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Replenishable Field Medical Sets, Kits, And Outfits - FSC 6545

Last Modified: Sep 26, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
6545-01-245-9022 Parts Kit, Distilling Apparatus, L 119-1626
6545-01-246-3760 Parts Kit, Light Fiber Optic 104-0396
6545-01-247-2966 Medical Materiel Set, Operating R UA A301
6545-01-247-2968 Medical Materiel Set, Laboratory UA A303
6545-01-247-2969 Med Mat Set, Laboratory, Liquid, Bl UA-A304
6545-01-247-2970 Medical Materiel Set, Minimal Car UA-A311
6545-01-247-2971 Med Mat Set, Physical-occupationa UA-A312
6545-01-247-2972 Medical Materiel Set, Orthopedic UA-A314
6545-01-247-2973 Medical Materiel Set, Gynecology UA A316
6545-01-247-4957 Medical Materiel Set, Laboratory UA-A403
6545-01-247-4960 Medical Materiel Set, Medical Ser UA-A413
6545-01-247-6568 Medical Materiel Set, Ophthalmolo UA-A319
6545-01-247-6569 Medical Material Set, Ears, Nose, T A320
6545-01-247-6570 Medical Materiel Set, Medical Mai UA-A321
6545-01-247-6571 Medical Materiel Set, Medical Mai UA-A322
6545-01-247-6572 Medical Materiel Set, Medical Mai UA-A324
6545-01-247-6573 Medical Materiel Set, Hospital De A370
6545-01-247-6574 Med Mat Set, Dental X-ray And Den UA-A374
6545-01-247-6576 Medical Materiel Set, Medical Sup UA-A382
6545-01-247-6582 Medical Materiel Set, Anatomical UA-A436
6545-01-247-6592 Medical Materiel Set, Triage-emer UA-A308
6545-01-247-6593 Medical Materiel Set, Post Operat UA-A309
6545-01-247-6594 Medical Materiel Set, Intermediat UA-A310
6545-01-247-6595 Medical Materiel Set, Medical Ser UA-A313
6545-01-247-8888 Medical Materiel Set, Laboratory UA-C403
6545-01-247-8899 Medical Materiel Set, Pharmacy, De UA-C306
6545-01-247-8908 Medical Materiel Set, Neurosurger C318
6545-01-247-8909 Medical Materiel Set, Ophthalmolo C319
6545-01-247-8910 Medical Materiel Set, Ears Nose T C320
6545-01-248-1023 Medical Materiel Set, Medical Sup 6-0525-P
6545-01-248-1025 Medical Materiel Set, Neurosurger UA-A318
6545-01-248-4796 Medical Materiel Set, X-ray Radio UA A305
6545-01-248-4797 Medical Materiel Set, Portable Lo UA A334
6545-01-248-4802 Medical Materiel Set, X-ray Radio UA D305
6545-01-248-4803 Medical Materiel Set, Mobile X-ra D333
6545-01-248-4804 Medical Materiel Set, Portable X- 7-0004
6545-01-249-1176 Medical Materiel Set, Operating R 6-0482-P
6545-01-249-1177 Medical Materiel Set, Orthopedic UA-C314
6545-01-249-1180 Medical Materiel Set, X-ray Radio UA C305
6545-01-249-8914 Parts Kit, Illuminator, X-ray Film 147-0212
6545-01-250-1149 Parts Kit, Meter Chloride 137-8460
6545-01-250-1150 Parts Kit, Bone Drill 3123500
6545-01-250-3696 Guide, Instrument Cl 063840
6545-01-250-6391 Parts Kit, Illuminator, Mobile 6040125
6545-01-251-5410 Parts Kit, Ventillator Pneu Pac 000-0065
6545-01-252-0076 Parts Kit, Shaking Machine, Labora 926-1290
6545-01-252-5579 Medical Equipment Set, Ear-nose-t S16000
6545-01-253-5508 Parts Kit, Freezer, Plasma 163-3799
6545-01-253-9230 Parts Kit, Illuminator, X-ray Film 230-0603 PARTS KIT-A
6545-01-253-9613 Parts Kit, Centrifuge, Laboratory 120-2648
6545-01-254-0648 Parts Kit, Incubator, Bacteriologi 162-6953
