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Hospital Furniture, Equipment, Utensils, And Supplies - FSC 6530

Orthopedic Equipment; Operating Lights; Physiotherapy Equipment; Sterilizers; Wheelchairs; Litters; Hospital Beds; Restraint Equipment.
Last Modified: Oct 19, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Stretcher, Hospital 721 TRANSPORT STRETCHER
Bath, Whirlpool HM690
Bed, Adjustable 2003-1135
Brush, Surgical Scrub 03-0758
Rod, Intravenous-irrigation Conta 000E17
Stretcher, Hydraulic 829A00-PC
Heater, Heat Treatment 04013-000
Disposal Container, Hypodermic Ne 14-827-109
Strap Assy, Vertical 720-011
Plate, Strainer 093-8450-00
Light, Surgical, Ceiling 03-0876
Dimmer Control, Surgical 6530NCM030687
Tube, Suspension 6530NCM030688
Basket, Instrument, Container BP0-2A
Tray, Spill MT9119F
Spring Assembly, Gas 1512392
Latch Assembly, Door 67280
Bag, Sterilization IN-9600
Pouch, Liquid Absorbent 3834
Incubator, Auto-read 290
Cart, Medical Equipment And Instr CT142.50N
Case, Carry, Massage Table CLASSIC CARRY CASE
Face Rest, Massage Table 6515NCM031049
Table, Examining WELLSPRING
Handle, Door For Sterilizer 260757
Compressor Unit, Refrigerator REPAIR PART
Pack, Battery For Refrigerator 400070
Alarm, Monitor, Lcd For Refrigerat REPAIR PART
Refrigerator, Mechanical 3626
Tank, Oxygen Storage, Mobile 03-1284
Lid, Soak Pan HS7019-011
Bracket Support, Trapeze 6530NCM030981
Pan, Bottom, Soak HS7019-010
Cradle, Printer 6F17-10
Drape, Surgical 581072
Bedding, Emergency Pack 03-1498
Bag, Shot Balance LL-H45-5185
Oxygen Backup System 6530NCM031008
Drape, Surgical 9777
Litter, Rigid, Stokes JSA-300
Sling, Bridle SAF-300-X
Stool, Surgical 763-101
Bag, Hot Water-ice 6530NCM020913
Pic Adapter, Personal, Information SDDR-10
Pic, Personal, Information Carrier SDPCB-64
Pic, Personal, Information Carrier SDPCB-16
Collar, Flotation JSA-303
Litter, Rigid, Stokes JSA-333-W
Light Meter 6600-0198-900
Heat Moisture Exchanger, Ventilat 03-1420
Circuit Board For Ultrasonic App XH1-04
Circuit Board For Ultrasonic App XH1-05
Circuit Board For Ultrasonic App XH1-06
Circuit Board For Ultrasonic App XH1-09
Bag, Specimen 01-800-04
Drier Assembly Fo Mmechanical Re CPY008
Temperature Surveillance Module, T100-1
Gasket, Door For Mechanical Refri GKT015
Cap, Snap On TP-DL2800
Band, Exercise, Physical Therapy 716902
Screw Pack, Knee 31008234
Screw Pack, Head 31008248
Link, Hi-lo 11009009
Screw Assembly, Hi-lo 31008034
Bed, Adjustable B140
Rivet, Handle 11001474
Spring, Bed 11006983
Bushing, Lock 11007586
Tube, Crank 11006980
Latch, Floor Lock 55088-091
Shaft, Cross 76253-063
Compressor Intake, Element, Oxygen 5W967
Circuit Breaker, Oxygen Generator 548-1043
Bowl, Guard, Oxygen Generator 03-1745
Bowl, Oxygen Generator 03-1743
Filter Element, Epa, Oxygen Genera 1506A
Filter Assembly, Hepa, Oxygen Gene 03-1742
Filter, Intake, Oxygen Generator C-16352
Switch, Pressure, Oxygen Generator 03-1749
Switch, Pressure, Oxygen Generator 03-1748
Switch, On-off, Oxygen Generator 676-5501
Relay, Refrigerator RWC4993
Condenser, Refrigera RWC494
Switch, Sterilizer 40293
Motor, Fan, Sterilizer 40291
Switch, Sterilizer 40269
Cart, Medical Equipment And Instr K420 W/POWER STRIP
Tube, Ventilator, Portable 6515NCM031310
Solenoid, Manifold, Ventilator Por 6130NCM031456
Lower Case Kit, Assembly, Ventilat 707-0750-12
Cover, Top, Ventilator, Portable 416-0750-41
Grease, Silicone, Ventilator, Porta 03-1737
Valve Assembly, Ventilator, Portab 704-0750-06
Putty Kit, Hand Therapy YELLOW THERAPY PUTTY
Putty Kit, Hand Therapy THERAPUTTY BLUE
Putty Kit, Hand Therapy TP16-R
Ball, Therapy, Exercise 23030
Band, Exercise, Physical Therapy THERATUBING GREEN
Envelope, Sterilization SS-T3A
Cassette, Optics Check 10-228

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