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Hospital Furniture, Equipment, Utensils, And Supplies - FSC 6530

Orthopedic Equipment; Operating Lights; Physiotherapy Equipment; Sterilizers; Wheelchairs; Litters; Hospital Beds; Restraint Equipment.
Last Modified: Oct 21, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Respiratory Therapy System 9993-701
Jar, Screw Cap
Chair, Examining And Treatment, Su 880H
Nozzle, Vaginal Irrigating ZZB58STYLEAFIG1
Bag, Hot Water-ice ZZB00586
Bag, Ice A-A-50982A
Bag, Ice ZZ-B-586
Basin, Emesis 88600
Basin, Wash 87340
Basin, Wash 22172D
Bedpan 89010
Cover, Bedpan UUC600
Bottle, Nursing 14210-004
Bottle, Nursing MILB16755
Nipple, Nursing Bottle
Bowl, Surgical Sponge 55051
Brush, Surgical Scrub 371603
Carriage, Pail 6530007731450
Cup, Specimen 60-0180
Cart, Surgical Dressing AA-C-00112
Truck, Hand, Surgical MILT36533
Cart, Medicine
Cart, Clinical Chart Holder GGC00129
Cart, Clinical Chart Holder GGC00129
Cup, Solution 68470
Cushion, Ring, Inflatable 28-1800
Dispenser, Soap FFD400TYPE2
Cup, Medicine DDM200TYPE1
Medicine Card S3455
Envelope, Sterilization 32032G
Cover, Urinal X-1176
Bottle, Screw Cap
Bowl, Surgical Sponge 87410
Holder, Hospital Bed Patient Iden GGH584
Holder, Hospital Bed Patient Iden GGH584
Holder, Clinical Chart GGH00555
Holder, Patient's Bed Tray Card GGH00582
Irrigator RRI00681
Syringe, Fountain
Bottle, Spray AED-01
Table, Operating, Animal 25000003
Bottle, Stopper MILB36502
Footprinter, Infant Identificatio 5402
Jar, Surgical Dressing RRJ00131
Jar, Forceps RRJ00150
Jar, Surgical Needle 87720
Wrapper, Sterilization
Jar, Sterilizing DD-J-170
Jar, Surgical Dressing MILJ16643
Cap, Surgical Dressing Jar MILJ16643
Litter, Folding, Pole MILL16446
Litter, Nonrigid, Poleless FWESR
Litter, Semirigid, Poleless C-102
Litter, Rigid, Stokes MILL1117
Litter, Folding, Rigid Pole
Cover, Litter MILL16446
Cover, Litter COVER,LITTER
Mattress, Stretcher A-A-51305
Strap, Webbing MILS36017
Spreader Bar And Stirrups, Litter SPREADER BAR AND STIRRUPS,LITTER
Strap, Webbing MILL16446
Strap, Webbing STRAP,WEBBING
Strap, Webbing 6530007844315
Strap, Webbing STRAP,WEBBING
Bottle, Stopper 3420
Refill, Chemical Heating Pad 0P0046
Restraint Set, Wrist And Ankle 6530-00-788-4010
Key, Restraint Apparatus Lock MILR36171
Restraint, Ankle MIL-R-36171
Restraint, Wrist MILR36171
Restraint Sheet 57R1170
Bottle, Screw Cap GXTA-32
Stand, Intravenous-irrigation Con 6530-00-791-6050
Sterilizer, Hypodermic Needle GGS755
Stretcher, Hospital MILS36562
Rod, Intravenous-irrigation Conta MILR36025
Tray, Catheter RRT626TYPE1
Tray, Catheter 82830
Tray, Catheter RRT00626
Tray, Instrument RRT00636
Tray, Instrument 82950
Tray, Instrument 74102
Tray, Instrument 74262
Tray, Instrument 30043
Tray, Medicine 80130
Urinal, Male Patient 89150
Urinal, Male Patient GGU00675
Vaporizer, Medicinal GGV00121
Jar, Screw Cap GGV121
Trapeze Assembly, Hospital Bed A-A-30070
Tube, Drinking
Cup, Specimen MILC36435
Bed, Adjustable H9183LI62ANDHX133MBT195HX39HX37
Table, Surgical Instrument And Dr 311
Envelope, Sterilization P520
Wrapper, Sterilization P506
Wrapper, Sterilization P513A
Wrapper, Sterilization P516
Basin, Wash RRB120TYPE2CLASS251-4QT

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