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Hospital Furniture, Equipment, Utensils, And Supplies - FSC 6530

Orthopedic Equipment; Operating Lights; Physiotherapy Equipment; Sterilizers; Wheelchairs; Litters; Hospital Beds; Restraint Equipment.
Last Modified: Oct 21, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Pad, Bed Linen Protective 6160
Bottle, Safety Cap 8540 (200)
Indicator, Sterilization 1262P
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap 5095021
Jar, Screw Cap 4601
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap TC 8035
Surgical Pack, Disposable SBA32MNVSY
Rod, Water Control 093-9566-00
Station, Eye-wash 4012798
Repair Kit, Sterilizer, Valve Seat 025580
Heat Sensor Assembly, Sterilizer, 019855
Solenoid Vent Assembly, Sterilize 020850
Solenoid Dump Assembly, Steilizer 020851
Solenoid Fill Assembly, Sterilize 020852
Replacement Kit, Heat Sensor, Ster 023340
Triac Assembly, Sterilizer 019779
Surgical Pack, Disposable SBA32MNVSB
Cylinder, Rebuild Kit, Surgery Bed 54074
Litter, Rigid, Stokes 9-1047
Basket, Stokes Rigid Litter 9-1048
Surgical Pack, Disposable HAND SURGERY PACK
Surgical Pack, Disposable VASCULAR SURGERY PACK
Surgical Pack, Disposable LAP PAK
Bottle, Screw Cap 7140-60B
Bottle, Screw Cap 7140-40B
Bottle, Screw Cap 7530
Bottle, Screw Cap 7140-16B
Surgical Pack, Disposable OR55
Rebuild Kit, Steam Trap 101040603
Rebuild Kit, Steam Trap 10102862
Vacuum Control, Pressure 10A100133
Bottle, Screw Cap 7140-20B
Pad, Hot-cold Treatment, Circulati TP-26E
Bottle, Safety Cap S-16
Disposal Container, Chemotherapy 4897
Bottle, Safety Cap 9507
Bottle, Safety Cap 7560
Drape, Surgical 89221
Surgical Pack, Disposable 4465B
Tubing, Sterilization T90003
Pad, Bed Linen Protective MD 948
Drape, Surgical 89501
Cup, Solution 254109
Bedpan 80221
Drape, Surgical 89111
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap 6363
Band, Personal Identification MDS 13-3035
Brake Assembly, Lid, Ultrasonic Cl P074450-091
Band, Personal Identification 100-1
Drape, Surgical 89276
Wrapper, Sterilization 68015
Disposal Container, Hypodermic Ne 2201
Light, Surgical, Field 90-0289P
Wrapper, Sterilization 68012
Litter, Flexible Assembly A8505
Pad, Heating, Chemical MED05-482-00
Armboard, Intravenous 1012
Urinal, Incontinent A-124
Urinal, Incontinent 9811
Surgical Pack, Disposable 29434
Cover, Sterility Maintenance S53-322
Transd Housing, Irrigator, Surgica 203-150-100
Bridge Rectifier, Irrigator, Surgi 590-56-12
Pump Face Plate, Irrigator, Surgic 203-1-2
Jaw Gib, Irrigator, Surgical 203-1-44
Brush-sponge, Surgical Scrub 37-160-3 BD
Lock, Fastener, Sterilization TM-US900
Compressor, Thermoregulator, Patie JRL-0050-IAA
Manual Control, Thermoregulator, P 800S
Relay, Liquid Level, Sterilizer P-764316-621
Cable Assembly, Washer-sterilizer P-93805-001
Cover, Conductive Positioning Pad 51613
Cover, Conductive Positioning Pad 51617
Cover, Conductive Positioning Pad 51622
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap 8616
Cover, Sterility Maintenance S53-334
Cover, Sterility Maintenance S53-320
Pad, Positioning, Surgical 51611
Pad, Positioning, Surgical 51620
Pad, Positioning, Surgical 51625
Pad, Positioning, Surgical 51630
Pad, Positioning, Surgical 51635
Pad, Positioning, Surgical 51615
Cover, Conductive Positioning Pad 51627
Cover, Conductive Positioning Pad 51632
Contactor, Thermoregulator, Patien PRD-7AY0
Cover, Conductive Positioning Pad 51637
Disposal Container, Hypodermic Ne 89671
Specimen Kit, Urine 2090
Bag, Sterilization-biohazard Disp MA-2476
Urinal, Incontinent 5125H
Blender, Air-oxygen 03804
Compressor And Oxygen Blender, Ve 90-0449P
Gas Spring Assembly, Chair, Eexami 1313692
Switch Assembly, Chair, Examining 1317392
Headset Assembly, Chair Examining 1343872
Bag, Sterilization-biohazard Disp MA-7794
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap 66-9050
Handle Adapter, Surgical Light St MSL4805-04-13
Roller Arm Assembly, Surgical Lig MSL4805-03-27

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