6545-01-254-4119 Medical Resupply Set, Trauma Fiel UA1325
6545-01-254-4120 Medical Resupply Set, Sick Call, F UA1326
6545-01-254-4121 Medical Resupply Set, X-ray Field UA1330
6545-01-254-4122 Dental Resupply Set, Field UA1332
6545-01-254-4124 Medical Resupply Set, Trauma, Fiel UA1327
6545-01-254-4125 Medical Resupply Set, Patient Hol UA1329
6545-01-254-4128 Medical Resupply Set, Laboratory UA1331
6545-01-254-4129 Medical Resupply Set, Sick Call, F UA1328
6545-01-254-8358 Parts Kit, Light, Endoscopic Instr 104-8524
6545-01-254-9551 Mes, Combat Lifesaver-1999 UA 0245
6545-01-255-8160 Repair Kit, Vacuum Pump 20833
6545-01-255-8161 Repair Kit, Vacuum Pump 21574
6545-01-255-8163 Parts Kit, Illuminator X-ray 147-0212 PARTS KIT
6545-01-256-2567 Parts Kit, Water Bath, Serological 135-5071
6545-01-256-2568 Parts Kit, Operating Apparatus En P4230FOM051 PARTS KIT
6545-01-256-2569 Parts Kit, Suction Pressure Appar 119-6394 PARTS KIT
6545-01-256-2571 Parts Kit, Suction Apparatus, Ther 6141-3465 PARTS KIT
6545-01-256-2572 Parts Kit, Genitourinary Cystscop 141-9488 PARTS KIT
6545-01-256-2573 Parts Kit, Spectrophotometer P1802FOM047 PARTS KIT
6545-01-256-2574 Parts Kit, Audiometer Portabke 117-7723 PARTS KIT
6545-01-256-7036 Parts Kit, Apparatus, X-ray 244-0194 PARTS KIT B1
6545-01-257-1679 Parts Kit, Sterilizer 926-2151
6545-01-257-1896 Modification Kit, Hospital Bed 460-2-65
6545-01-257-3454 Parts Kit, Apparatus, X-ray 244-0194 PARTS KIT
6545-01-257-3457 Parts Kit, X-ray Apparatus Mobile P1801FOM058AAPARTS KIT
6545-01-257-5104 Parts Kit, Ekg Machine, Solid Stat P0610F0M014 PARTS KIT
6545-01-257-5114 Parts Kit, Electrosurgical Unit P0306F0M028 PARTS KIT
6545-01-257-6519 Parts Kit, Mobile X-ray P0657FOM087 PARTS KIT
6545-01-257-6520 Parts Kit, Traction Unit, Mobile P0622FOM073 PARTS KIT
6545-01-257-6522 Parts Kit, Respirator, Mobile P0321FOM009AA PARTS KIT
6545-01-258-6426 Parts Kit, Respirator, Mobile PO321 FOM009PARTS KIT
6545-01-258-9629 Medical Equipment Set, Ground Amb UAT920
6545-01-260-1217 Conversion Set, Mes, Sick Call, Fie UAT940
6545-01-260-1218 Conversion Set, Mes, Sick Call Fie UAT936
6545-01-260-1220 Conversion Set, Mes, Trauma Field( UAT931
6545-01-260-6676 Mms, Operating Room UA9026
6545-01-261-2015 Parts Kit, Refrigerator, Blood Ban P2700F0M021 PARTS KIT
6545-01-261-2029 Parts Kit, Refrigerator, Blood Ban P5117F0M021AA PARTS KIT
6545-01-262-7205 Parts Kit, Solution Warmer 125-3268 PARTS KIT
6545-01-262-7208 Parts Kit, X-ray, Apparatus, Mobile P1801F0M058PARTS KIT
6545-01-262-7224 Parts Kit, Processor, X-ray Film 111-1018
6545-01-262-7365 Parts Kit B1, Defibrillator 002102
6545-01-262-8679 Parts Kit B2, Defibrillator 002103
6545-01-262-9891 Parts Kit, Radiographic X-ray Sys 192-1884
6545-01-263-0709 Parts Kit, Thermoregulator 134-3182 PARTS KIT
6545-01-263-6285 Medical Materiel Set, Central Mat UA-A342
6545-01-263-6290 Parts Kit C, Defibrillator 002104
6545-01-263-7695 Parts Kit, Blood Recovery Deliver 240-6883 PARTS KIT B
6545-01-263-7696 Parts Kit, Blood Recovery Deliver 240-6883 PARTS KIT A

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