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Hospital Furniture, Equipment, Utensils, And Supplies - FSC 6530

Orthopedic Equipment; Operating Lights; Physiotherapy Equipment; Sterilizers; Wheelchairs; Litters; Hospital Beds; Restraint Equipment.
Last Modified: Oct 28, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Positioning Block, Hip 8017
Brush, Surgical Scrub 451
Cup, Specimen DYND30330
Stretcher, Folding JSA362A
Surgical Pack, Disposable DK7-0150
Inlet Assembly, Pre 681971-1
Ventilator, Volume, Portable 15304/WPROVISIONING
Cap, Screw, Bottle And Jar TA60CN
Cup, Specimen 13594-130
Bottle, Screw Cap 804250
Tray, Drawer, Medical Cart AC-672S
Cover, Protective, Hospital Equipm 22-26015
Bag, Biohazard Disposal MSR3339H
Drape, Operating Microscope 89-0508
Bag, Urine Collection, Newborn 7540
Leggings Surgical 8420
Surgical Pack, Disposable 88171
Bottle, Screw Cap MEG150
Cloth, Germicidal Impregnated Q77272
Basin Set, Medical DYND89312
Cap, Screw, Bottle And Jar 30612
Bedpan V20-005
Bedpan V20-045
Bedpan V20-040
Cover, Bedpan V20-002
Cover, Bedpan V20-006
Bottle, Safety Cap OV 400
Bottle, Safety Cap OV 600
Disposal Container, Hypodermic Ne 8532-1R
Wheelchair, Nonfolding 5M-9-29-U85-1559-935T
Surgical Pack, Disposable 400422
Putty, Hand Therapy A483-M80
Envelope, Sterilization 2107-364
Surgical Pack, Disposable SEY48BSVAA
Urinal, Incontinent CLEAR ADVANTAGE
Cushion, Wheelchair Seat 50746
Drape, Surgical DS18
Chair, Bathtub And Shower 7921
Commode, Hospital Patient 6437
Urinal, Incontinent CLEAR ADVANTAGE
Rod, Intravenous-irrigation Conta 760-139
Restraint Strap, General Purpose 760-064
Clamp, Siderail, Hospital Operatin 760-063
Headrest, Surgical, Cerebellar 760-026
Cover, Urinal 674749-109
Table Top Assembly 759-025
Arm Rest Assembly 760-138
Commode, Hospital Patient 7103
Surgical Pack, Disposable 93-0131-8
Surgical Pack, Disposable DYNJ03033
Cabinet, Solution Warming 9270G
Wrapper, Sterilization IMS-1212
Disposal Container, Suture Needle I1030
Bedpan DYND80227
Drape, Surgical 89225
Drape, Surgical 89261
Envelope, Sterilization 525
Container, Urine Specimen, Collect 5010
Basin, General Purpose V25-025
Container, Urine Specimen, Collect U3010-3
Surgical Pack, Disposable
Bag, Plastic, Patient Setup 81-1103
Tubing, Sterilization 549912
Tubing, Sterilization 1902-DH
Surgical Pack, Disposable HC05
Surgical Pack, Disposable HT1980
Wrapper, Sterilization SPUNGUARD
Wrapper, Sterilization SPUNGUARD
Envelope, Sterilization 520
Envelope, Sterilization 545
Monitor, Biological Starter S3031
Tape, Sealing, Sterilization Indic 600-6497
Surgical Pack, Disposable 3420
Tape, Sealing, Sterilization Indic 600-6318
Cushion, Wheelchair Seat 1R910C
Cushion, Wheelchair Seat 1R99LPC
Container, Urine Specimen, Collect 10005-200
Urinal, Incontinent CONVEEN 5410
Tray, Sterilization C1200
Container, Sterilization C1201
Surgical Pack, Disposable SEN39BSVA
Surgical Pack, Disposable SEY39BSVAB
Pad, Bed Linen Protective HPI-200-5
Surgical Pack, Disposable SBA39LPVA
Surgical Pack, Disposable SUT39MNVA
Surgical Pack, Disposable K1615-S
Surgical Pack, Disposable SNE39BSVA
Drape, Surgical 89321
Container, Urine Specimen, Collect U2250P
Cushion, Wheelchair Seat JAY ACTIVE 125
Cushion, Wheelchair Seat JAY ACTIVE 120
Tray, Sterilization C1130
Drape, Surgical A29405
Wrapper, Sterilization 10630
Surgical Pack, Disposable A9103
Trapeze, Hospital Bed 7714
Pad, Heat Treatment 77-3012
Pad, Heat Treatment 77-3010
Table, Overbed 6417

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