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Hospital Furniture, Equipment, Utensils, And Supplies - FSC 6530

Orthopedic Equipment; Operating Lights; Physiotherapy Equipment; Sterilizers; Wheelchairs; Litters; Hospital Beds; Restraint Equipment.
Last Modified: Oct 20, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Drape, Surgical MRS17-0714
Pad, Bed Linen Protective ML40
Tubing-wand, Smoke Evacuator, Lase 902037-000
Surgical Pack, Disposable 7896
Bottle, Screw Cap 36-1000
Cap, Screw, Bottle And Jar 33-400PS22
Positioning Block, Head 30030
Surgical Pack, Disposable 7608
Fulcrum Clip B300-264-16/2
Cup, Drip, Sterilizer B300-232-29/98
Surgical Pack, Disposable CP00322
Stand, Pedestal, Ventilator 27-916
Holder, Cylinder, Ventilator Pedes 27-021
Bottle, Safety Cap 7585
Surgical Pack, Disposable 00089
Surgical Pack, Disposable TRAY 52
Accessories Kit, Urological/endou BF30-200
Armboard, Operating Table BF16-500
Table, Operating, Hospital BL58-731-230
Cutout, Low Water, Sterilizer B300-265-30/109
Shaving Kit, Hospital Patient B10509020C
Indicator, Sterilization 263001
Litter, Rigid, Sea-air, Medical Eva 70850-24500-011
Bag, Sterilization-biohazard Disp NY701
Cover, Thermometer, Clinical 05075-800
Pad, Cooling, Chemical 70070174936
Pad, Cooling, Chemical 70070134088
Band, Personal Identification 05-420A16
Cabinet, Bedside P92295
Restraint Set, Orthopedic, Pediatr 1716-11
Pacifier, Infant 94036-M
Pad, Bed Linen Protective HYGARD POLYMER
Pad, Hot-cold Treatment, Circulati S66N425AH
Surgical Pack, Disposable D-7
Surgical Pack, Disposable D-8
Surgical Pack, Disposable D-9
Surgical Pack, Disposable D-4
Surgical Pack, Disposable D-5
Surgical Pack, Disposable D-6
Surgical Pack, Disposable D-2
Test Pack, Air Removal 00132
Test Pack, Air Removal 00132
Cushion, Wheelchair 50746-040
Surgical Pack, Disposable 37-170-01
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap 8809
Lock, Tamper Indicator, Medical TM-US906
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap 50960-580
Stretcher, Ambulance 30-SC
Elevator Frame Assembly, Bed, Adju 23465
Pad, Bed Linen Protective HSP-3030
Cushion, Ring, Solid 8809
Bottle, Safety Cap CS-SA8.5
Surgical Pack, Disposable 88261
Pad, Bed Linen Protective 3805
Band, Personal Identification 6741
Drape, Surgical PD301
Lock, Tamper Indicator, Medical 7901
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap 2025
Disposal Container, Suture Needle 1942
Surgical Pack, Disposable 0248
Leg Assembly, Bed, Adjustable 24610
Surgical Pack, Disposable 88471
Drape, Surgical 89462
Band Set, Personal Identification 6711-6601
Disposal Container, Suture Needle 4310
Tray, Instrument 85125
Disposal Container, Chemotherapy 8989
Brush-sponge, Surgical Scrub E-Z SCRUB HIBICLENS
Restraint Set, Wrist And Ankle 583-130
Cup, Specimen 5-4040-440
Cap, Screw, Bottle And Jar PAC53PV
Sterilization Test Pack, Biologic 13301
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap 05352-000
Bottle, Screw Cap HDN76825
Table, Operating, Orthopedic BE86-724-003-11
Urinal, Incontinent 9829
Surgical Pack, Disposable 6320
Disposal Container, Hypodermic Ne 8980-C
Pad, Bed Linen Protective H-300S
Pad, Bed Linen Protective FCP-2336/5
Brush-sponge, Surgical Scrub 371065
Disposal Container, Hypodermic Ne BE100
Container, Specimen Collecting-tr 2601
Irrigation Kit, Patient P4220B
Filter, Heat Dissipating, Surgical 516768
Disposal Container, Suture Needle QUALTEX NEEDLEMATE COUNTERS
Stand, Surgical Instrument 7744S/S
Exerciser, Lung, Inhalation Therap 84-717301
Bag, Specimen 11214-550
Pad, Bed Linen Protective HDSC-3068
Surgical Pack, Disposable 89525
Restraint Strap, General Purpose AC100D
Button, Release, Post, Surgical Lig 311064
Baffle, Heat, Surgical Light 516770
Mounting, Light, Surgical 65134
Disposal Container, Hypodermic Ne 8522-01
Disposal Container, Hypodermic Ne 02-0458
Disposal Container, Hypodermic Ne 85221R

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