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Hospital Furniture, Equipment, Utensils, And Supplies - FSC 6530

Orthopedic Equipment; Operating Lights; Physiotherapy Equipment; Sterilizers; Wheelchairs; Litters; Hospital Beds; Restraint Equipment.
Last Modified: Oct 24, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Mitre Gear, Table, Tilt, Physical T TH14
Journal Block, Table, Tilt, Physica TH08
Drape, Operating Microscope 4985
Bed, Adjustable T7017GL2X W/PROVISIONING
Bag, Sterilization-biohazard Disp 388-512
Restraint, Torso 3331M
Scooter, Motorized, Handicapped Pa 200FS
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap 250
Handle, Tilt Table, Physical Thera TH01
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap 12751
Drape, Surgical TC30
Tape, Sealing, Sterilization Indic 1222OR
Sterilizer, Surgical Instrument A 546E001
Cup, Specimen B901L
Restraint, Wrist M2029
Bag, Specimen SV-2
Bag, Specimen ND11
Pouch, Liquid Absorbent 01002
Pouch, Liquid Absorbent 01003
Specimen Kit, Urine 30002
Surgical Pack, Disposable BA 35
Relay, Ultrasonic Generator R10-E2-Y2
Crystal, Ultrasonic Generator 0000196
Heater, Electric, Whirlpool Bath 93-3512
Impeller-seal, Pump Kit 93-4859
Shaft-impeller 93-8308
Shaft-impeller 93-8307
Surgical Pack, Disposable 1259
Tray, Skin Prep 41529
Surgical Pack, Disposable A9194
Drape, Surgical 8305
Wrapper, Sterilization 4004880
Bag, Sterilization-biohazard Disp BH2734
Table, Operating, Orthopedic 91-0012-P
Sink Unit, Scrub, Field Hospital 950S936
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap 3570
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap E2500
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap 1725
Weight, Ballast SK601
Envelope, Sterilization 9850-004
Envelope, Sterilization NZ713
Latch, Bed, Adjustable 2334MIL
Latch, Bed, Adjustable 2333 MIL
Footboard, Bed 3051W
Headboard, Bed 3037W
Pivot Bar, Top 1752 MIL
Bumper Assembly 1540
Screw Assembly, Foot 1421 MIL
Screw Assembly, Hi-low 1424MIL
Screw Assembly, Head 1418MIL
Mattress Stop, Adjustable Bed 2478MIL
Leg, Hospital Bed 6072
Wrapper, Sterilization M10740
Filter Kit, Sterilization 1462
Cup, Specimen 380-519
Cup, Specimen 380-535
Cup, Specimen 380-527
Cup, Specimen 380-501
Impression Tray, Foot Cast BSC-01
Wrapper, Sterilization 5624
Wrapper, Sterilization 5630
Lift Arm, Foot 1414MIL
Band, Personal Identification 100-3, MEDCON
Band, Personal Identification 100-5, MEDCON
Bottle, Safety Cap BEA20
Band, Personal Identification 100-6, MEDCON
Urinal, Incontinent 5135H
Disposal Container, Hypodermic Ne 8520-1
Urinal, Incontinent GC-20L
Washer, Bedpan And Urinal BK11-120
Diaphragm, Adjustment Valve, Respi IV 305-02
Cover, Sterility Maintenance A-A-30164
Cover, Sterility Maintenance T10812A
Bottle, Safety Cap BEA16
Exerciser, Lung, Inhalation Therap DHD COACH 2500
Sensor, Temperature, Sterilizer 513030
Surgical Pack, Disposable 28050-100
Rack, Radiological E3053E
Pump, Housing Cover, Thermoregulao 77381-000
Band, Personal Identification 130 S
Switch, Digital, Thermoregulator 90482-000
Switch, Digital, Thermoregulator 90709-000
Impeller, Spindle, Thermoregulator 77383-000
Bag, Sterilization-biohazard Disp NONCBR40H
Indicator, Sterilization 001500
Bottle, Screw Cap P-202
Surgical Pack, Disposable C-7720
Pad, Bed Linen Protective MA89-420
Pad, Bed Linen Protective MA89-419
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap 137
Band, Personal Identification 10113-416
Wrapper, Sterilization 10836
Pad, Bed Linen Protective MA89-421
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap 4072
Telescopic Assembly 2204-293
Surgical Pack, Disposable 29138
Bottle, Safety Cap 9512
Bottle, Safety Cap 8516 (200)
Bottle, Safety Cap 7520

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