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Flight Instruments - FSC 6610

Air Speed Indicators; Rate Of Climb Indicators; Bank And Turn Indicators; Pitot Tubes; Gyro Horizon Indicators; Attitude Gyro Indicators.
Last Modified: Aug 15, 2019

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Contact, Lamp EJL306-1
Adapter, Computer 7602537
Frame Assembly, Indicator 00030-2034-0001
Lighting Box Assembly, Indicator 00030-2029
Indicator, Attitude MIL-I-27619
Slip Ring And Brush BSR211BBK250
Plate, Top Adapter 7200337
Yoke Assy, Inseparab 2119
Arm, Rocker MBA515
Mechanism, Indicating EFF308
Damping Disk AH2461BD
Indicator, Attitude 647900
Indicator, Attitude T95260
Indicator, Attitude T95100
Indicator, Attitude T95100M
Indicator, Attitude AN5736-1A
Indicator, Attitude AN5736-1
Indicator, Vertical Velocity 1636-6MB1
Indicator, Air Speed 739BU03
Indicator, Vertical Velocity 716BK5-046
Indicator, Air Speed 865FU8-013
Indicator, Air Speed 865DU03
Indicator, Air Speed 1426-2JA1
Indicator, Vertical Velocity MIL-I-7721
Indicator, Vertical Velocity 639K03
Indicator, Air Speed 865FU5-03
Indicator, Air Speed 739U03
Indicator, Vertical Velocity 716U03
Indicator, Vertical Velocity 1636-6AA1
Indicator, Vertical Velocity 1636-6MB2
Strip, Tear, Indicato 1305546-18
Extractor, Card, Indi 1915628-2
Gear And Shaft Assy 1962557-1
Bar, Pitch Attitude 1962579-2
Bar, Pitch Attitude 1962580-2
Bar, Pitch, Attitude 1962579-1
Diaphragm Assembly, Altimeter 40415410020
Light Wedge 147526-01
Bracket Assembly, Mounting 1C4680G1
Bracket Assembly, Mounting 1C4680G2
Bracket Assembly, Mounting 1C4680G3
Bracket Assembly, Mounting 1C4680G4
Bracket Assembly, Mounting 1C4680G5
Bracket Assembly, Mounting 1C4680G6
Computer, Air Data CP1106/A
Plate, Support MCP487
Indicator, Attitude 4145F
Sphere Assembly, Indicator 148817
Indicator, Position SF72HSDBU
Link, Lever 2020010740
Frame, Diaphragm 3020012330
Servo Demodulator 9606112002
Module Assembly 7952215
Carriage Assy, Senso 940130-1
Generator, Aural Ton 32-871078-5
Indicator Subassembly, Vertical V 1903242-1
Bar, Vertical, Indica 201003-0106
Bar, Horizontal, Indi 201003-105
Transmitter, Position 2270393
Housing, Indicator 31940
Indicator, Attitude MIL-I-83392
Indicator, Attitude MIL-I-83392
Indicator, Attitude ARU42A1
Indicator, Attitude MIL-I-83392
Disk, Hairspring 1952-201
Post, Front Plate 1952-65
Spacer, Bezel 50329900070
Weight, Counter Bala 537064-1
Weight Assy, Counter 537133
Retainer, Gasket 58259400060
Key, Slide 58259400070
Hand Assy, Altimeter 84260000103
Rotor Assy, Damper 1001091-1
Cam, Gear Bo, Xmodule 514350-1
Beam, Compensator 24985-3
Collar, Computer Com 534175
Fle, Ure, Computer Co 534189-1
Spring, Computer Com 535438-1
Spring, Computer Com 535438-2
Spring, Computer Com 535439-1
Bracket Assy, Comput 513570
Support, Mechanism 52400000181
Indicator, Air Speed C661061-0206RX
Altimeter, Pressure 32281-04
Instrument Assy 32737-05
Indicator Assy 41706-02
Indicator, Flap 42334-00
Kit, Pressure Gage 756771
Plate And Stud Asse 8942884G8
Gyroscope, Direction 755427
Indicator Assy, Gyro 755428
Arm 865F995B
Jewel-pivot 729677-1
Housing Assembly 737992-1
Cap, Motor 779919-1
Retainer, Retaining 865D65B
Bearing Assembly, Gy 233515
Pointer Unit, Floore B4A116
Pointer Unit, Fluore B4A116-1
Pointer And Pivot A 12-7217

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