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Hospital Furniture, Equipment, Utensils, And Supplies - FSC 6530

Orthopedic Equipment; Operating Lights; Physiotherapy Equipment; Sterilizers; Wheelchairs; Litters; Hospital Beds; Restraint Equipment.
Last Modified: Oct 27, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Irrigator 02-1051
Cart, Litter 6530NCM020565
Disposal Container, Hypodermic Ne 8900SA
Drape, Surgical 6358DRP1001
Case, Sterilization SC06HG
Case, Sterilization SC06FG
Drape, Surgical 02-0931
Cart, Medical Equipment And Instr 02-0502
Anesthesia, Accessory Package 02-0503
Mat, Floor TEK-TOUGH JR 436-RED
Tablets, Disinfectant, Hospital 767-10205
Disposal Container, Hypodermic Ne MDS705110
Patient Circuit Kit, Ventilator 6515NCM990316
Disposal Container, Chemotherapy 8934
Holder, Ice CRYOCUP
Support, Leg, Brace 07600
Cabinet, Pharmaceutical Storage 02-1345
Sheet, Stretcher 02-0950
Basket, Wire, Utility Cart 2422441000
Basket, Wire, Utility Cart 2422440100
Cap, Snap On 401956
Stand, Basin P-1079-SS
Restraint Strap, General Purpose 6530NCM040163
Float, Stretcher DEF(AUST)8825
Spineboard 275-101-1XX
Urinal, Unisex Mouth TJ1A3B
Bag, Specimen PRO46
Bag Handle, Cargo 6530NCM020568
Stabilizers 6530NCM020567
Cart, Utility, Folding 2440
Sterilizer, Surgical Instrument 10058
Tray, Instrument 13614
Air Filter, Ct Gantry Scanner 02-1317
Air Filter, Ct Scanner 02-1318
Surgical Headrest, Ophthalmic, Cha 02-1406
Critical Care Platform System Fo 800-0903-01
Carry-all Case 703-0903-11
Critical Care Platform 02-1573
Securing Straps, Spring Pins 703-0903-19
Adjustment Tool 703-0903-18
Attachment Brackets, Vital Signs 02-1576
Attachment Bracket, Portable Vent 02-1577
Attachment Bracket, Portable Aspi 02-1578
Attachment Bracket, Infusion Pump 02-1579
Attachment Bracket, Iv 02-1580
Attachment Bracket, Universal Oxy 02-1581
Attachment Bracket, Lifepak-10 De 703-0903-16
Operation And Maintenance Manual 906-0903-01
Drive Gear Assy 10008
Belt, Drive, Counter 10031
Parts Kit, Wiper Blade 10024-K
Motor, Counter, Capsule 368-002
Parts Kit, Solenoid 61301604084
Bulb Well 478
Cart, Medical Equipment And Instr 02-1515
Control Board LL-H46-2010
Control Assembly LL-H46-2013
Overtemperature Control P-93910-9124
Water Level Sensor P-93910-908
Rtd Overtemp Sensor P-93910-917
Envelope, Sterilization 92510
Positioning Block, Hip 8015
Basin, Sitz Bath LSL8100
Sterilization Test Pack, Biologic 14310
Envelope, Sterilization 12342
Envelope, Sterilization 12320
Envelope, Sterilization 12335
Mat, Instrument Tray 99208
Cassette, Hydrogen Peroxide 10114
Tray, Sterilization 13835
Tray, Sterilization 13827
Tray, Sterilization 13617
Drape, Surgical 6530NCM020963
Sterilizer, Steam Tabletop A1016
Gasket, Door Bar P093910-914
Seal, Door P-426637-261
Tubular, Heater P-136807-855
Valve Relief P-418335-216
Trap, Thermostatic Steam P-400009-085
Valve, Solenoid Assembly P093910-910
Light, Ultraviolet, Specimen Exami SB-100P
Bulb, Ultraviolet Light P-83557
Buzzer, Overtemp 3777-813
Light, Surgical Port MODEL 58
Lamp, Halogen B1-010-28
Knob, Focus B1-010-30
Tool, Pin Replace B9-010-56
Transformer, 20v Hal B1-010-45
Handle, Focus B1-020-25
Oxygen System, Emergency, Portable 6115NCM020988
Histoembedder 14038630351
Cabinet, Medicine, Combination LS1010390
Rod, Intravenous-irrigation Conta LS1009593
Replacement Kit Lamp 78-8078-7349-8
Power Cord 78-8063-1295-1
Dryer, Refrigerant 209006
Monitor, Performanace 400115
Cooler, Unit 993635
Transformer, Control 420101

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