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Flight Instruments - FSC 6610

Air Speed Indicators; Rate Of Climb Indicators; Bank And Turn Indicators; Pitot Tubes; Gyro Horizon Indicators; Attitude Gyro Indicators.
Last Modified: Jul 20, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Lever Assembly, Driv PB22305
Rotor Assembly, Gyro 806676
Case, Airspeed Indic 739K1
Housing, Indicator PD22253-1
Hairspring, Accelerometer PB12017
Card, Reflector Bank 13623
Jewel And Bushing A PB15072
Gasket, Attitude Ind 203139
Jewel Pivot PB8784
Housing, Mechanism JH6570
Pivot, Rocking Shaft PB971
Pin, Valve Brass 64D38
Transducer, Counting 24108-1
Transducer, Counting MIL-A-22145
Transducer, Counting MS25447-10
Flag Assembly, Power Off 00030-2020
Motor Stop Assembly 000030-2050
Module Assembly, Switching 00030-2015
Port Static 209-070-103-3
Window Assembly 534-1006-01
Sphere Assy, Indicat 148817-01
Housing, Spear, Synch 148823-01
Cover Assy, Indicato 149005-01
Plate, Mounting Indi 148829-01
Plate, Mount Retaini 148829-02
Computer Assy, Air 818703-2
Plate Assy, Indicato 144589-01
Mask Assy, Indicator 147528-01
Accelerometer, Mechanical ABU4A
Indicator, Instrument Landing, Air S1180C
Encoder Assembly 1623403-1
Filter Assembly PB16051
Handstaff, Short Hand 371-52
Handstaff And Magne 296-909B
Housing Assembly JH6550-1
Staff Assembly, Sect PB22319
Cover, Hole JH6583
Cover, Inlet Air JH10-66
Shield, Coil Choke 11-7236
Gear Assembly, Bevel JH6605
Staff, Hand PB22315
Staff, Hand PB51099-1
Staff, Pinion PB22313
Jewel, Pivot 162-27
Inclinometer, Bank A PB17490-5
Weight, Counter Sect 371-97
Wheel And Hub Assem 371-909
Wheel And Hub Assem 371-911
Wheel Assembly, Alti 371-908
Wheel Assembly, Altimeter 371-910
Wheel Assembly 371-924
Wheel, Altimeter 371-75
Spring And Hub Assy PB-18860
Spring Assembly PB15203-1
Pivot, Steel PB-13479
Plate Assembly, Top Bearing 371-907
Plate And Bushing A 371-906
Pointer Assembly JH6569
Clip, Locking Pointe 11-7220
Gasket, Cover JH5164
Spacer, Bearing Roto JH10-148
Staff Assembly PB23389-1
Retainer 11-7206
Tube, Indicator JH5523-1
Shaft Assembly, Rock PB-19180
Pinion, Staff PB-51041-1
Strip, Ground 4149018P1
Spacer, Bearing Roto 10-111
Knob Assembly, Bakel JH6595-1
Contact Assembly 4141800G1
Pivot, Support 728B44
Bearing Assembly, Ec PB-19641
Weight Assembly PB-18358-2
Spring, Pendulum JH6668
Bearing Assembly, Ec PB-19642
Spring, Zero Adjusti PB50487-1
Hairspring, Handstaf 586-68
Container Assembly, PC17630
Plate, Motor Assembly 5647K13P005
Plate, Motor Assembly 5647K13P007
Component Assy 114V1012-6
Amplifier Module 1623367-1
Indicator, Mach And True Air Spee AVU8-B/A
Accelerometer, Mechanical MS23009-2
Indicator, Vertical Velocity 843-67-3
Port And Tube Assy 7400488
Keeper, Lower 7200159-1
Mach Module Assy 7951201
Shaft And Gear Assy 7400522
Spacer And Ear Assy 7400553
Chassis Assy, Comput 7951198
Altitude Module 7951199
Gear And Gearshaft 7700711
Impact Pressure Module Assembly 7951200
Connector Board Ass 7700785
Clamp, Pawl 107168
Clamp, Shaft, Indicat MFB302-1
Gear Assy, Box MGC366
Plate, Bearing MZP336
Plate And Shaft 2154

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