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Hospital Furniture, Equipment, Utensils, And Supplies - FSC 6530

Orthopedic Equipment; Operating Lights; Physiotherapy Equipment; Sterilizers; Wheelchairs; Litters; Hospital Beds; Restraint Equipment.
Last Modified: Oct 20, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Tubing, Sterilization 94-7-1-59 MB-T
Specimen Kit, Urine 7002-120
Sponge, Surgical Scrub BK-6298
Cover, Protective, Hospital Equipm 0083
Urinal, Incontinent 5140H
Panel, Bedside Screen 153001-1
Bottle, Safety Cap TS-CR8
Bottle, Safety Cap TS-CR30
Chair, Evacuation EVAC+CHAIR 300-H
Bag, Urine Collection-measuring D 8887-600891
Surgical Pack, Disposable B-9
Pad, Pressure Point, Physicotherap SOF-CARE II
Restraint Kit, Head 94-08-01-045 DE
Specimen Trap, Mucous 0035860
Dispenser, Skin Cream, Hospital Pa 40004
Container, General Purpose, Medica 5700-0500
Undercarriage Roll- 50-6
Urinal, Incontinent 2215M
Screen, Bedside 153054
Pump Unit, Alternating Pressure P BETABED
Cart, Crash, Emergency AR 6 WITH ACCESSORIES
Pharmaceutical Water Purificatio FMF-900
Pharmaceutical Water Dispenser 94-6240
Cup, Specimen 17500
Light, Surgical, Field 94-6001 P
Cleaner, Ultrasonic MSC-900T-11/12
Surgical Pack, Disposable LD 080
Stretcher, Hospital MODEL 155
Litter, Folding, Rigid Pole FDC-4170M4
Screw Pack Knee, Bed Adjustable LL-H37-0407
Container, Urine Specimen, Collect 2000
Heater, Heat Treatment Pad SS0606+SD00013G
Bottle, Safety Cap 642033
Bottle, Safety Cap 107276
Bottle, Safety Cap 107268
Bottle, Safety Cap 642314
Litter, Rigid, Stokes 8406
Container, Urine Specimen, Collect 400010
Surgical Pack, Disposable A29136
Pad, Alternating Pressure Point, P OPB2FF
Pad, Alternating Pressure Point, P AOP5
Surgical Pack, Disposable 8410
Cushion, Wheelchair Seat ENH99C
Cushion, Wheelchair Seat ENH109C
Surgical Pack, Disposable 0244
Bottle, Safety Cap 15520
Bottle, Safety Cap 15516
Surgical Pack, Disposable DYND70262
Holder, Utensil, Patient Use BK-1481
Holder, Utensil, Patient Use BK-1532
Table, Tilt, Physical Therapy 95-0064
Holder, Toilet Paper, Patient Use NC28700
Holder, Toilet Paper, Patient Use NC28699
Pad, Head Support, Extrication ED 170
Case, Carry/storage, Extrication ED-10
Case, Vacuum Mattress Set, Immobil PD 14
Case, Vacuum Mattress Set, Immobil AM 14
Drape, Surgical PD301-1020
Band, Exercise, Physical Therapy 716702
Drape, Surgical PD202-1010
Tag, Mass Casualty Incident MCI-TAG
Band, Exercise, Physical Therapy 94-9-6-1
Rim, Axle, Litter, Rigid I85-417-YFZP2
Lock, Axle, Litter, Rigid 43.002.105
Valve Ste, Tire, Litter, Rigid RV412
Carrier And Storage Case, Extremi EV 13
Wheel, Litter, Rigid 43.003.003
Rim, Wheel, Litter, Rigid Z-HUB
Tire, Wheel, Litter, Rigid Z-TIRE-LG
Nut, Locking, Wheel, Litter 43.003.025
Bearing, Ball, Wheel, Litter, Rigid ASF 100-3
Spacer, Bearing, Wheel, Litter Z-SPACE
Plate, Wheel, Litter, Rigid 43.003.010
Drape, Surgical P-B1001
Footrest, Wheelchair TLX3A
Drape, Surgical PD201-1000
Bag, Specimen 103
Bag, Biohazard Disposal ACT-HRD-384616
Specimen Kit, Urine DYND30226
Sliding Surface, Liter, Rigid 42.017.000
Frame, Litter, Rigid 42.001.000
Back Support, Litter, Rigid 42.050.085
Frame Assembly, Litter, Rigid 43.000.100
Belt, Abominal, Litter, Rigid 42.050.075
Basin, Emesis DYND80354
Coupling, Litter, Rigid 42.016.000
Coupling, Litter, Rigid 42.015.000
Belt, Litter, Rigid 42.022.000
Netting, Back, Litter, Rigid 42.020.000
Frame Assembly, Litter, Rigid 43.001.000
Axle Subassembly, Litter, Rigid 43.002.100
Cross Member Assembly, Litter, Rig 43.000.300
Frame Assembly, Litter, Rigid 43.000.200
Axle Assembly, Litter, Rigid 43.002.000
Surgical Pack, Disposable 78-1264
Surgical Pack, Disposable DYND70200
Tray, Catheter PER-Q-TRAY
Pad, Heating, Chemical MDS138005
Commode, Hospital Patient 08515
Chair, Bathtub And Shower 98015

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