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Hospital Furniture, Equipment, Utensils, And Supplies - FSC 6530

Orthopedic Equipment; Operating Lights; Physiotherapy Equipment; Sterilizers; Wheelchairs; Litters; Hospital Beds; Restraint Equipment.
Last Modified: Oct 27, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Surgical Pack, Disposable OPS560
Surgical Pack, Disposable OPS561
Surgical Pack, Disposable 89-0467
Surgical Pack, Disposable GARRISON-FULTON AAA TRAY
Drape, Surgical D2286
Ventilator, Volume, Portable UNI-VENT EAGLE
Bottle, Spray 932B
Cup, Specimen H1012P
Sling, Shoulder, Arm And Wrist 1050048
Pad, Cooling, Chemical 99-0074
Rack, Sterile Wrap 3870E-10 IN.
Container, Medical Evacuation 99-0159
Sling, Shoulder, Arm And Wrist 11-0138-4-13130
Sling, Shoulder, Arm And Wrist 11-0138-3-13130
Safety Frame, Bathtu 69603-1
Cushion, Wheelchair Seat 1R910LPC
Cushion, Wheelchair Seat 8066
Board, Patient Shifting 5356
Container, Dry Shipper 98-2216
Grid, Biopsy, Computer-aided Tomog 98-1812
Envelope, Mailing, Fecal Specimen 1002
Stripper, Thermal, Purge And Trap ST-01-1000
Board, Cpr 98-2542
Protector, Surgical Instrument Ti 3-03-07
Protector, Surgical Instrument Ti 3-03-11
Grease, Printer 9518-14
Bottle, Sterile Fluid Storage 36-6578-81
Jar, Screw Cap 98-1571
Bottle, Screw Cap 98-1575
Container, Metal 98-1588
Pad, Surgical, Foam 50727-41S
Surgical Pack, Disposable 7708
Bag, Biohazard Disposal B8151
Bottle, Screw Cap 98-1694
Bottle, Screw Cap 98-1430
Air Monitoring Syst A0-01-100
Surgical Pack, Disposable 8063-3
Air Monitoring System A001-0900
Bottle, Screw Cap 038008
Balance System 945-302
Surgical Pack, Disposable 371701
Bottle, Safety Cap TS-OPTI3A
Bottle, Safety Cap TS-OPTI6A
Basic Disposal Supply Pack 1000SPL
Towels, Paper, Reinforced 50999AY
Probe, Radiation Detection Unit 98-0947
Grips, Hand Muscle Strenghtening 99-0215
Handles, Resistant, Exercise Bands 99-0223
Exerciser, Hand 99-0214
Seal, Padlock 7805
Restraint Set, Ankle 4554-90-000
Tape, Measuring Resuscitation, Ped AE-4800
Surgical Pack, Disposable 386185
Handle, Surgical Operating Light 3600-1
Exerciser, Hand A348-1
Rubber Bands, Exercise, Hand, Ergro 99-0218
Rubber Bands, Exerci A348-4
Excercise Bands, Resistive A348-5
Rubber Bands, Exercise, Resistive A348-3
Slides, Adhesive, Cry 39475209
Case, Plano 747004
Light, Examining 98-2543
Stretcher, Surgical 578EYE ST
Enema Administration Set 263979
Stand, Cylinder 98-0813
Tray, Sterilization CT520010
Tray, Instrument CC510010
Handle, Lifting, Tray, Instrument CT530020
Tray, Instrument CC520020
Tray, Instrument CC520010
Drape, Surgical 22775
Drape, Surgical 89258
Connector, Cable 06-002454
Drape, Surgical 89279
Surgical Pack, Disposable CYSTOSCOPY PACK V
Bottle, Screw Cap 98-1227
Mattress, Vacuum, Stabilizing 038-2436
Sling, Shoulder, Arm And Wrist 0812
Sling, Shoulder, Arm And Wrist 0813
Sling, Shoulder, Arm And Wrist 0814
Sling, Shoulder, Arm And Wrist 0815
Adapter, Sterrad 15402
Adapter, Sterrad 15403
Dumbbells Physical 99-0233
Tape, Sealing, Sterilization Indic 1222-7N
Tape, Sealing, Sterilization Indic 1222-2N
Surgical Pack, Disposable GSS752
Steam Pack, Biologic 99-1043
Table, Orthopedic 5855
Patient Circuit Kit, Ventilator NL6262
Tray, Sterilization 6-1800
Shelf, Anesthesia Cart 4114174
Clamp, Skull, Modified Mayfield A1059
Adapter, Swivel, Mayfield A1018
Headrest, Horseshoe, Mayfield A-1012
Container, Disposal 290970
Bottle, Screw Cap 9301-0977

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