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Hospital Furniture, Equipment, Utensils, And Supplies - FSC 6530

Orthopedic Equipment; Operating Lights; Physiotherapy Equipment; Sterilizers; Wheelchairs; Litters; Hospital Beds; Restraint Equipment.
Last Modified: Oct 20, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Sterilizer, Surgical Instrument A DELTA XL
Extension, Surgical Table 4-030-48
Tray, Instrument 13834
Tray, Instrument 13833
Tray, Instrument 13832
Tray, Instrument 13825
Tray, Endoscopic 13828
Tray, Procedure 13829
Tray, Procedure 13831
Tray, Procedure 13830
Cart, Medical Equipment And Instr LEC 53 PLUS
Mat, Instrument Tray 6530NCM022023
Holder, Instrument Tray 6530NCM022022
Restraint Set, Wrist And Ankle 02-2768
Restraint Strap, General Purpose 02-2769
Restraint Strap, General Purpose 2350-24
Holder, Sterilizer, Instrument 99013
Mat, Instrument Tray 6530NCM022036
Heater, Heat Treatment Pad 03-2576
Case, Carrying, Pelican AAP-1500E
Liner, Casualty Evacuation Bag 22-2002
Cart, Surgical Dressing BC2030-34B
Band Set, Personal Identification 6713
Litter, Folding, Rigid Pole TALON II 90C
Pole, Intravenous, Adjustable 03-0279
Carrier Litter No. 1 03-0280
Carrier, Litter No.2 03-0281
Oxygen Generator System, Portable 03-0064
Microboost, Oxygen Concentration RIXMICRO
Booster High Volume, Oxygen Emerg 2PS2B-L
Bottle, Safety Cap 6530015050213
Bottle, Safety Cap 6530015050214
Bottle, Safety Cap 6530015050215
Bath, Paraffin 2051
Sterilizer, Surgical Instrument 51SVUMHRCAAAA
Sterilizer, Surgical Instrument 6530NCM030140
Pump Set 13610
Kit, Validation 20230
Holding Bar, Sterilizer 99407
Sterilization Test Pack, Biologic 810110
Disposal Container, Suture Needle 31142154
Container, Transport, Thermal GH-WA-MTS-4U
Container, Transport, Thermal GH-CAMD-MTS-4U
Container, Transport, Thermal GH-WM-MTS-4U
Chamber, Thermal Isolation GH-TIC-MTS-4U
Tray, Sterilization C1222
Incubator, Infant C 2000
Cart, Medical Equipment And Instr 12038-9
Bowl, Surgical Sponge 10-1496
Jar, Surgical Dressing 10-1523
Bowl, Solution 10-1488
Jar, Screw Cap 10-1525
Basin, Emesis 10-1497
Jar, Forceps 10-1550
Tray, Catheter 10-1886
Cup, Solution 10-1670
Tray, Sterilization 6530NCM022187
Light, Floor LS-150 EXAM LIGHT
Patient Positioning System 835-000
Sterilizer, Surgical Instrument 03-0708
Self-contained Field Sink 03-0596
Ventilator, Critical Care BEAR 1000
Mattress, Vacuum, Stabilizing DMT-95 SC
Washer, Disinfector, Single Chambe 02-2555
Table, Operating, Hospital 3500
Pad, Armboard, Standard 02-2764
Calibration Module, 53-923
Case, Storage, Monito 53-922
Cable, Serial Interf 54-715
Sensor Array, Monito 56-795
Kit, Wick, Monitor 56-679
Pad, Operating Table 4-030-48-4P
Pad, Operating Table 02-2765
Clamp, Siderail, Hospital Operatin 6-070-05
Work Station, Economy 6530NCM030559
Work Station External Lighting MT9119E
Thermoregulator, Patient MTA6900
Float, Water Rescue SK-652
Pad, Spline Splint 6515NCM040162
Handle, Lifting, Floatation System SK-655-OR
Cart, Medical Equipment And Instr 8179
Instrument Set, Basic DOD-1
Shelter, Medical, Portable 60305OD
Boot Connector, High Back, Medical 61BO06
Boot Connector, Side To Side 61BO02OD
Boot Connector, End To End, Shelte 61BO01OD
Light, Single Strand 69EL
Table, Examining 104-035
Adapter, Socket, Hospital Surgical 5394
Support, Litter 6530NCM030721
Chair, Lounge, Blood Donor 6530NCM030703
Switch Membrane 100404
Control Board Assembly 500622
Plug, Iecc-19 Cord 500787
Hose, Md 600 90000
Case, Carrying Analyzer 1806RC
Treadmill Tune Up Parts Kit PKTR 95-02
Table, Surgical Instrument And Dr 0117831000
Cart, Medical Equipment And Instr 5338-24
Blender, Food 51BL30

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