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Hospital Furniture, Equipment, Utensils, And Supplies - FSC 6530

Orthopedic Equipment; Operating Lights; Physiotherapy Equipment; Sterilizers; Wheelchairs; Litters; Hospital Beds; Restraint Equipment.
Last Modified: Oct 22, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Drape, Surgical 89121
Drape, Surgical 89331
Drape, Surgical 89731
Surgical Pack, Disposable 88766
Sterilization Air Removal Test P 68650
Drape, Surgical TF30
Drape, Surgical SP20
Drape, Surgical OPTIMA FABRIC
Pad, Bed Linen Protective MD 118-3
Wrapper, Sterilization 30024
Band, Exercise, Physical Therapy A50512
Brush-sponge, Surgical Scrub 37-201-3
Support, Arm 0421053
Bottle, Snap-on Cap 2867
Bottle, Safety Cap CR-12
Bottle, Safety Cap CR-60
Protector, Surgical Instrument Ti 1001-86
Surgical Pack, Disposable ISO BAC
Platform, Instrument Detachable 02027 MODEL 275
Surgical Pack, Disposable 28000-200
Cover, Sterility Maintenance 4527
Positioning Block, Body Contours,
Wrapper, Sterilization IMS-1210
Band Set, Personal Identification 6715
Disposal Container, Chemotherapy 4895
Enema Administration Set 901203
Table, Decontamination PDS-2000
Pad, Cold Treatment 11426-010
Indicator, Sterilization TOWER DUALCHEK
Surgical Pack, Disposable D-1
Wrapper, Sterilization IMS-1211
Surgical Pack, Disposable D-7
Surgical Pack, Disposable D-2
Surgical Pack, Disposable D-3
Surgical Pack, Disposable D-4
Surgical Pack, Disposable D-5
Surgical Pack, Disposable D-6
Surgical Pack, Disposable 37-0316
Surgical Pack, Disposable 29186
Light, Ultraviolet, Specimen Exami BIB-150P
Surgical Pack, Disposable CVP-TPN TRAY
Probe, Spark Plug, Autoclave 49940
Probe, Water Level, Autoclave 61243
Pump, Detergent, Sterilizer 45234
Surgical Pack, Disposable SEY41CTOTA
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap 135
Bag, Blood Recovery, Autotransfusi A-1500
Surgical Pack, Disposable 018074
Envelope, Sterilization NZ038
Seal Kit, Water Pump, Autoclave 66782
Litter, Rigid, Stokes 404
Surgical Pack, Disposable 41-560
Tubing, Sterilization NE106
Wrapper, Sterilization IF1-1
Bottle, Safety Cap S-60
Bag, Biohazard Disposal R2943HW
Bag, Biohazard Disposal A4621ZR
Bag, Biohazard Disposal B7450ZR
Blister Sheet, Unit Dose MD115
Indicator, Sterilization HDS 100-7132
Restraint Set, Litter Patient RES-0400-02
Surgical Pack, Disposable LA 70
Bottle, Safety Cap AS10
Enema Administration Set P650PPS
Protector, Surgical Instrument Ti 09-2-002
Protector, Surgical Instrument Ti 09-2-004
Surgical Pack, Disposable KC-4962
Tape, Sealing, Sterilization Indic XX63 003 19
Bucket, Ice, Catheterization 41420-01
Restraint, Arm And Legs 18346G-03FM000
Cleaning Solution, Sterilizer And 103708
Ring Assembly, Turning Frame, Orth 124-1-119
Latch, Turning Frame, Orthopedic B 124-1-12
Swivel Assembly, Turning Frame, Or 124-1-40
Latch, Ratchet, Turning Frame, Orth 124-1-90
Surgical Pack, Disposable 86 1800-2
Pad, Bed Linen Protective 3636RWF
Dispenser, Soap 61733
Kit, Performance, Ultrasonic Clean 4050114
Drape, Surgical A8376
Bag, Urine Collection-measuring D 153204
Bed, Adjustable S2030 W/PROVISIONING
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap MSCO 19250
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap 30-2010
Wipe, Foot And Finger Print Ident 3117
Cover, Hypodermic Needle 1010
Bottle, Safety Cap S-8
Pad, Operating Table P-97021-091
Pad, Operating Table P-80524-091
Pad, Operating Table P-18004-091
Pad, Operating Table P-26119-091
Strap Assembly P-22108-091
Support Assembly P-30354-091
Post, Kidney Bridge P-16436-044
Angle, Shoulder Rest P-79773-001
Foot Extention Assm P-97031-091
Strap, Supporting P-15530-091
Post, Kidney P-16435-044
Wrapper, Sterilization 68224
Wrapper, Sterilization 68254

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