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Flight Instruments - FSC 6610

Air Speed Indicators; Rate Of Climb Indicators; Bank And Turn Indicators; Pitot Tubes; Gyro Horizon Indicators; Attitude Gyro Indicators.
Last Modified: Aug 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Base, Indicator 1660-105
Resistor, Module 808318-11-1
Bracket, Compensator 865D84B
Static Tube 8002035
Indicator, Attitude C661076-0102
Bracket Assembly, Indicator 1660-106
Pitot-static Tube TRU127A3
Pitot-static Tube TRU127A4
Index, Rectangular MDD474
Index, Triangular MDD473
Index, Multiple MDD472
Wedge, Optical MBW520
Shield, Light MBS521
Mechanism Displacem G2
Mast, Static Tube 272D6271055
Indicator, Attitude JH6500A
Indicator, Attitude JH6500
Accelerometer, Mechanical 691CK04
Indicator, Heading, Gyroscopic 649742
Indicator, Heading, Gyroscopic T95090-1
Indicator, Heading, Gyroscopic JH5500
Indicator, Heading, Gyroscopic T95310
Support, Sensor 1622714-1
Indicator, Air Speed 1432-22DBA1
Indicator, Vertical Velocity 1636-6GB1
Indicator, Vertical Velocity 731KN02
Indicator, Vertical Velocity 731KN08
Indicator, Vertical Velocity 731KNL010
Miniature Airplane 530992
Indicator, Position 8DJ12PDT
Holder, Filter 1621314-1
Link, Aneroid 14188
Lamp Assy, Altimete 14204
Support Assy, Gear 32284
Pointer Assembly, I 6061
Plate Assembly, Ind 6197
Lever Assembly 4-02021-2301
Pitot-static Tube 856AR3
Indicator, Position 6019-30D42B
Altimeter, Pressure AN5760-2A
Altimeter, Pressure 671CK010
Indicator, Heading, Gyroscopic 647910
Vibrator, Altimeter 41735
Indicator, Heading, Gyroscopic 646050
Indicator, Heading, Gyroscopic AN5735-1A
Manifold, Aircraft Instruments JH4011
Manifold, Aircraft Instruments JH3139
Case, Transmission 514445
Sphere Halves, Match 1821205-1
Sphere Halves, Match 1827375-1
Shaft And Rotor Assembly 85421800120
Frame And Pin Assy 85421800150
Compensator Assembly 85421800180
Connector Assy, Pito 57437000180
Collar 571-1110-01
Encoder Unit, Altitude 808374-2-1
Header, Power Transi 320-9029-001
Inclinometer Assy 128AB10581-1
Mechanism, Mach, Angl 1903662-2
Indicator, Attitude 146740-01-02
Transmitter, Position 8TJ39AAT2
Pitot Tube 252000-7
Pitot Tube 252000-8
Mechanism, Pressure 1903667-1
Spring And Bearing 85195220072
Shaft Assembly, Roc 85195220240
Slip Ring And Bush ESS301B
Slip Ring And Bush BSR211
Inclinometer Assy, I 146718-01
Shaft Roller, Specia MBS517
Strut, Gimbal, Indica 528872
Chassis Assy 511898-2
Cap, Window 24392
Panel, Edge Lighted 1D4489-1
Computer, Air Data 42400-207-01
Indicator, Air Speed AW2 3-4 16B13
Indicator, Air Speed 1426AEA1
Indicator, Air Speed 586BK0110
Indicator, Air Speed 1426-1BA1
Indicator, Turn And Slip 1721-2UA2B
Indicator, Turn And Slip 1722-2ADA2
Indicator, Turn And Slip 1722-2ADB2
Indicator, Turn And Slip 1722-2AYB2
Indicator, Turn And Slip 1721-2UA2
Indicator, Turn And Slip 1722-2VA2
Pitot-static Tube TRU121A
Gear Box Assembly 2188
Altitude Module Ass 7951811-1
Window, Indicator 24168
Retainer, Counter 24389
Base, Transducer 24182
Yoke, Transformer 24094
Block Assy, Pickoff 24101
Cover, Sensor 24179
Cover, Transducer 24301
Support, Bellows, Reg 534108
Head, Lower, Regulato 534118
Altimeter, Pressure 671CKL018
Altimeter, Pressure AN5760L4B
Altimeter, Pressure AN5760L4B

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