraint, Wrist 6035
Wrapper, Sterilization 69383
Paper Sheeting, Examination-treat NON 24-323
Surgical Pack, Disposable A29184T
Cover, Surgical Instrument Stand A8339
Cover, Brake, Operating Table D1-050-12
Cover, Pump Pedal, Operating Table D1-050-13
Litter, Nonrigid, Poleless SK-201
Patient Utility Kit 28-1562557
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap CC-476
Wrapper, Sterilization SPUNGUARD
Sponge, Surgical Scrub 311-11
Irrigation Kit, Patient 4200C
Brush-sponge, Surgical Scrub 001-80
Handle, Webbing, Rescue And Transp SK-205
Rescue And Transport System, Pati SK-200
Floatation Log, Rescue And Transp SK-606
Bag, Weight, Ballast SK607
Floatation Log, Rescue And Transp SK-605
Pad, Chest, Rescue And Transport S SK-602-GR
Floatation Assembly, Rescue And T SK-600B
Pad, Cold Treatment 11427-020
Sling, Lift, Rescue And Transport SK-207
Sling, Lift, Rescue And Transport SK-203
Backpack, Case, Carrying SK-202
Drape, Surgical A8377T
Envelope, Sterilization 1986-872
Envelope, Sterilization ACT520IMC
Handle, Rescue And Transport Syst SK-604

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