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Hospital Furniture, Equipment, Utensils, And Supplies - FSC 6530

Orthopedic Equipment; Operating Lights; Physiotherapy Equipment; Sterilizers; Wheelchairs; Litters; Hospital Beds; Restraint Equipment.
Last Modified: Oct 24, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Bottle, Screw Cap 1075-02
Bottle, Screw Cap 1076-02
Pad, Cooling, Chemical 6627
Wrapper, Sterilization DDDW00631
Wrapper, Sterilization DDDW00631
Surgical Pack, Disposable X-1606A
Envelope, Sterilization 8252
Bag, Sterilization 8251
Surgical Pack, Disposable 4430A
Surgical Pack, Disposable 0422
Bottle, Dropper DDB00585
Surgical Pack, Disposable 212
Indicator, Sterilization 003930
Cushion, Wheelchair Seat AH-050
Restraint, Wrist 5163-2528
Cushion, Wheelchair Seat 2X16X18
Bed, Adjustable A-A-30107
Filter, Heat Dissipating, Surgical G8
Handle, Surgical Operating Light 22612
Envelope, Sterilization 8253
Drape, Surgical 30040
Surgical Pack, Disposable 30042
Bottle, Urine Specimen 13600
Bottle, Nursing EVENFL0W40STANDARD
Pad, Bed, Decubitus Ulcer DECUBICARE
Pad, Bed Linen Protective 50450-023
Cup, Medicine D80000
Bottle, Snap-on Cap
Refill, Contamination Control Mat 5040
Tubing, Sterilization MILT36292
Table, Operating, Hospital 2080L
Surgical Pack, Disposable AQUEDUCT
Housing, Respirator 136
Housing, Respirator 137
Diaphragm, Valve, Special Shaped 714
Diaphragm, Valve, Special Shaped 168
Hanger Assembly, Intravenous Solu FM1-3-110
Valve, Regulating, Fl 2238
Cup, Medicine G4237
Bottle, Tear-off Cap 8601
Disposal Container, Suture Needle 88-0018
Table, Examining And Treatment 59-168
Envelope, Sterilization 866-705
Cup, Solution 4210
Basin, Wash 13736-600
Bottle, Screw Cap 1926-04
Indicator, Sterilization 262001
Enema, Administratio 6310
Bag, Barium Enema 74-1297
Bag, Suction Collection 45-920-70
Sponge-brush, Scrub-up, Surgical 6530-00-C95-1650
Label-indicator, Sterilization NC031
Brush-sponge, Surgical Scrub 37-160-1
Drape, Examination 6022
Drape, Examination 6023
Drape, Examination 6024
Bag, Urine Collection, Pediatric
Bottle, Screw Cap 60910L
Drape, Surgical
Drape, Surgical
Drape, Surgical 1030
Drape, Surgical 1020
Drape, Surgical 1010
Drape, Surgical 1040
Drape, Surgical 106
Paper Sheeting, Examination-treat A-A-30067
Paper Sheeting, Examination-treat A-A-30067
Paper Sheeting, Examination-treat 912214
Probe, Thermistor Sensing 17-575-14
Bottle, Stopper 01-90-2675
Drape, Surgical 1071
Bottle, Safety Cap S410
Bag, Urine Collection, Pediatric 7511
Surgical Pack, Disposable 423
Surgical Pack, Disposable 0243
Cup, Medicine JMP101MEDICIN
Mat, Floor
Cap, Screw, Bottle And Jar CLICL0C
Sponge, Surgical Scrub 311
Bag, Urine Collection, Pediatric PUC10ST
Cup, Specimen 2300
Paper Sheeting, Examination-treat 785A15
Jar, Screw Cap PW3704
Urinal, Incontinent 2204001
Bag, Urine Collection, Pediatric PUC24SR
Bag, Urine Collection, Pediatric PUC10SR
Jar, Surgical Dressing MILJ36484
Bowl, Surgical Sponge 6530-00-299-8069
Dispenser, Surgical Detergent MODEL AIRLIFT 1600
Pitcher, Clinical Solutions RRP350
Light, Surgical, Stand AMSCO
Incubator, Infant 6600-0001-900
Lid, Clinical Solution Tank
Tray, Clinical Solution Tank 2036
Back Rest, Litter MILB36120
Envelope, Sterilization MILE36478
Cot, Folding, Hospital MILC36465
Chair, Hospital Ward MILC36250
Stool, Straight 11200
Jar, Sterilizing DDJ170

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