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Hospital Furniture, Equipment, Utensils, And Supplies - FSC 6530

Orthopedic Equipment; Operating Lights; Physiotherapy Equipment; Sterilizers; Wheelchairs; Litters; Hospital Beds; Restraint Equipment.
Last Modified: Oct 25, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Bowl, Surgical Sponge 106-7601
Disposal Container, Hypodermic Ne 367201
Envelope, Sterilization 530
Disposal Container, Biohazardous DP 2500
Restraint, Torso 3331
Surgical Pack, Disposable SBA 45LP FTA
Drape, Surgical A9461
Tube, Elevation, Hospital Bed C002899A0A
Light, Surgical, Wall Mount 0113042
Surgical Pack, Disposable 3583
Surgical Pack, Disposable CS6060
Protector, Clothing, Hospital Pers 3130XLA
Pad, Bed Linen Protective 2836RWF
Card, Indicating, Sterilization MD1-1
Knob-lock, Medicine Cabinet C8154-26D
Surgical Pack, Disposable BA45
Surgical Pack, Disposable CV15
Bag, Sterilization 855
Surgical Pack, Disposable SOP 45ARFIA
Stretcher, Hydraulic N0-081
Surgical Pack, Disposable LA26
Surgical Pack, Disposable SL52
Surgical Pack, Disposable UP20
Surgical Pack, Disposable SEY45BSFMA
Flotation Kit, Litter, Sea-air Med 100
Basin, General Purpose GENERAL PURPOSE BOWL
Bag, Plastic, Patient Setup 0061
Band, Exercise, Physical Therapy 716904
Tray, Catheter MT00020
Disposal Container, Chemotherapy 4899
Surgical Pack, Disposable
Stand, Intravenous-irrigation Con BV-5290-18
Stand, Intravenous-irrigation Con BV-5290-14
Stand, Intravenous-irrigation Con BV-5290-13
Band, Exercise, Physical Therapy NC75005
Surgical Pack, Disposable SBA23LPVAA
Wrap, Cannula, Fitted 1016
Bag, Sterilization-biohazard Disp B26106P
Bottle, Urine Specimen 02090
Surgical Pack, Disposable SOP04KNVAB
Dual Prefilter, Water, Surgical In A1550
Cart, Cylinder, Medical L-TEC 88F68
Disposal Container, Biohazardous 8990
Surgical Pack, Disposable 10530F
Exerciser, Total Body, Bicycle 95102
Surgical Pack, Disposable HEN-4688-01
Exerciser, Lung, Inhalation Therap VOLDYNE
Pad, Alternating Pressure Point, P OPB2
Urinal, Incontinent 26955
Urinal, Incontinent 26954
Table, Exerciser, Physical Therapy 12-1041
Exerciser, Lung, Inhalation Therap 8884-719000
Drape, Surgical CL20
Surgical Pack, Disposable DYNJ03009
Surgical Pack, Disposable EC 10M ACCESSORY KIT
Bottle, Safety Cap CRC 1200
Bottle, Safety Cap CRC 1600
Bottle, Safety Cap CRC 2000
Wrapper, Sterilization 68272
Bottle, Safety Cap CRC 3000
Restraint Board, Full Body AE-560
Cup, Specimen DYND30332
Housing, Bulb, Light, Surgical 1006760
Bag, Specimen ZML810BH
Bag, Specimen 01-800-09
Sterilizer, Surgical Instrument 30-20
Putty, Hand Therapy THERAPUTTY
Putty, Hand Therapy NC52330-03
Cup, Specimen G3453
Drape, Surgical 89231
Band, Personal Identification 646P
Drape, Surgical A29419
Putty, Hand Therapy GJ3263E
Putty, Hand Therapy GJ3263F
Bottle, Screw Cap 11-750-53
Cap, Screw, Bottle And Jar SAF-CAP
Surgical Pack, Disposable 264805
Pad, Heat Treatment SMS-1621V
Cap, Screw, Bottle And Jar TA15CN
Surgical Pack, Disposable IK9-0323
Bottle, Screw Cap 11-500-53
Surgical Pack, Disposable LAPARATOMY PACK
Surgical Pack, Disposable A29380
Cloth, Germicidal NK350
Disposal Container, Hypodermic Ne 85221
Bottle, Spray EPS226434
Tag, Detection-alarm, Patient Wand 3200
Cap, Screw, Bottle And Jar TA30CN
Curtain, Compartment Division 215/797-6000
Surgical Pack, Disposable 264953
Bottle, Screw Cap TA15W
Bottle, Screw Cap MEDI-DOSE
Bottle, Screw Cap MEDI-DOSE
Disposal Container, Suture Needle 92-3015
Drape, Surgical 89241
Restraint Strap, General Purpose 2023
Surgical Pack, Disposable KT-0014
Surgical Pack, Disposable 264802

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