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Hospital Furniture, Equipment, Utensils, And Supplies - FSC 6530

Orthopedic Equipment; Operating Lights; Physiotherapy Equipment; Sterilizers; Wheelchairs; Litters; Hospital Beds; Restraint Equipment.
Last Modified: Oct 31, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap SC-804
Cover, Camera, Operating Room CK-408
Support, Arm 2353569-2
Band, Personal Identification 434540
Disposal Container, Hypodermic Ne 4115
Sterilization Test Pack, Bacteria BIO-CHALLENGE
Bag, Sterilization-biohazard Disp 388-538
Disposal Container, Hypodermic Ne 676087
Disposal Container, Hypodermic Ne 676137
Sling, Shoulder, Arm And Wrist DANDY LION
Counting Device, Surgical Sponge KEEP A COUNT
Pad, Cooling, Chemical KWIK KOLD
Cover, Sterility Maintenance 10964
Bag, Sterilization-biohazard Disp 7036
Sterilization Test Pack, Biologic 1276
Cushion, Ring, Solid LW-13641
Restraint, Infant 50100
Heat Reflector, Temperature Monit 4200
Cover, Sterility Maintenance T12430
Basin, Emesis 13672-010
Cleaner, Ultrasonic SU-2216SP
Blister, Unit Dose 7011
Cover, Dust Tilt Dri 716428-1
Test Pack, Sterilization 1278 ATTEST EO PACK
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap 8130
Traction Apparatus, Physical Ther 33-1198
Surgical Pack, Disposable 0. R. PREP KIT
Pad, Bed Linen Protective MSC241216
Bucket, Ice, Patient 93520
Restraint, Wrist And Ankle 9330
Surgical Pack, Disposable RMK 612500
Dust Cover, Plastic, Surgical 2MP
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap 2100
Urinal, Incontinent URO-SAN PLUS
Cushion, Ring, Inflatable 3556
Rack, Sterile Wrap SWR566DS
Diaphragm, Adjustment Valve, Respi 166-838-27
Cold Pack Unit, Therapy COLPAC
Drape, Surgical B7831
Cover, Stripline Fee 716435-1
Pad, Bed Linen Protective MA-88-056
Bottle, Safety Cap HDM76-457
Bottle, Safety Cap HDM77-358
Disposal Container, Hypodermic Ne 150-020
Cover, Sterility Maintenance T13812
Cover, Sterility Maintenance T13622A
Cover, Sterility Maintenance T13630A
Positioning Block, Hip 50642-560
Positioning Block, Hip 50642-540
Bottle, Safety Cap 7170-16L
Surgical Pack, Disposable 50-1740
Pad, Bed Linen Protective MA-88-054
Bottle, Safety Cap 345-1000
Lens, Light V797P-3773H
Container, Urine Specimen, Collect MIDSTREAM URINE
Indicator, Sterilization 1243A
Bottle, Safety Cap PB8
Disposal Container, Hypodermic Ne 8987
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap E3400
Restraint Set, Wrist And Ankle 9360
Wrapper, Sterilization 68148
Wrapper, Sterilization 68154
Container, General Purpose, Medica 13818-670
Drape, Operating Microscope M1071
Wheelchair, Folding 1018FF080
Disposal Container, Biohazardous B-101
Surgical Pack, Disposable 37-220-1
Urinal, Incontinent 8969
Holder, Sheath, Incontinent 6550
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap 200
Pad, Bed Linen Protective 06622
Indicator, Sterilization NB-110
Pad, Bed Linen Protective ATTENDS UNDERPAD
Lens, Light MON-M0029
Pad, Bed Linen Protective 50555-730
Sling, Shoulder, Arm And Wrist 02310
Irrigator 0003-0227-35
Surgical Pack, Disposable 2931D
Cover, Surgical Instrument Stand 713
Sponge, Electrode 0002655
Disposal Container, Hypodermic Ne 8501
Applicator, Electrode 0001490
Switch Assembly, Code Indicating 04985-000
Impeller Magnet Assembly, Thermor 77159-000
Switch, Flow Assembly, Thermoregul 05541-000
Switch, Alarm Assembly, Thermoregu 05050-000
Temperature Probe Assembly, Therm 77454-000
Paper, Printcom Recorder, Steriliz P-129356-116
Bag, Sterilization-biohazard Disp A9500-10
Disposal Container, Suture Needle DE1330
Bowl, Surgical Sponge 13818-020
Bowl, Surgical Sponge 61000
Urinal, Incontinent A1275M
Disposal Container, Hypodermic Ne 85131
Diathermy Apparatus 070101
Bed, Adjustable B753
Bag, Specimen 512695
Cover, Handle, Surgical Operating 3611
Urinal, Incontinent A-1275
Surgical Pack, Disposable 1226

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